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Ţ Famous Billy Graham was a Roman Catholic pope lover mason and a universalist 

Ţ Masonic adulterer Jimmy Swaggart and the disappearance of the prostitute “Sexy Suzy”

Ţ A so-called ‘powerful deliverance prayer book’

Ţ Masonic rituals 


Masonic orders blend perfectly with Judaism, Buddhism, Islam, Christianity, and all other religions.  Most Christians reject the following truth’s about their icons, but here is a link to their masonic bible; see for yourself what these icons really believe.  Yet, in  his sick, twisted view of the God of the Bible, the Christian mason, (usually a Rosicrucian, a Knight’s Templar, or a Knight of Malta like Rick Joyner,) apparently does not see any difference between Jahbulon or Baphomet, the god of the lodge, and the Jesus Christ of the Bible.  Hence, masons often proclaim that they are devoted, professing - even born again Christians and preachers. 

Many, like Graham, started out proclaiming the salvation of Jesus, but compromised Scriptural truth to where they openly preached false, ecumenical (or one-world) church doctrine.  


  Graham devils claw.jpg        Billy graham mason 4.jpg    billy graham mason 2.jpg       

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ABOVE, FROM LEFT: The Christian icon, Billy Graham, showing the world that he belongs to Baphomet, the goat-god of the masonic lodge, by giving the masonic devil’s claw or lion’s paw sign.  Follow this link to the video that clearly proves the compromising doctrine of universalism he preached. 


Graham hand grips.jpgbilly graham masonic handshake.jpgGraham sent converts into churches of all denominations.jpg            

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ABOVE, FROM LEFTVarious masonic hand grips; the one at the top of the images is the grip displayed in Graham’s hand shake.  Members of secret societies recognize one another through many secret signs and symbols, such as masonic handshakes.  For instance, in Graham’s  masonic grip in the picture, the ‘master’ mason ‘gentlemanly’ puts his hand into the other mason’s hand, applying distinct pressure with his thumb between the second and third knuckle of the other mason’s hand. 

ABOVE, ON RIGHT: The complicated wordplay in Graham’s statement makes it clear Jesus is NOT the Only Way, Truth and Light to him.  This proves that he was a masonic, Roman Catholic infiltrator with ties to the pope, who brought millions of Christians into ecumenical church unity through the Catholic Church.  Graham, as all masons, also supported the evolution-blanketed Creation Science/Answers in Genesis dogma and declared, “…Whether it came by an evolutionary process [or creation,] whichever way God did it, makes no difference as to what man is and his relationship to God." 


Unbelievably, masonic Christian clergy find no conflict between the real teachings of the Bible and the teachings of the goat-god of the lodge.  A great number function as ‘ordained’ ‘priests,’ ministers, ‘reverends,’ ‘dominees’ and pastors

The entire Protestant Reformation was based on masonic, Roman Catholic, Mary worship.  They hold office in Christian churches of all denominations — Roman Catholic, Calvinist (Methodist, Dutch and other Reformed, etcetera,) Jehovah’s Witnesses, Baptist, the Promise Keepers Pentecostal/Charismatic Movement — name the church or denomination, and they are in control there!  Rick Joyner, the ‘Top Prophet’ of the entire Pentecostal/Charismatic Church Movement, proudly declares he is a Knight of Malta and recruits masons during his mad services in his “Morning Star” (or Lucifer) church.  The great Charismatic Roman Catholic, Jesuit infiltrator, so-called ‘exorcist’ or ‘delivererBob Larson, among others, clearly gives his masonic sign as he parades in Roman Catholic cross, cloth and collar for all to see.  Kenneth (and Gloria) Copeland Ministries’ booklet proudly shows the masonic compass and square on “How to build your Firm Foundation.”  Writer of the book, “Left Behind,” Tim Lahaye, is a Rosicrucian, Illuminati Dispensationalist

The iconic South African communist Desmond Tutu, just as the christ of socialism, Nelson Mandela, (one of the elders of the New World Order,)  also belonged to the Vatican’s military order, the Knights of Malta.  All masons are devout communists and evolutionists!  Sadly, the true cruxes of masonry are sun and phallic worship.  Masonry in all its various forms is a sex cult.  The obelisk or high tower, (Christian church steeple,) is the fertility symbol of the erect male sex organ in masonic sun worship.  It always adorns church buildings because most Christian clergy were, and are masons. 


