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Defending God’s Truth in Church Doctrine and Political History   –    Renette Vermeulen

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Þ The meaning of the two horns of the ram by the river in Iran 

Þ How does Islam fit into the vision of the ‘little horn?’

Þ The meaning of the ram from the West attacking the goat from the East


For those who did not read this study from the beginning, I repeat that the context of the visions in Daniel chapters 7 & 8 makes it clear that they do NOT focus on ancient, geographical ‘kingdoms’ and physical ‘kings’ like Nebuchadnezzar, 4th century B.C. Alexander, or the country of Israel and the Israeli nation, which is the false Illuminati dogma of the Israeli Timeline, (Dan. 8:19.) 

In Daniel 7:21-22; 8:17, God clearly stated that these prophecies, together with the others discussed in this study, ARE ALL FOR THE LAST OF THE END-TIME.  They are directly linked to Daniel and John’s visions of the amalgamated four SPIRIT beasts from the stormy sea or the raging political world, (Dan. 7:1-7; Rev. 13:1-10.)  These spirits, (the lion, bear, leopard and dragon,) manifested in recent history (from  the 1500s) on a multilevel, (spiritual and physical levels in politics and in religion.)  All this centers on GLOBAL, END TIME EVENTS that AFFECT THE WHOLE WORLD, (Dan. 8:19; 12:4; Rev. 12:1-13.)   

In the light of recent global history, it is significant that Daniel’s vision of the ram and goat, (Daniel chapter 8,) relates directly to the Iranian, (ancient Persian) city of Susa, (ancient Shushan,) and to Daniel’s first vision of the four spirit beasts that came out of the stormy sea,  (Dan. 7:1-7.) 

►►► Ancient Susa became a MUSLIM FORTRESS when Persia, [Iran,] was taken by the religion of Islam in 640 A.D.  Today, 99.4% Iranians are Muslim.  Iran is a country in Western Asia and the second largest state in the Middle East.  It is part of the Old Ottoman Empire, the now Modern United Arab Emirates, consisting of 22 Arab-speaking countries.  In 640 B.C., the city of Susa was already ruled by ISLAM and SO, referred to as “the great, holy city; abode of gods, seat of mysteries…” 

To understand what is happening right now and how the communist/socialist creation of the “New World Order” affects every person on earth, (Rev. 13:4-18,) it is important to know that today, (2016-2023,) Persia/Iran or what remains of the vast kingdom of ancient MEDIA/PERSIA is still a growing seat of MILITANT ISLAMIC POWER, which is rapidly and aggressively expanding worldwide.  (Media was an independent part of western Persia, bordering towards Russian territory.) 

The Two Horns of The Ram by the River Ulai/Karkheh in Persia/Iran, (Dan. 8:1-4) 

In Daniel’s vision in chapter 8, in 605 B.C., he saw a ram with two high horns standing at the river Ulai, (now the Karkheh river,) in the city of Susan, (modern Susa,) in Turkey, (modern Iran,) which  became the center of Islamic power centuries later and where now, 99.4% Iranians are Muslim.  So, the symbolism of the river Ulai/Karkheh, probably means this ‘river’ from Persia/Iran was and still is sustained by a continual Arabic/Islamic system of monetary, military, and religious power. 

  Amazingly, it is now evident that the location of the vision of the ram at the river Ulai/Karkheh, which flows into the inland Caspian Sea, (and so connects to Russia and other European countries from Iran in Asia,) cannot be a coincidence.  Iran and Russia are the two largest countries that border the Caspian sea.  This provided great opportunities for political, monetary, and military interaction between them.  Also, with Turkey north of Iran and Iraq in the south, Afghanistan and Pakistan in the East, and the Armenian Soviet Socialist Republic bordering Iran in Europe, Iran became the strategic source of Islamic and communist/socialist supply to three continents.  From there, Islamic dragon worship and political Islamic control from the East are now becoming realities across the whole world.   

►► The interpreting angel of this vision then told Daniel that the two high horns of the ram symbolize TWO distinct END-TIME (8:19-20) “kings,” principalities, or rulers, [not human dictators but two WORLD GOVERNING structures or philosophiesThe two high horns are called >“Media” and >Persia,which were both regions in Persia/Iran.  Notably, Daniel  also saw that the second horn named > Persia came up last and grew higher than the first horn named > Media, (Dan. 8:3.) 

“Then the ram, [standing in the east,] pushed westward, northward, and southward, and towards the holy land, [Israel,] and no one could withstand him…” (8:4.)

The vision of the ram already began to manifest during 550-330 B.C. when the >ancient Median territory, (the ram’s first, lower horn,) together with most neighboring empires at the time, were engulfed by the >Achaemenid/Persian Empire.  This was the ram’s higher horn that came up last under control of Cyrus the Great, who expanded Persia or Iran over three continents: Africa, Asia, the Middle East, and Europe — in particular, Eastern Europe, Romania, Ukraine, and some of the Russian territories.

