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Horrible Apartheid Laws — the Justification to Expropriate Land and to Completely Dispossess and Annihilate Whites after 24 years of ‘Affirmative Action,’ ‘BEE’ and ‘Land Reform?’  What is Really going on in South Africa, (2018?)    

Renette Vermeulen







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[Acknowledgement to those who compiled the photos and images in this study]

Photos AboveTo know the truth of what is happening in this country right now, it is necessary to understand the true history of South Africa, especially since Britain’s three-year “Boer War,” which ended in 1902.  It is a vast misconception that only African people had to live in post Boer War” and other slums, because of the vast economic and social problems, which Britain caused in this country.  Annihilation of some 34,000 productive farms and the dispersion and dispossession of at least 500,000 white and non-white citizens during British occupation,  caused people of all races to stream to the cities after the war; competing for the limited number of available jobs.  

After 1902, whites and non-whites lived side-by-side in war-torn slums, where social deprivation caused appalling living conditions for all.  This affected people of all races for generations to come.  To survive financially, bare-fisted fights over either white or African supremacy in the employment sector led to racist apartheid to protect the small white minority, mass Marxist retaliation, and the Bush or Border War to withstand foreign assaults from Russia, Cuba, and Libya.  All this lasted from the early 1950s to 1994.  

Just as the ordinary African in South Africa now, ordinary white citizens did not make the apartheid laws and did not have any real say in how the old government ruled and defended the country once they were in power.  Ordinary citizens did not know that their Afrikaner Brotherhood government was in fact a bastion of underhanded, two-tongued, secret masonic socialists. (All masonic orders are socialists, evolutionists and racists.  History and communist dogma have proven that continuous ethnic conflict is the fuel that establishes socialism on a global scale.)  Hence, the harsh socialist oppression of apartheid’s non-white citizens.  Similarly, most of the population today do not know what their government really stand for, and what Marxist dogma, as demonstrated in all socialist countries through Africa and the whole world, really states. 

The old government had many excuses for what they did, and the new government also have many excuses for what they do.  But it is always the general population that has to suffer. 


As the African National Council (ANC) government now calls for the dispossession of all whites in the light of the torturous murders of thousands upon thousands of people from their small population of whites, (together with loyal African workers,) I wonder why I was one of those whites who endured persecution from both sides to understand what was really happening in this country.  What the government is doing now, is  simply “déjà vu.”  South Africans are like rats on a wheel; reliving the years of post “Boer War” poverty, apartheid, and the communist struggle all over again.  The old government was about White African supremacy, and the new government is about Black African supremacy.  Only difference is: The old government had to face the most violent uprising of the masses.  For the new government to oppress the small, politically disempowered white minority, they face hardly any opposition at all. 


Because I live in the God of the Bible, I believe the forgiveness and restitution that was negotiated at the Truth and Reconciliation Commission after 1994, still stand.  Restitution must follow severe harm, but restitution must always be within reason and it also has an end. 

Despite the denial of the government, much restitution has already been done since 1994.  Total dispossession and annihilation of the white man in this country was never the agreement as far as I know.  Scripturally, God looks at all sin and of course, restitution, in context.  This is why He declared in Ezk. 18:20, “The soul that sins [unrepentantly] will die.  The son will not bear the guilt of the father, nor the father bear the guilt of the son.  The righteousness of the righteous will be upon himself, and the wickedness of the wicked will be upon himself.  But if a wicked man turns from all his sins... keeps all My [Moral Law] statutes, and does what is lawful and right, [reasonable restitution according to his personal guilt,] he will…  not die.” 

I have never covered apartheid discrimination, exploitation, oppression and dispossession, and write about their discriminative racial laws in many of my studies.  But before we get to what the apartheid laws were really all about, (because no one can change any of the horrors of the past but has to deal with the problems in the here and now,) the question if whites are allowed to own land after what apartheid did in this country, has to be addressed first.  Fact is now: restitution is not the new government’s real issue; total dispossession is their aim.  So, let us do a check of what has been, and is going on in South Africa, with the African National Congress (ANC) government in complete control of the entire country for 24 years, now in 2018. 


