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Defending God’s Truth in Church Doctrine and Political History   –    Renette Vermeulen

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Clandestinely, the apartheid regime led their citizens to believe they were fighting against the worldwide expansion of Marxism, while, from behind the scenes, they were bringing South Africa under control of the Illuminati’s socialist One World Order.  That is why, during the apartheid years, they were liaising secretly with communist masons of all races.  I could never understand how utterly twisted but intelligent men like Doctor Verwoerd could make such inhumane, foolish laws against the majority of South Africans, until I understood socialism and Marxism, and its goal of one-world union.  At first, I also thought Hitler was just another insane dictator, until I realized that the leaders of the upcoming New World Order were merely testing same-color racist eugenics through him, as they did  with Britain’s ‘Boer War,’  and the many other communist dictators worldwide

From their ‘whites only’ park benches to their identity passbooks for non-white people, the apartheid regime’s racist laws culminated in a disguised form of socialist Marxism, as proven by their acceptance of the British segregation policy, [scroll down on the WebPage] and their many other oppressive, racist laws.  Those laws benefitted mostly themselves and their party members, just like  in ALL communist regimes — the ruling ANC regime as well.  Thus, the old regime of South Africa "had no concern for the masses,” just as the modern socialist/communist regime now demonstrate. 

In spite of the Broederbond’s fierce denial of ties to masonry, the Oriental Lodge No. 20 parades Pik Botha, apartheid Foreign Minister of South Africa, on their list of ‘Famous Masons.’  Pik was also a secret KGB operative, assisting the ‘final communist shift’ in all non-communist countries worldwide and in South Africa as head of all South Africa’s spies, the South African Secret Service. 

Pik Botha was one of the Brotherhood who ‘came out of the closet’ while the others still hide behind Afrikaner ignorance of the true nature of the Dutch Reformed Church and other masonic orders.  Despite the way in which masonic orders smooth-talk people into joining their so-called “charitable” cause, they most despicably believe they are ‘more equal than others:’ the elitist “enlightened ones.” [This is also the core of the Predestination doctrine of the Dutch and other Reformed Churches.]  So, all masons from different races use gullible and oppressed people to accomplish their planetary One-World goal. 

What’s more, people from all races, who worship at the altar of the global masonic lodge, secretly share the racist policies of Nazi Germany – that “scientific dictatorship edified by [human] Darwinian evolution.”  All masonic orders carry the “demented disease of the International Society for Racial Hygiene” in their indoctrinated, socialist/communist minds. 

South African examples of the racist doctrines (propaganda) of alchemy and eugenics 

War Propaganda and Genocide.  David Eagleman said in his National Geographic series ‘The Brain…’  “[Genocide is] like a disease outbreak; a group contagion… which is spread deliberately.  And [in the hands of unscrupulous governments and anti-government terrorists, the atrocity of] war propaganda is a perfect tool for the job, [committing mass genocide with the consent of a nation and even the whole world.]  The language of [war] propaganda changes very little.  It always plays the familiar tune of dehumanizing: make your enemy inhuman or less than human.  Make him like an animal.  Propaganda is a weapon, an art; a science.  How to get a whole nation, an [elite] group of [similar thinking] people to commit the atrocity of genocide? [Racial hygiene.] How to modify group [and nation] behavior [so that even friends rape, torture, incarcerate and murder friends — and their perceived enemies on mass?]  One propagates dehumanization on a massive scale…  Propaganda has become evermore dangerous.  Today, any elitist group can reach millions of people with a keystroke [on the internet,] reaching people most probable to act upon them: young men.  Political agenda around us continually brainwashes us with propaganda...” 

One of the very first of masonry’s modern eugenic death camps, brought about by War Propaganda as described above, (which was simply a great socialist experiment to perfect “the art or science” of ethnic cleansing or genocide,) were those of Britain’s illuminist Cecil John Rhodes and high mason Lord Alfred Milner, in which they tortured, starved, murdered, and dispossessed thousands upon thousands of South African citizens between 1899 and 1902. 

As seen, most inexcusably horrendous, masonic alchemy-eugenics was also the motivation behind the apartheid regime’s oppression of, and discrimination against their non-white citizens

However, eugenics is not just color based.  Watch this gruesome video of ANC supporters publically kicking and axing a Cope supporter to death while bystanders cheer them on.   

