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Defending God’s Truth in Church Doctrine and Political History   –    Renette Vermeulen

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· The Apartheid Regime and the Voortrekker Monument

· The masonic seal of the Dutch Reformed Church 



The brainwashing of the media

It would be very naïve to believe that the Global Planners, the International Masonic Brotherhood of Death, would allow South Africa, (or any other country,) to be governed by rulers, whom her citizens would actually have chosen if they were well informed by the media and political rallies.  As the Masonic Brotherhood rules by ‘stealth and deceit,’ they always plan their implementation of Global Socialism well in advance.  As reported, the masonic Brotherhood in all its many forms uses brainwashing techniques to control the world’s nations.  For instance, through their complete control of the media, they impart to the people exactly what they want the people to believe and do, and when they want them to believe and do exactly what.  The political party that controls a country also controls the media, and subsequently, they control the minds of the masses. 

In typical flamboyant, masonic language, AA Cooper wrote in ‘A Dream Of Universal Peace: 1919,’ (in 1919, General Jan Smuts became Prime Minister of the Union of South Africa after General Louis Botha died,) “This principle of Right, [the ‘right’ to worldwide masonic unity that will ‘lead to Global Socialist Peace,’] enforced by a common will, [the will of the majority of Planetary Citizens,] is the vital point to be fought for in the final treaty, [and this is] the necessity of awakening public opinion…  [Here he refers to the political sculpting of public opinion through control of the media, religion, education, etcetera, to accomplish the ‘Plan’ of global chaos and ultimate socialist control.]”

It is clear that the International Masonic Brotherhood or “Global Planners” had (and still has) something special in mind for South Africa.  South Africa was the last country, south of the Sahara, that fell to Marxism.  To bring socialist rule to South Africa was one of the last steps in the Universal Brotherhood’s quest to unify and govern the whole world under their control.

‘Strangely,’ every other country fell directly from colonialism to Marxism.

Britain’s colony Southern Rhodesia, for instance, named after her founder, Illuminati and Committee of 300-member Cecil John Rhodes, became an English ‘dominion’ of Britain, and then a so-called British ‘Republic.’  However, she returned to British colonial rule on December 12, 1979, shortly before Britain handed her over to Robert Mugabe to implement the destruction of Marxism. 

Similarly, Britain occupied India for nearly two centuries, but in 1947, (one year before the Afrikaner Broederbond came to power in the British colony of South Africa,) Britain handed the lush and prosperous India over to the complete and utter destruction of the communist unicorn.

The pattern, which the Universal Masonic Brotherhood followed on a global scale, was to Shift country after country from the evil colonial frying pan into the obliterating communist fire. 

However, in South Africa, they deviated from that pattern.  I ‘always’ believed that the clandestine powers behind the politics of this world have something ‘special’ in mind for South Africa. 

It began with the ‘Boer’ War and the genocidal concentration camps and continues to this day.   

Were it not for the Atlantic Ocean in-between, this country would have linked directly to the United States of America.  Years ago someone commented that, in the form of a horseshoe, Marxism has been drawing a line through the last century.  It runs all the way from the USA, right across the entire world, down through the whole of Africa, and ends in South Africa.  Once this line is intact, (which happened in 1994 with the communist takeover here,) the world is ready for the final act on the stage of history: the global control of the ‘New World’ Socialist Government, the United Nations. 


The function of the apartheid regime in the greater scheme of the socialist One-World Order  

Things could have been vastly different in the Republic of South Africa.  In 1948, a justly elected government, (chosen by all the races of South Africa,) would have been able to bring stability to us all if a hidden history, steered by clandestine powers, did not exist.  Sadly, such a true ‘democracy’ cannot be real in this fallen world.  As everywhere else worldwide, this country was ruled by masonic stealth and deceit.  In South Africa it was in the form of the Calvinist Dutch Reformed Church. The apartheid government consisted of the masonic Afrikaner Broederbond (brotherhood) which was simply another tool of the ‘all-seeing’ eye on the global masonic pyramid, the Cabalist Sanhedrin, which never has national or international boundaries, peace, and stability in mind!

