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Thank God for New Covenant grace through His forgiveness, repentance, and renewal in Christ! (Rom. 12:1-2.)  However, God still judges all fornication, if left unrepented, (1 Cor. 3:16-17.)  As God forbade Old Israel to practice pagan evil, so He forbids New Covenant believers (and all of humanity) to participate in the immoralities of the pagan world.  God commanded humanity and believers especially to live holy lives according to His Moral Law, (Jn. 13:34.)  God never had any other sexual relationship in mind for humanity than that which He Himself had instituted in the Garden in the form of the one-husband-one-wife marriage covenant, (Mt. 19:4-6; Eph. 5:3; Heb. 13:4; Rom. 2:11-16; 1:18-32.) 

Accordingly, incest, child molestation, rape, bestiality, adultery, polygamy, homosexuality, lesbianism, and every other kind of fornication or sexual perversion is Satanism.  It is against nature, against God’s Moral Law of Love and against everything holy and Godly, which God had intended for His creation.  By committing so-called ‘consented’ adultery such as ‘grouping,’ ‘swinging,’ ‘sexual bondage,’ and other forms of sexual fornication and perversion, people knowingly or unknowingly ‘go after strange flesh,’ just as in the days of Noah and Lot, (Jude verses 6-7.) 

God abhors these anti-creational sins so much, the Old Covenant law prescribed that fornicators should be executed by stoning and burning, (Lev. 20:10-27; Jude verse 8.)  The death sentence for the desecration of the human body and His holy marriage covenant, was God’s deterrent for sexual looseness among the Israelites and universally among all humanity.  God’s sentence under the spiritual New Covenant is still equally severe.  Paul declared that “whoever defiles God’s temple, [and universally, His creation,] God will destroy him [or her,]” (1 Cor. 3:16-17; Rom. 2:11-16.) 


Adultery, incest, and other sexual sin amount to “going after strange flesh,” (Jude 1 v. 7-8.

God created one man, Adam.  He made Adam one wife, Eve, comparable to himThis means, whatever the male feels and desires, the female feels and desires.  They were created physically to match each other as husband and wife, while both were also spiritually “created in the image of God,” (Gen. 1:27-28.)  Then, God said “the two must become one flesh” through the marriage covenant.  Marriage is a holy covenant between one man and one woman; and the two in this marriage-partner relationship must live holy, honorably, and undefiled.  Mal. 2:14-15 states, “Did God not make [the husband and his wife] one [through the marriage covenant?]  And why [did He make one the husband and one wife into] one?  He seeks godly offspring.”  Hence, the unbelieving spouses of believers are ‘holy’ (not saved) that their children can be holy, (1 Cor. 7:12-16.) 

Therefore, take heed to your spirit, and let none deal treacherously with the wife [or husband] of his [or her] covenant.”  Still, the temple priesthood, described in the Old Testament Book of Malachi, (who were the ones who robbed God of the Old Testament temple tithes and offerings in Malachi Chapters 2-3,) “covered the altar of the Lord with weeping and crying, because He did not regard their offering anymore.”  When they asked God the reason, God answered, “It is because I have been witness between you and the wife of your covenant, with whom you have dealt treacherously.  Yet, she is your companion and your wife by covenant…” 

Adulterers “destroy their own souls” or lives, not ‘merely’ the souls and lives of their spouses and children, (Rom. 1:18-32; 1 Cor. 6:19; Heb. 13:4; Jam. 4:4; Prov. 6:32-35.) 

Lev. 20:10-27, “The man [or woman] who commits adultery… the adulterer and the adulteress, [both male and female as well as their adulterating partners,] will surely be put to death… [for they have violated God’s holy marriage covenant and committed idolatry, witchcraft, dishonesty, infidelity, betrayal, destruction, and emotional murder on their spouses - and God’s punishment for murder commands a life for a life.]”  Jn. 3:15, “Whoever hates is a murderer… [and adultery, sexual molestation, homosexuality, etcetera, are hatred for God, the human race, spouses, children, and His creatures in general.]”  Left unrepented, “no murderer has eternal life abiding in him,” (Deut. 19:11-13.) 

“If a man marries a woman and her mother [both the man and the woman’s daughter] must be burned by fire… (Deut. 20:10-23.)  

“If a man takes his sister…  aunt… his brother’s wife [or her sister’s husband…] [they have committed incest…]” 

“The man who lies with his father’s wife… [either his mother or step mother] will be put to death.” 