It is important to note that Media, the independent district of Persia, (the first lower horn of the ram,) fell to Cyrus the Great, and was incorporated into Persia.  Cyrus then made Susa, (the ancient city Shushan where Daniel’s vision of the ram centers,) Persia’s capital, (Dan. 8:2.)  During the Middle ages, the Ottoman Empire, (the Islamic Caliphate,) overran the Middle East and surrounding territories — Israel as well.  The unspeakable atrocities of the Christian crusades and inquisitions followed. 

The Median territory does not exist anymore.  Yet, according to Isaiah 13:1-22, “the spirit of the [conquered] Medians” continue to this dayJeremiah 51:11 also refers apocalyptically to “the spirit of the kings of Media,” which was definitely not obliterated in the Persian takeover.  It is said that most of the Medes that fled before  Cyrus the Great when he unified the Persian Empire, settled in the Eastern Europe. So, “the spirit of the Medians” reached way beyond Persian borders into the ancient Russian territories.  This was how ancient Russia was populated by the Medes. It explains  why Russia and Iran remained in a love-hate relationship for centuries.  They are literal and political “brothers,” contending for territorial control.  Russian historian Vladimir Minorsky also believe that many ancient Iranians, (the conquered Medians or Kurds,) eventually became part of the Soviet Union. 

In Isaiah 13:1-22, God clearly prophesied the end of the world as an unbearably perilous time, stating, “Wail, for The Day of the Lord is at hand… [Jesus’ return.]  I will punish the world for its evil… (verse 17,) And [allow that] the Medes [are stirred up] against them…”  >>> In this passage, the Median spirit of the end-time apocalypse, sustained and working through a particular last of the end time world philosophy, (communism/socialism, which spread worldwide from Russian since the communist takeover there in 19171918,) is described as a decimating entity that cannot be bribed.  It wants blood and lots of it so badly, it even “cherishes the slaughter of people more than gold.”  It is so set on devouring flesh that “none can buy or bargain his life out of its hand,” (Jer. 51:11.) 

►►►► The angel in Daniel 8:19-20 confirmed: “I am making known what will happen in the latter time… at the appointed time at the end [of the world.] That ram that you saw [at the river Ulai in Iran,] with the two horns — they are the kings of Media (Russia) and Persia, (Iran.)” 

> The end-time spirit of Russian communism; fueled by Arabian/Iranian communism, slew the most people globally in all of human history during the 20th century.  Losses remained mainly unrecorded but some historians count 160 million.  This is what God prophesied in Jeremiah 51:11 and Isaiah 13:17.

> This end-time vision of the ram with two high horns, (Media and Persia,)  was also confirmed by all the terrible communist/socialist events since the dawning of the 20th century.  What is absolutely clear is that Iran or Persia still supports Media, the spirit of the dreaded Russian communist bear from Daniel’s first vision; Bolshevist or Russian communism, (Dan. 7:5.)   

How does Islam fit into Daniel’s vision of the ram?  

As seen, Iran, (ancient Persia,) is almost a completely Muslim country.  In the light of recent history, it cannot be disputed that the spirit of Media and Persia also carry the global imperialism of Islam, which  still “grows higher” through the expansion of communism/socialism; reaping the benefits of the mighty economic and military union of the ‘post-communist’ Islamic World, the United Arab Emirates, or the League of Arab States. 

“Emirates” in this context literally means “Principalities.”  Principalities are global rulers — religious rulers, assisting the creation the last Fourth World; firmly in cahoots with the terrible end-time political leopard-dragon from the East, (Dan. 7:1-7; Rev. 13:1-10.) 


In this last of the end-time vision, (Daniel 8:5-8,) a “male goat stormed from the West with a large horn between its eyes,” (similar to a unicorn,) “flying across the whole earth without touching the ground.  [This sounds exactly like modern war technology in a global onslaught!]  He came to the ram with two horns, which was standing beside the river [in Susan, Iran,] and ran at him with furious power.  He confronted the ram and… attacked him, breaking his two horns.  There was no power in the ram to withstand him.  He cast the ram down and trampled him and there was no one to deliver the ram.  So the male goat grew very great, but when he became strong, his large horn, (Persia/Iran,) was broken.  And four horns came up towards the four winds of heaven, [globally,] and out of them came a little horn that grew exceedingly great toward south, east, and Middle East… and [even towards the host of heaven…]”  This ‘little horn’ that came up is an antichrist, religious entity that will grow globally: Islam. 

The angel actually said to Daniel that this goat is the “Kingdom of Greece, a founding member of the “European” United Nations, (Dan. 8:21.)  Greece is considered to be the birthplace of Western/European civilizationIn 1832, Greece was ‘liberated’ from the Muslim or Ottoman Empire, and officially established as the “Kingdom of Greece” at the Convention of London by the United Powers of Britain, France, and Russia.  (Yes, Russia was always part of the United Nations.)  These end-time spirits actually govern all such conventions, and despite public appearances, secretly, they are a union of political and religious power from both the West and the East, governed by “Media,” (communism,) and Persia, (the birthplace of Islam,) which is a clear manifestation of the two high horns of the ram in Daniel’s vision. 