After 1919, when mason Jan Smuts became Prime Minister of the Union of South Africa, P. Deys, editor of the South African Masonic Journal wrote, “Masonry has an unparalleled opportunity [in South Africa] to use its might and beneficent influence in producing a World Peace and not ‘peace at any price,’ [meaning, ‘merely’ national peace in a specific country like South Africa was/is insignificant in their ‘greater plan’ to unity the entire world under masonic control.]”

Although the establishment of socialism and Marxism is the blueprint for the entire world, oddly, in 1948, the British handed South Africa to the Afrikaner Brotherhood, instead of giving this country directly to their communist peers like they did with other colonies worldwide. 

Given the deadly course on which this placed South Africa, it is clear that Britain did this for the specific reason to bring oppression upon the other races of South Africa, while Britain, as one of the leaders of the New World Order, clandestinely kept her bloody hands ‘clean.’ 

Such deliberate oppression of so many citizens of South Africa had to serve a definite cause.  Of course, the aim was part of the Political Socialist Shift from the “old world” to the “new world.”  Originally, the apartheid monster was born from British ‘segregation.’ It was not an Afrikaner brainchild, as demonstrated by the earlier racist policies of America and all Britain's other colonies.  Thus, the evil of apartheid, with the eyes of the entire world focusing on it while millions of communist crimes worldwide were overlooked, was not simply a random political ‘happening’ in an accidental country somewhere on planet earth.  Apartheid was created with a particular purpose in mind, because sane politicians would never institute such a satanic strategy against their own citizens without first weighing the consequences.  Apartheid was a specifically designed, political strategy in the hands of the Global Planners, which had to work at a precise time in history, in this carefully chosen country on the southernmost tip of this already communist destroyed continent. 

It is clear that the function of the apartheid regime was not to destroy South Africa’s economy and infrastructure at that stage, as the implementation of socialism demands.  Maybe, during this phase of South Africa’s Marxist preparation, the Global Planners still had too much raping of this country’s gold, diamonds, and other wealth in mind.  In fact, apartheid South Africa became exceptionally affluent and industrious under enormous world criticism, discrimination, sanctions, and very violent, continuous communist war from within and without the country. 

The apartheid regime discriminated openly and inexcusably against other races of this country.  Yet, while working hard at the socialist union of the entire world during the darkest years of apartheid rule, Illuminati secret KGB operative, foreign minister Pik Botha and his National Intelligence [Spy] agents colluded with communist commanders behind the scenes to aid the ‘final communist Shift’ in all non-communist countries worldwide and in South Africa.  No one ever heard what they discussed during their meetings, or what Pik actually promised them. 

When viewed in the context of recent history, it becomes clear that the ‘senseless’ apartheid era was a deliberate setup by covert masonic powers as a special interaction or ‘link’ between worldwide Western colonialism and the Eastern socialism of the entire world, not just of South Africa. 

Apartheid was never about the goodwill of South Africa or any of her suffering citizens of all races.  Apartheid was simply a tool to further the bigger picture of communist dominance worldwide

The function of the apartheid regime was to communistically/socially unite the oppressed races of South Africa through suffering, while polishing communist elitists like Mandela, Oliver Thambo and Mbeki in the fire of the racial persecution of the masses.   


South Africa’s Political Paradigm Shift from British occupation to the apartheid regime and finally to Marxism was long in the making, but as we will see, nothing that happened in this country, or elsewhere in the world, was by chance — or by the design of ordinary, unwitting Afrikaner and other citizens! 