In fashion with communist eugenics worldwide, dehumanizing War Propaganda as described above, continually instigates the incredibly cruel, prolonged torture and murder of thousands upon thousands of farmers and other citizens in the new South Africa – of which the government nothing to say!  One can only wonder how such brutal acts of eugenics will cease with the ongoing,  deceptive propaganda and so-called ‘traditional war-songs’ sung by evem South African Presidents and their youth leaders such as Julius Malema

On January 8, 2012, eighteen years after their ‘struggle’ against apartheid had ended and the ANC took over the entire country and every aspect of it, Jacob Zuma’s War Propaganda still made white South Africans into thieves and foreigners.  He openly incited genocide, torture and murder at the African National Congress Centenary Celebrations in Bloemfontein, South Africa, singing, “...Shoot them with the machine gun, they are going to run.  You are Boer, we are going to hit them and they are going to run.  Shoot and hit the Boers…”  This compliments their so-called ‘traditional’ war song, as sang by Nelson Mandela himself, “...We members of MK, [the terrorist fighting wing of the African National Congress] have pledged to kill them, the Ama Buru…  [White South Africans.]”  ANC ‘youth’ leader Julius Malema was eventually banned by a court of law to sing the hate-song “Dubula Ibhunu,” or “Shoot the Boer” after the African National Council government continualy condoned such inflammatory racism for 22 years [in 2016] since apartheid ended.  However, Malema still calls for white genocide and dispossession at nearly every [ANC]/EFF meeting he heads, (in 2022.)   

However, the AMC War Propaganda, which states that white South Africans stole the land from them, is completely false.  Migrating Africans were not the first to arrive in this country.  The Khoi and San people were here first, and they inhabited the coastline of the Cape Province and Namibia, not the whole South Africa.  Because early migrating tribes were unable to keep written records of their movements, no one can state with certainty when they arrived in South Africa.  However, it is certain that tribes such as the Zulu came down from the interior of Africa after colonialists had settled in the Cape in 1652.  Only the Nguni, Sotho, Venda, and Tsonga were in the areas surrounding the Cape when Europeans arrived.  However, early African tribes were “never static” and therefore did not “own” any land.  Zulus only settled in Natal during the 18th century, constantly warring against all the other nomadic tribes such as the Nguni and the Sotho.  In the 19th century, mighty Zulu armies even hunted and starved the remaining Sotho tribes into cannibalism. [P. 62-96, Reader Digest, ‘Illustrated History of SA;”  Penny Miller, ‘Myths and Legends of SA,’ p. 196-198.]  So, when white South Africans began their Great Trek into the interior in 1835, it was mostly a vast open space.  Moreover, it will always remain true that Trekker leader Piet Retief legally bought the land between the Tugela and Umzimvubu rivers in Natal from Zulu chief Dingaan, who then murdered the whole Retief party to keep the payment as well as the land. 


Few spiritual watchmen realize that secret forces, operating from behind the scenes of history, have been pulling masses of people into socialism to herd the entire world into the Communist Paradise of desolation, and from there, into the global Paradise of the One World Order.  To finally achieve this goal, they have been grooming chosen politicians to play the role of political Pied Pipers.   


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[[Acknowledgement to those who compiled the images in this study]

Worldwide socialist union under control of the one-world government means, the entire world will be under the rule of the masonic pyramid of secret societies, with the ‘all-seeing,’ masonic god, Baphomet, at the top.


It is widely believed that the Jewish Cabalist Sanhedrin constitutes the ‘eye’ at the top of this pyramid, with the Jewish fraternity B’nai B’rith, (denied as a masonic order,) as one of their primary organizations that governs the world from behind the scenes.  These Talmud-believing Zionists lead masses of oppressed people to believe that Marxism is the one belief-system that is completely anti-religion, anti-racism, anti-sexism, and anti-capitalism, while it is just the opposite.  [‘Synagogue of Satan,’ Hitchcock.]  Texe Marrs explained, “Since the 18th century, this [Jewish] cabal of rich men… used closet Jews Lenin and Trotsky to murder Czar Nicholas, grabbing the reins of power [and wealth] in Russia. They put Woodrow Wilson and FDR in office, and protected Bill Clinton during impeachment proceedings…  Secret agents of this calculating and cruel Cabal have funded revolutions around the globe.  They were financial backers of Karl Marx…  They have long used Marxism and Zionism as twin hammers to destroy their enemies, depose political leaders, and topple governments…” 

Hence, it is no coincidence that African leaders, (as all others globally,) have Russia and her communist accomplices to thank for their political evolution into god men and women.

It can never be a coincidence that “the Prince Hall Grand Lodge of North Carolina reported, Nelson Mandela was made a mason “on sight” in Atlanta, Georgia on June 28, 1990 by Past Grand Master William C. Parker Junior.”  Additionally, the following is more proof that the New World Order, which Mandela himself called upon, is not ‘a conspiracy theory.’  Mandela’s Jewish/Russian/communist mentors, (as all other leaders of communist countries,) also strived to unite not only this country but the entire world under the global control of the One World Order. 