The manifestation of the male goat from the West is the United Nations, (Revelation 13:1-10,) which, as recently as World War One, (1914-1918,) was the League of Nations, (Pax Britannica: Daniel 7:4; 8:21.)  We know this because the interpreting angel said, the goat or the Kingdom of Greece’s large horn is the “first king” or “lion” from Daniel’s two-fold vision, (8:21; 7:1-8; 17.)  Not a physical king like Old Nebuchadnezzar, but the imperialist/colonial winged lion, (Pax Britannica/Americana,) which came first from the stormy political sea in his first vision, (Dan. 7:4.)

It is interesting to note that Russia, the so-called “terrible foe of the West,” was a prominent member of the Allied Forces during World War One and Two and also the third superpower of the United Nations since 1945.  Because none of the four entities in Daniel and John’s visions ever works alone, in occult/masonic circles, the unicorn or one-horned spirit, (the goat from the West,) also signifies the global “chaos” of communism which brings about worldwide socialist “order” or control. 

This proves how the world is being misled by the global religious-political powers that always plan political history from behind the scenes.  East and West were never really separated during the two World Wars or during the ‘cold war’ that followed World War Two.  They have always been working towards a common goal: the creation of the ‘Fourth World’ under control of the One World Order.  Russia and her Eastern allies always remained part of the ‘Western’ United Nations. 

The one-horned goat of Daniel’s vision attacking the ram is West attacking East

Exactly as in this vision, West attacking East in such a forceful, most destructive way was done during World War One.  In Daniel 8:7-8, the goat from the West flattened the ram from the East.  First, at the end of World War One in 1918, with Russia (Media) supposedly at the forefront, the League of Nations from the West, with their modern war facilities and aerial mobility, literally “without touching the ground,” militarily trampled the ram of Daniel’s vision: the Ottoman Empire or the ram (Persia) from the East.  This led to the official suspension of the Ottoman Empire in 1921, (Dan. 8:7.) 

It seemed that the seat of Persian religion, Islam, was dead. 

Only the spirit of Media, the first horn, remained alive through global communist advancement. 

Then, on December 26, 1991, the Soviet Empire or the Median principality also ‘fell’ with the destruction of the Berlin wall.  The Soviet Empire was broken up into a commonwealth of independent states called the Russian Commonwealth or the Eurasian Economic Union.  However, while the Soviet Empire might have ‘fallen,’ the Russian Commonwealth and it’s Bolshevik (Jewish/Russian socialist) spirit survived and was thriving worldwide without much, if any, media attention. 

The Soviet bear was and still is ravishing the whole earth under the lie that “Marxism is dead!” 

With the onslaught of the ‘goat,’ it seemed as if the male goat from the West had eventually broken the twofold power of the Persian ram, (Media and Persia,) and “it grew great,” (Dan. 8:8.)  

While Iran itself was not physically involved in the Gulf War, between August 1990 and February 1991, the coalition forces of 34 nations, (the ‘great goat from the West,’) led by the imperialist ‘winged lion’ from Daniel’s vision, (Britain and America,) in a mighty demonstration of United Nations power, again attacked the growing, extremely militant Islamic powers perched at the Persian Gulf

After that, the last act of this end-time drama opened on stage because, when “the male goat grew very great and became strong, it’s large horn was [also] broken…” The angel explained, this large horn  of the goat “was the first king:” the lion spirit of global superpower and worldwide Western Imperialism; the first king or ruling spirit that Daniel saw coming from the stormy sea, (Dan. 7:3-3; 8:21-22.) 

The vision does not explain how the big horn of the goat will be “broken [so that] in its place four notable ones come up toward the four winds of heaven, (globally,) — and among them  a little horn, which [will grow] exceedingly great towards the four corners of the earth… (global Islam,) [towards God Himself, His true believers — and towards the physical church system...]”  (Dan. 8:8-10.) 

From recent political events and the full context of these prophecies, I believe this is already happening now, but we haven’t yet seen the entire vision materialize.  It is most significant that the greatest superpower behind the United Nations, the aggressive imperialist ‘lion;’ leader of the entire lion-coalition of Europe, (the winged lion or “first king,”) the United Kingdom, has recently declared that she is leaving the United Nations.  Meanwhile, in 2017, we have seen the irresponsible Donald Trump of America supposedly going against the unity and global conformity of the United Nations, which is replacing Pax Britannica/Americana, or leadership of the West, with Pax Africana or leadership from the East.  Could the strange placement of Donald Trump in the greatest superpower of the world be a ploy from the Illuminati to bring America down as well? 


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