Thus, I do not, and definitely will not rob Afrikaners, English, Africans or any other person of sincere belief in God, following His Biblical truth and living in civilized culture according to Biblical standards; using their personal language, and knowing their true history.  Although personally believing disciples of Jesus spiritually belong to His Spiritual Kingdom, (“There is therefore no Jew or Gentile,[(race,] slave or free, [social status,] male or female, [gender;] for we are all one in Christ,” Gal. 3:28, ) we all still remain, on a physical level, exactly what God made us to be when He made us Hebrews, Zulus, Chinese — and Afrikaners. 

I love my own people just as much as I love other people.  Still, I will not condone their (or any other nation’s) political or personal sins, or the masonic Dutch Reformed religion of the majority of Afrikaners.  I speak against all injustices against all people as far as possible, just as God commanded all His disciples to do.  I condemn all apartheid crimes, British crimes, Nazi crimes, and because most “acceptable” crimes against humanity were committed throughout history in the name of ‘political liberation,’ I also condemn communist crimes in South Africa and everywhere else in the world. 


Why the Voortrekker Monument was built 

In 1888, after a great Dutch Reformed Church ceremony to commemorate the “Day of the Oath” at Blood River in Natal, President Paul Kruger of the Old Zuid Africaansche Republic (the ZAR) conferred the idea of building a monument in Pretoria to remember the Great Ox-wagon Trek from the colonial bondage of the British annexed Cape Colony into the interior of South Africa.  This would also fulfill the promise, which Trekker leader Sarel Celliers made to God at the battle of Blood River.  This monument was called the “Voortrekker Monument.”  It was eventually inaugurated by the Afrikaner Broederbond on 16 December 1949. 

The Voortrekker Monument also signifies that, on 6 February 1838, Zulu King Dingaan broke his treaty with Voortrekker leader Piet Retief, drawn up by J.G. Bantjies, Retief’s secretary, and signed and witnessed in Dingaan’s thatch roof palace.  Afrikaners did not “steal” the land from Africans

This treaty described the Tugela-Umzimvubu areas in Natal, which Dingaan legally sold to the Trekkers.  However, when Retief and his commando honored their agreement with Dingaan and  delivered the thousands of cattle, which they recovered from Chief Sekonyela to pay for the land, Dingaan took the cattle, overpowered and murdered the Retief party, and threw their bodies over the cliff at his ‘execution hill’ to be devoured by vultures and wild animals. 

Dingaan then sent his troops to annihilate all the Trekkers in their different ox-wagon laagers.  The Zulus succeeded in most cruelly slaying more than 500 men, women, children, and servants.  In dealing with babies, they simply swung the children by the feet and bashed their little heads against something solid like an ox-wagon wheel. 

So, in December 1838, when the Trekkers found themselves at the Ncome River, facing Dingaan’s mighty army of 15,000-20,000 trained warriors with only 470 able men to defend the laager, their Dutch Reformed minister Sarel Celliers led them to petition God’s help against the advancing troops.  They made a solemn promise to God to build a “commemorate church” to Him and to keep this day, December 16, as a holy day for all Afrikaner generations to come, should He deliver them from Dingaan’s mighty army. 

That day, God gave the Afrikaners such a huge victory that the Ncome river was henceforward referred to as “Blood River.”  The Trekkers then bound together to attack Dingaan’s kraal and retrieve the bodies of the Retief Party, but they found the kraal deserted, as the whole Zulu army was destroyed at the battle of Blood River.  Surely, this miracle proved that God heard their prayers that day.  One can hardly believe that anyone would try to dispute this fact. 

The promises they made were unwitting Dutch Reformed, Kingdom Now dogma, but their cries to God came from their hearts.  God does not, under Jesus’ New Testament Covenant, live in physical temples or churches, as His New Covenant in Christ pertains to every personally believing disciple of Jesus, not to entire nations as under the Old Testament Covenant, (Acts 7:44-50; 17:24; Jn. 1:12-13; 3:3-5.)  However, the church-indoctrinated Dutch Reformed members did not know the truth of God’s Word.  So, according to Scripture, God did not save the Trekkers that day because He wanted them to keep unscriptural promises to Him.  The All-good God of the Bible heard and answered their distress calls to Him and delivered them from Dingaan’s massive army of furious fighters. 