                                    Oral Roberts masonic.png     Hagee freemason sign.jpg  

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ABOVE LEFTMasonic declarations at the Oral Roberts University.  This shows that Roberts declares Jesus, but actually worships Baphomet of the masonic lodge.  All he can teach students there, is how to cultivate a personal relationship with the devil. 

ABOVE RIGHTZionist, Messianic Judaism John Hagee showing the world who he really serves by giving his devil-horn and other masonic signs.  People must know that Hagee’s Zionist Messianism was designed by masonic orders to rob people of the Name and Salvation of the Lord Jesus Christ


     pat robinson.jpg     Jimmy Swaggart another lions paw.jpg Jimmy Swaggart third lions paw.jpg jimmy swaggart lions paw under chin.jpg Jimmy, never be lonely.jpg jimmy, the healing jesus.jpg               

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ABOVE FROM LEFTThe ‘lion’s paw’ or ‘devil’s claw’ sign proves that Pat Robertson also gave his heart to Baphomet.  The same sign on the covers of JIMMY SWAGGART’S records and CD’s prove the same.  In "Morals and Dogma," Albert Pike explained the Lion’s Paw as follows, "The Lion of the House of Judah is the strong grip, never to be broken… The wide arms [of Baphomet] are as closely and affectionately as brethren embrace each other on the five points of fellowship…”  It means they entered the Masonic Lodge as natural men lost in sin.  But during this ritual, they are  buried in a coffin and “raised by the strong Grip of the Lion's Paw; born again into a new life.”   

Jimmy Swaggart, as all other masons, were NOT born again in Jesus but into “masonic righteousness…”  In the 1980’s Swaggart’s constant rotten fruits of prostitution, adultery, and pornography caught up with him.  The disappearance of his talkative, favorite prostitute “Sexy Suzy” followed.  A prostitute called Debra Murphee surfaced and real facts were erased with lies and deception.  Sexy Suzy was never found.  Swaggart cried like a baby in public while abusing God’s mercy and Word.  He never told the real truth about anything.  His mafia/Illuminati brothers effectively protected him from prosecution.  To this day, they still do, and millions of deluded Christians still allow Swaggart, who sings his deceptive songs and preaches his false dogmas. 


                                                           donnie Swaggart thinking illuminati.gif    illuminati sign.JPG   

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ABOVE: Jimmy Swaggart’s son Donny Swaggart’s carefully posed finger-to-the-forehead sign is Cabbalist-Illuminati, not ordinary masonry.  This proves he followed in his father’s footsteps — at least where masonry is concerned. 


The Cabalist Sanhedrin, through the Illuminati and the Vatican, sponsored the entire masonic, Mary worshipping Protestant Reformation, (and also John Calvin, the father of Calvinism and its Dutch and other Reformed Churches,) to supposedly ‘break away’ from the Vatican to establish the equally destructive, religious system of Protestantism.  Martin Luther was also a pawn of the Vatican’s masonic Reformation.  ‘Sola Scriptura’ was their creed, (Scripture only,) but they based their false Protestant, (Calvinist, Lutheran, etc.) doctrines on some of the most prominent teachings of their idolatrous spiritual mother, the Roman Catholic Church, and added many monsters of their own

Great ‘evangelists’ like Martin Luther King, Jesse Jackson and Robert Schuler also belonged to the masonic lodge.  Then there is the renegade Benny Hinn with his occult signs and masonic roots, although, being secret, apparently, no clear evidence exists that he is a mason.  Allegedly not a mason either, Jesse Duplantis ‘teamed up’ with mason Kenneth Copeland, Rodney Howard Brown and even the pope in flashing the horned sign of Baphomet. (They say they flash the ‘I-love-you’ sign.)   The Masonic Promise Keepers Network is supported by notable figures such as James Dobson, that great Christen mason Billy Graham, Chuck Colson, Bill McCartney and Bill Bright.  Everyone knows about masons Robert Schuler and Norman Vincent Peale, but most clergy are closet masons.  These men stand on Christian pulpits on Sunday, while they also go to the lodge to worship Baphomet. 



Through their mystic rituals and symbols, the members of secret societies call dark forces to themselves.  Masonic rituals are not ‘innocent’ or ‘merely silly,’ as high masons would like outsiders to believe.  Most masonic rituals are simply unutterably vile.  The purpose of each ritual, and especially ritual abuse, is to connect the initiate to Satan and to infest the person with demons, through which high-ranking Satanists can control their subjects.  Rituals can never be ‘innocent.’ 