The African National Council proudly publishes Mandela’s speech at the United Nations, which states, “...Democratic South Africa will rejoin the international community in a situation in which a new world order is being born [from all the chaos committed in this and every other country.]  As this new order will of necessity have an impact on our own destiny…  It is our view that this new world order should be characterized by… a democratic system of international relations... the elimination of poverty…  protection of the environment; the strengthening and democratization of the institutions of this Organization to ensure that it plays its role as one of the principal architects of that new world order…  Equally, there can be no new world order while some are super-rich and others remain abysmally poor…” 

Contrary to what Mandela said, as we see in communist history worldwide, in the study of communist ideology, and in its tremendously destructive tool socialism, there is not a single socialist country in the world where presidents like Mandela, their families, friends and party members are not superrich while the rest of the country eventually become “abysmally poor.”   



   masonic grip mandela and thambo.jpg     mandela v-shin sign.jpg  knighs of malta kaballah signs.jpg    

                      [Acknowledgement to those who published the photos and images in this study]

Above: Nelson Mandela and Oliver Tambo pose for a masonic handshake.

Middle: Texe Marrs explained, “Mandela showing the double V-shin sign of cabalism.  Cabalism is a masonic Jewish/Zionist/Communist fraternity and the main drive behind Bolshevism or Jewish-Russian dictators such as Lenin worldwide, who were also the mentors of South African communist leaders.”  Right: “Finger-signs of the Kabala consist of secret occult meaning.  The masonic symbol of square and compass… is patterned on the five-pointed design of the Star of David, also known as the magical hexagram… The hexagram… was adopted by Jews in Europe during the medieval period.  It later became the centerpiece of the Israeli flag…  Actor Leonard Nimoy, [‘Spock’ in Star Trek,] famous for giving the Vulcan V-greeting hand sign, is a Jew, and says it is based on the Hebrew letter ‘shin,’ which invokes cabalistic magic.” William J. Schnoebelen said in ‘The Dark Side of Freemasonry,’ “Cabalism is a system of Jewish mysticism and magic and is the foundational element in modern witchcraft.  Virtually all of the great witches and sorcerers of this century were Cabalists.” 

Rabbi Isaac Wise confirmed, “[Masonic Orders are] a Jewish establishment…” 


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                     Nelson-Mandeal-Desmond-Tutu-Knight-of-Malta.jpg     Jesuit Mandela.jpg  

[Acknowledgement to those who published these photos]

AboveThese photos of Nelson Mandela, former president Mbeki and the iconic Desmond Tutu tell the whole hidden story of South African politics.  Here, the Roman Catholic Vatican’s Sovereign Military Order of Malta, a.k.a. the Masonic Order of St. John of Jerusalem proudly parade these communist leaders in their masonic regalia.  As other Roman Catholic orders such as the Knights Templar, this is a fighting masonic fraternity for politicians and militant clergy such as Tutu — of which the racist, murder-inciting Julius Malema is allegedly also a member. 

Above, Mandela in red:  “As a notable Methodist,” the Roman Catholic ‘The Tablet’ wrote, “[With the consent of the Old Government,] Mandela was regularly visited by a [Roman Catholic] Jesuit priest while he was  held captive [on an elite basis] on Robben Island.” 

The Vatican’s ecumenical, masonic Jesuit Order constantly supports, plans and executes communist mayhem and false Christian doctrine worldwide.  Consequently, those visits to Mandela in jail had nothing to do with his spiritual life, but with his communist excursions inside and outside South African borders.  Alan Lamont explained, “The Jesuit Order stands under a black banner and red cross, and a [masonic] skull and crossbones, with the word INRI, and below them the words ISTUM, NECAR, REGES, IMPIOUS. 

It means: ‘It is just to exterminate [or annihilate] impious or heretical kings, governments, or rulers.’ “The Jesuit Vatican New World Order,” wrote Dave Hunt, “[are thousands of the pope’s] secret agents worldwide…  [One of these,] The Grand Council and Sovereign Military Order of Malta… control the Banking Industry and Military Complexes of the world.  They oversee  Chase Manhattan Bank with branches in Moscow and New York.  They rule the International Community, KGB in the East and the CIA in the West…”  Alan Lamont explained, “South Africa has it’s very own secret services… [The militant ANC youth leader] Julius Malema is one such agent.  Another was Pik Botha, [a [KGB] agent,accomplishing the ‘final communist, [one-world] shift’ in all non-communist countries worldwide and in South Africa,] working with the Israeli Mossad, British Secret Services and Central Intelligence Agency…  at the highest level of government and intelligence, there are no sides.  The international intelligence society is controlled by [Roman Catholic] Jesuits.”