Masonic Leaders Abused Afrikaner Trust in their Design of this Monument 

Given the fact that the entire Protestant Reformation was based on masonic, Roman Catholic, Mary worship, the entire Protestant world, South Africans included, was deceived to believe they worship the God of the Bible through the leading of their political Dutch and other Reformed leaders. 

A century after God miraculously delivered the Trekkers at the Battle of Blood River, Afrikaners simply accepted that the architect Gerhard Moerdijk designed the Voortrekker monument to fulfill Sarel Celliers’s promise to build a “commemorate church” to God in the form of a great monument.  Average citizens never suspected that this monument was not a ‘standard’ monument to depict Afrikaner history and to commemorate the ‘Day of the Oath.’  However, in 1937, the leaders of the Afrikaner nation, the Afrikaner Broederbond, who were all members of the masonic Broederbond and it’s Dutch Reformed Church, actually began to build an enormous masonic shrine to a strange god on Monument Hill!  In spite of masonry’s denial to links with the Afrikaner Broederbond and the Sons of England, it remains an undeniable fact that every aspect of this monument depicts The Afrikaner Broederbond as ‘perfect’ masons, who brought their masonic religion with it’s Roman Catholic inheritance, (Calvinism was merely ‘reformed’ from Roman Catholicism and not ‘transformed’ by the truth of God’s Word,) right into the throne room of the growing apartheid regime


            church ng seal.png

[Acknowledgement to those who compiled the photos and images in this study]


Trumpet Call explained the meaning of this logo as follows, “The Queen of Heaven and Mysteries, [the fertility goddess Isis, Baal’s ‘wife,’ ‘Mother Earth,’ or Mary of Catholicism,] depicted as the Lady of Good Hope, sits on the [masonic] ‘smooth ashlars cube,’ floating on ‘many waters,’ [or ruling over much of the political/religious world as part of the Christian harlot of Babylon in Revelation 17 & 18,  who rides the political beast.]  She sits at the [masonic altar, with the Masonic/Roman Catholic Tau-cross in her hand,] with her ‘burning heart,’” [the “Sacred Heart” of Catholicism’s ‘Mother’ Mary.]” 


The entire Reformation was steeped in masonic, Roman Catholic Worship, and the slaying, drowning, beheading, and live cremation of their ‘enemies’ such as Michael Servetus.  Without Luther and Calvin’s true confession and repentance, all their church members still bear the idolatrous, blood-stain guilt of the leaders of the Reformation.    


In spite of Afrikaner ignorance concerning the hidden agenda of the apartheid regime and the clergymen of the masonic Dutch Reformed Church, the Voortrekker Monument was presented to all Afrikaners as the focal point of Afrikaner Christian (Calvinist) Nationalism. 

Denise Woods wrote in ‘Oes die Stormwind van Volksgodsdiens,’ [‘Reap the Whirlwind of National Worship,’] “According to Gerhard Moerdijk… the [Voortrekker] monument is an ‘altar’ as well as a ‘sanctuary’.  This being so, [and I definitely do not agree with Wood’s anti-Afrikaner statements,] it is necessary to ascertain… what deity is called upon at this altar and what god is worshipped in this sanctuary…  This is a masonic temple…”

Woods then began to explain, “The Broederbond operated with the approval of the Afrikaans reformed churches. (Page 132 of her book.)  The Dutch Reformed Church [and it’s Christian Nationalism – John Calvin’s false Kingdom Now teaching of ‘divine predestination,’ etcetera,] actually embodied this type of [socialist-communist] nationalism… known as Apartheid.” 

This is one of the correct statements Woods made about the masonic apartheid regime.  She presents the Voortrekker Monument as proof that the Broederbond was indeed secretly sold to Baphomet, the masonic god of masonry.