All rituals have their roots in the occult – Christian church rituals too. 

McCloud wrote in his Afrikaans book, ‘Akteurs in die Laaste Drama,’ [Actors in the Last Scene,] “The Cabalist, whom Falk inaugurated, wrote about some of their secret rituals, We went to my garden… where the Cabalist planted a cross, drenched in blood, in every corner of the garden.  In the centre of the garden he drew a threefold circle…  in the first circle he wrote all the Names of God in Hebrew, in the second circle  the names of the angels, and in the third the first chapter of the holy gospel of John – and he used my blood to write all of these.  The cruelties that he inflicted on the ram were too horrendous to describe…”  This is blatant Satanism. 

Masons also honor the demon of death and acknowledge his powerful influence over their lives.  They utter blasphemous oaths and curses and some of their rituals invite ‘departed masons’ into their meetings.  (See Deut. 18:10-12 concerning God’s ban on calling on the ‘dead.’)  In the 3rd degree the mason ties himself irreversibly to the demon of death through a ‘baptism’ into the death of Osiris and his ‘resurrection to immortality’ from a coffin, where he makes a covenant with Satan and dedicates his own life, as well as the lives of his descendants, to the evil one.  As a result, many wives of masons suffer painful, prolonged deaths, while their descendants tend to suffer from various forms of mental illness, or behavioral problems such as homosexuality, (Ex. 20:1-6; Lu.  5:17-26.) 



Someone told me about a “powerful deliverance prayer book.”  The writer allegedly leads ‘demon oppressed and generationally cursed’ Christians to confess and renounce every ritual of masonry in great detail to ‘deliver’ them and their descendants.  But Scripture states, we must confess our own moral sins to God and to those whom we have sinned against, in the entire truth of the situation.  E.g., James 5:16; 1 John 1:8-10, "I have stolen R500.00 from you.  I deeply regret what I have done.  Please forgive me.  I will do restitution by never stealing from your again and repaying what I have stolen."  But if we must confess our ancestors' sin in such detail and do restitution to be redeemed, we were not personally brought out of darkness into the Kingdom of Light at our personal rebirth in the Lord Jesus Christ, (1 Pt. 2:9-10; Ex. 20:1-6.)  Ezk. 18:20, “...The son will not bear the guilt of the father, nor the father the guilt of the son.  The righteousness of the righteous will be upon himself, and the wickedness of the wicked will be upon himself.” 

I.e., if our grannies were prostitutes and our granddads were male prostitutes, we certainly do not have to name and describe all their filthy acts to be ‘delivered’ from the “ancestor curse” of prostitution and lust!  True believers in Christ, who occupy a blessed position in His Spiritual Kingdom, cannot be cursed unless they choose to personally live in sin, (Gal. 3:10-14.)  For our own peace of mind, to confess to God that our ancestors were masons, prostitutes, and Satanists who did all kinds of evil rituals, probably sacrificing animals and humans to make pacts with the devil concerning their descendants, and to ask Him to cleanse and deliver us and our descendants from all their idolatry and witchcraft according to the full atonement of Jesus, is enough!  (1 Jn. 1:8-10.)   

If you were a mason or any other kind of Satanist and participated in horrible things such as debased sexual crimes, and human and animal sacrifice yourself, confessing such atrocities in detail to God is necessary.  However, if your ancestors committed such atrocities, you might fall under the spell of sensation seekers to think that God is not omniscient and almighty enough to redeem you and your descends in full by your simple, sincere renunciation of ancestor evil.  To renounce and reject all promises concerning you and your descendants, and all the rituals and spirits that pertain to it, is quite sufficient in the light of God’s true Word, (1 Ths. 5:21-22.)  Praying God’s blood-cleansing in Christ and His angelic and Holy-Spirit protection over everyone, is always necessary.  Once this is done, everything is said and done.  We should never believe the lie of the devil that Jesus’ atonement and redemption remain not absolutely sufficient under all circumstances.  ‘Deliverance’ Ministries are dangerous fallacies, which rob people of their Christ-redeemed position in God’s Spiritual Kingdom, and the full salvation, redemption, and blessing, which we all freely inherit when we sincerely and personally accept Jesus Christ as our Lord, (1 Pt. 2:9-20.)