Constant Government propaganda:  “All the whites stole the whole of South Africa from all the blacks and must give the whole land back, [therefore they must all be dispossessed.]”  If this allegation could be true, America must also return the whole of America to the American Indians, Australia to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, etcetera. 

The truth about South Africa is that whites (Bartholomew Dias) arrived in the Cape in 1488, Vasco da Gama in 1497, and the Dutch (the Jan van Riebeeck party) in 1652; French Huguenots in 1671, Germans in the 1680s, and finally, the British in 1820.  The Khoi and San were here first, but not even they ‘owned the whole country.’  They were the so-called “Bushmen” migrants that lived in the desert regions of the Kalahari into Namibia and neighbouring countries.  African tribes like the Zulu only immigrated during the 18th century from the interior of Africa.  If white Africans are “settlers” in South Africa,  then black Africans are also “settlers” in South Africa.    

When white Trekkers entered the interior of South Africa in 1834, vast patches of land were uninhabited and belonged to no one, but they did, on more than one occasion, negotiate and buy land from the African tribes that were in the region.  (The history of trekker leader Retief and his party that were murdered by Zulu king Dingaan after the trekkers paid Dingaan’s price for the land, is a classic example.)  While it is said that white men pegged their farms where and how they wanted, African tribes viewed the land as theirs by simply driving their cattle over it.  So, whites did not “steal” any land.  We are talking about originally unchartered, uninhabited land that belonged to nobody in particular.  

In “Who Owns South Africa’s Land?” Jan De Lange, News 24, City Press, set some of the extremely crooked records on land-grabbing straight by responding to the following, “We are not going anywhere, Olievenhoutbosch is our home” - Illegal land occupiers. “People must have land title deeds,” Maimane, “as it happened.”  “ANC councillor sacked for allegedly illegally selling land.”  Mmusi Maimane: “Treatment of African farmers shows the sham of ANC ‘empowerment.’” 

Jan De Lange wrote,  “African people already own more than half of all agricultural land in two of South Africa’s most fertile provinces: the Eastern Cape and KwaZulu-Natal. [The other seven provinces where they own land are not mentioned here.]  This is according to an audit of land ownership, to be released this week.  Landowners who are not white own 26.7% of agricultural ground and control more than 46% of South Africa’s agricultural potential…  [Brown and Indian land owners were not mentioned.] “The picture of land ownership – and, more specifically, land ownership of high-potential agricultural land – actually looks totally different to what the perception is…  Twice as much land has been transferred to African entrepreneurs and farmers through ordinary commercial purchases than the state has managed to buy for African owners as part of its land redistribution programme, the study found. These statistics are contained in a comprehensive land audit undertaken by economist Johann Bornman…” 

One thing that is never mentioned in context, is that long before apartheid came into being, the independent Kingdoms of Lesotho and Swaziland had not been part of South Africa.  So, in a “Separate Development” initiative that began before apartheid “...in South West Africa, [once a South African Protectorate, now Namibia,] OvambolandKavangoland, and East Caprivi were granted self-determination…”  [Wikipedia.]  In South Africa, many more such independent States, called “homelands,” were set up under African rule according to ethnic concentrations in those areas.  Most ridiculously, only 13.6% land was allocated for this project, which was much, much too small in comparison to the rest of South Africa.  In 1972, the government purchased an additional 1,146,451 acres to meet growing population needs in these states, but this was also much “too little too late.” ‘Self-developing’ independent states like Ciskei, TranskeiVenda, and Bophuthatswana remained unrecognized and rejected as ‘apartheid measures.’  Still, “QwaQwa, KwaZulu, and Lebowa, received partial autonomy until they could function independently.” But because this never materialized, they were never granted full independence. 

These governments never developed those countries because of unsuitable location in some areas, and the vast population growth that  made them progressively dependent on the economy of South Africa.  Also, these governments were “invariably corrupt and little wealth trickled down to the local populations, who were forced to seek employment as "guest workers" in South Africa.” [Wikipedia.]  These states were kept as African countries, but doomed as ‘a solution to ethnic differences and economic empowerment for all,’ because African authoritarianism was seen as the only solution; powered by Russia, Cuba, Libya, etcetera, from inside and outside South Africa.  “The Homelands” were abolished in 1994, as the intention of ethnic self-governance was rejected in the light of total governance of the whole of South Africa and the ‘homelands.’ 


