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Above on leftJohn saw the 4 beasts in Daniel’s vision amalgamated into one beast.  Rev. 13:1-2, “The beast… from the sea had 7 heads and 10 horns, with crowns on his horns, and on his heads a blasphemous name…  [It] was like a leopard, with feet like the feet of a bear… a mouth like the mouth of a lion… and the dragon gave him his power, throne and great authority. 

Above on right:  Daniel saw the 4 beasts rise from the sea one by one.  Dan. 7:6, “I saw… another beast like a leopard, [with] 4 wings on its back… and four heads… and dominion was given to it.” 


The Winged Leopard has Four Heads or Global Governing Principals    

A ‘head’ symbolizes governance.  Seen in the new principals of the United Nations, global ‘peace,’ ‘union,’ ‘prosperity’ and ‘collaboration’ are four global methodologies, called the Basic Components of Superpower Stature, or ‘Soft Power,’ by which, at this stage, they govern the ‘new [so-called ‘post’ communist] world.’  These four decrees are akin to their military workhorses, the leopard, lion, bear, and dragon, by which they socialized, [global communism is the workhorse to bring the whole world into socialized union,] or “trampled the whole world to pieces” (Dan. 7:7,) to make every country bow to the worldwide rule of the One World Order of the Fourth World

These four ‘heads’ of the leopard-like beast are commanding ‘all four corners of the earth,’ or the whole world from behind the One-World political/religious scene, (Dan. 7:6; 8:8, 22.)  

This governing ‘superpower stature’ or ‘soft power’ also reveals that we are living in the end of the end times, because this is another fulfillment of prophecy in the Book of Daniel. 

Seal this prophecy until the time of the end, when many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall increase.”  (Dan. 12:4.)  By the end of World War Two, unscrupulous politicians from the East and the West ‘shared’ Nazi Germany’s unbelievable science and technology by dividing all Hitler’s scientists between them instead of executing them.  Funded by the world’s mining and oil tycoons, and other superrich industrialists, they exploited all these physical forces to create the atomic bomb and other deadly weaponry and technology, which still baffle the minds of ordinary people. 


The Four-Winged Leopard: Four UN Principals of Total Military Control Globally 

This leopard is carried with four bird’s wings, (Dan. 7:6. ) 

Wings, like feet, are the symbols of advancement. In this case, swift, global, political-military advancement.  Someone pointed out that “there are four physical forces in the universe: nuclear force, radiate force, electrometric force, and  gravitational force – all under command of this remorseless political beast.  There are also four fundamental parts of organic chemistry: carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, and nitrogen – all used in modern weaponry and technology.”  Modern science and technology, which accelerated worldwide on ‘bird’s wings’ since the turn of the 19th century, seem to be the marvelous friend and helper of all humanity — while it is not. 

The perverted four-headed, four-winged leopard symbolizes complete political, imperial, and military control unto the four corners of the earth.  Dan. 8:12, 24, “A [worldwide] Army was given to [it]…”  The United Nations actually have four ‘pillars’ in place to “eradicate global terrorism,” while Islamic terrorists increasingly terrorize the whole earth.  United Nations ‘peacekeeping,’ military might in Vietnam, Iran, the rest of Africa, etcetera, intentionally “curbed [Muslim] terrorism” without much success. 

This is because the real terrors are Humanism and its counterpart Socialism: the global tools of the United Nations, which must bring global control to the new but last Fourth World; (currently filled with mayhem and fleeing refugees, terrorized by terrorism, and vexed by murderous gangs under government control,) to create a ‘new world’ or the last Fourth World without any boundaries. 

All ‘democracies’ worldwide, which were brutally taken by terrorists, are now protected socialist ‘paradises,’ where absolutely no internal “terrorism” against any of these ‘presidents for life’ is allowed — except the gangs who murder ‘enemies of the state’ and other unwanted citizens under the guise of mere lawlessness; dispersing starved and displaced ‘refugees’ or ‘migrants’ all over the planet.  This is just the beginning of total submission to worldwide socialism under global military control. 

Imperialist war is now being replaced by complete control of ‘enemies of the state’ in each Socialized country.  The war is now against those who oppose the underhanded control of the State, not against other countries.  Instead of locking up real enemies of the state like in days gone by, they are now declared ‘insane,’ and some die suddenly of things like ‘broken heart syndrome’ after being stalked by government controlled agents and gangs. 


The two-headed eagle or actually the ‘resurrected’ dragon-bird, the phoenix, signifies that the dictator of a communist democracy has power over both politics and religion, the past and the future, the East and the West, chaos and order, unity and sovereignty, etcetera.  No one dares defy him.  No matter what he does, he remains in power, because the chaos he is creating, serves the purpose of pushing people towards global citizenship, while they believe the population controlling “mark of the beast” devices planted in their hands or foreheads are truly “a good thing,”  (Rev. 16:14-18.)   

“The four-headed, four-winged leopard symbolizes the same as the two-headed phoenix, but it incorporates every sphere of life to every corner of the globe, not just control within a specific country,” someone explained.  There is really a ‘hidden history’ behind the history of the world. During the last five centuries it has been written in Masonic code and executed by these distorted leopard-like political entities, which actually signify the secret alliance of the masonic rulers of the last, Fourth World. 


Pax Americana Vs Pax Africana 

Prior to Islam’s worldwide imperialism, the world was governed by the Illuminati’s  preference to Europeans and other Westerners, (Pax Britannica and Pax Americana,) which made Britain, America and ‘strangely,’ Russia, the world’s three superpowers.  This is now being replaced (1990-2017,) by their preference to the leopard, (Pax Africana) and their Eastern allies.  [The president of South Africa, Jacob Zuma, now openly declares that they are taking the country away from the West and aligning it to the East: China, India, Russia, the Arab Emirates…]  They are actively turning the whole known world upside down, changing Old-Morality laws and times to New-Morality (humanist) times and lawlessness, (Dan. 7:25.)  

To ensure the necessity of establishing the world-governing “New Moralityof humanism during the last time, the Western powers of the United Nations first callously committed all the global carnage of Pax Britannica and Pax Americana throughout the world.  Slavery, World War One, World War Two, and global Marxism all guaranteed that the last of the end-time would be governed by the oppressed masses of Pax Africana, and their necessary dogma of humanism

Humanism could never rise to govern the globe if it were not for centuries of inhumane oppression by Pax Britannica and Pax Americana.  That is why the leopard, since the 16th century, in the form of  the lion beast, planted itself all over the world through European Imperialism.  Through slavery, Europeans and Americans took millions of people from Africa to serve their greedy, luxurious industries.  Since then, the descendants of these slaves have vastly populated the whole Western world, including America.   

Can it be another coincidence that the leopard symbolizes many things, but it is mostly the emblem of a united Africa and the billions of ‘exiled’ Africans worldwide, of which President Obama became the Western, Islamic leader until the end of 2016?  The worldwide merging of Africans and their descendants in politics and every other sphere of life is legendary. 

There is no doubt that we are living in the time of the leopard’s Pax Africana, which covertly rules the whole world from behind the scenes — under staunch United Nations control, of course. 



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