Government Propaganda: “40,000 white families still own 80% of the land in South Africa.”  Africa Check: The State Land Audit, carried out by the office of South Africa’s Chief Surveyor-General and published in 2013, did indeed find that 79% of South Africa’s landmass was in private hands. But that includes land owned by individuals, companies, trusts and all urban real estate as well as agricultural and mining land in South Africa.  Therefore, according to Mmuso Riba, the Chief Surveyor-General, “there is no basis” for the claim that whites own 80% of South Africa.” 


Government Propaganda: “Whites had all the opportunities, therefore, previously disadvantaged races must have all the opportunities.”  According to Democratic Alliance spokesperson Hellen Zille, “At national level, on the basis of the 2011 census, [employment ratios] would be 79.2% black African, 8.9% white [African], 8.9% coloured [African], 2.5% Indian.  In this approach, race classification and “race proportionality” usually trump all other considerations… which describes the way the ruling Party, the ANC, uses “racial preferment” as a smokescreen to ensure that party loyalists control all institutions of the state, the economy, and civil society.” 

Affirmative Action and Black Economic Empowerment are just some of the laws that “rectify these racial inequalities.”  Most Africans believe whites “got everything for free” and could just go to any bank to get as much money as they wanted.  However, whites who own(ed) something, had to work extremely hard, plan, pay the asked price for everything, save, pay their mortgages, and live responsibly to own anything.  Those who did not, had (and have) nothing. 

Yes, there was, (still is, and always will be) atrocious labour exploitation, as in every other country in the world.  Under apartheid law, non-whites suffered extremely because of this.  But truthfully, we all suffered, (and still suffer,) because of this.  

Here follow the opportunities whites really had.  If you were part of the ruling ‘elite,’ and had education and qualifications, you were set to get rich.  On ground level, if you were educated, qualified, experienced, and worked diligent at your job, you had very good opportunities.  If you were a middle class white citizen and knew someone in the employment sector that could open a door for you, and you were qualified for the job, the job was yours as long as you pulled your weight.  If you were unqualified and knew someone who could open a door, you could enter into a five-year apprenticeship and start (in 1968) with somewhere in the region of R5.85 per week.  If you knew no one, you had to study — which was extremely costly and thus impossible. So, you were exploited to do any low-paid job you could find, and had to work your fingers to the bone to have something in life.  If you did not do this, you also had nothing. 

If you were non-white, the government oppressed you with racist laws and you had no opportunities to become rich unless you were part of the non-white “elite.”  You were exploited, had to do any low-paid job you could find, and work your fingers to the bone to survive.   

But truthfully, everyone could find some kind of job, if they really wanted to work. 


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[Acknowledgement to those who compiled the photos and images in this study]

Above:  The non-white Elite of the Apartheid Years.  The rest were “abysmally” poor.  


Now, if you are non-white, especially African, qualifications don’t mean all that much because you are part of the “elite.”  According to your status in particularly the ruling party, you can have any job.  You don’t really have to be diligent, because responsibility is not a great priority.  Jobs are given on the basis of race, so the vast majority of jobs  are filled with African people.  If you are not a party member or do not have status in the party, you are also protected by Affirmative Action and other labour laws, but job opportunities dwindle by the day.  If you are unskilled, you remain one of the millions who live in informal settlements on small government grants for children, the elderly, and the handicapped, which much of the vast inflation rates eat away. 

Now, if you are a white African of South Africa, your government oppresses you with racially discriminative laws.  So, like the majority of whites, you must be educated in science, commerce, industry, etcetera, or skilled through a five-year apprenticeship, (this has lapsed since 1994, and people are simply employed without skills,) and experienced in whatever you do to be ‘self-employed,’ or you will have to join the dreadfully poor masses in squatter camps.