God strictly forbade His kings such as Old King Solomon, and of course, the subject of these kings, to commit the dreadful sin of adultery through polygamy and other types of fornication.  Sadly, all the Old Testament kings and patriarchs continually violated these most important moral laws of God, setting a very evil example for both Old and New Testament believers.  God commanded in Deut 17:14-17, “The king will not…  multiply wives for himself, [as the pagans do,] lest his heart turns away; nor will he greatly multiply silver and gold for himself.” 


The unnatural union of “same sex partners” 

“If a man lies with another man [or a woman with another woman] they have committed an abomination and will be put to death…”  (Lev. 20:13.) 

Craig G. Lewis explains on his DVD ‘Hip Hop,’ ‘The Devil is [perverted and] homosexual by nature, because he is antichrist, anti-God, and anti-creation.  Satan could never make a human; [or anything else,] therefore he changes, distorts, and defiles [God’s creation] to take credit for himself.  Dan. 11:37 says that the antichrist [spirit] ‘does not desire women.  [Just as women do not desire men.] The devil does not want to procreate [in the way in which God commanded, ‘according to kind,’] which gives glory to the Creator.  He wants his own thing, which brings glory for himself and his own [perverted and distorted] image…  Antichrist is anti-creation; therefore, homosexuals [and all other types of fornicators,] are no longer the image of God.  The enemy wants the credit for their existence…”  Consequently, the sin of homosexuality was also punishable by death under the Old Testament dispensation, (Lev. 20:13.) 



It is believed that the pre-flood demons of lust and perversion, working through fertility gods such as Pan and Isis, started men’s sadistic, sexual and other abuse of human and animals.  These heinous crimes against the helpless, innocent creatures of God, (which Satanists commit as part of their inhumanely cruel, blood and other rituals to gain power from the devil,) also constitutes ‘going after strange flesh.’  Bestiality is also an unnatural union of unlike species.  As such, it too, was punishable by death under the Old Testament law, (Lev. 20:15.) 

Both the guilty person and the poor sexually abused animal had to die - which adequately explains why God decided to destroy both man and beast from the earth during the flood of Noah, (Gen. 6.)  I believe the reason why the innocent beast also had to die, was because animals too, learn by example.  Bestiality totally corrupts the mind of the poor, hapless animal, and others will follow this example. 



Someone remarked that “religion and sex are closely intertwined.”  This is true in the case of Roman Catholicism and all other churches, where fornication, adultery, homosexuality, etcetera run rife. 

Recently, an Evangelical pastor, in proclaiming “sacred sex” that buys “financial blessing and the anointing of the ‘holy spirit’” for those who have oral sex with him in church, promised that his “semen is holy milk.”  Another so-called pastor strips his congregation naked.  He also jumps on them “to demonstrate God’s power,” and stands on them to preach, while some lick his shoes.  In addition, he makes them eat grass “because Jesus can turn anything into food;” make them swallow live snakes; binds them with rope, and beats them under the frenzied applause of his huge congregation.  No wonder Paul called the following of such mad, abusive fanaticism “bewitchment,” or how else can one explain the fact that intelligent people actually allow (and follow) such demented psychopaths, believing them to be ‘spiritual leaders’ of God?’  (Gal. 3:1-3.) 

In “Religion and sexuality,” [‘Codes & Conspiracies,’ Discovery World, 28.4.2015,] it was said, “In the Greek temple of Corinth, the Greek temple goddess Aphrodite, [actually old Semiramis of Babylon, goddess of sex and fertility, which is venerated by Roman Catholics on St. Valentine’s Day,] once employed 1,000 servants to perform sex as a ritual to this “goddess of love.” [These were acts of ‘holy communion’ through these ‘nuns’ that were united with their gods and goddesses through ‘sacred marriage;’ providing a ‘spiritual link’ between men and women and these demons through their so-called ‘sacred’ sex rituals.  These sex rituals, in essence, were and still are acts of demonic worship.  To honor these demons, these prostitutes also held grandiose sex orgies, acting as ‘mediators’ between their temple attendees and fertility gods and goddesses.]  These were the sacred whores of the temples and elsewhere, [‘married sacredly’ to their gods and goddesses of sex and fertility.]  They also provided [paid] sex in tavernlike dwellings…” 

By the middle ages, the secret connection between religion and temple harlots reached all the way to the Vatican…  [who said,] “If prostitution were to be done away with, the whole world would be overcome by lust.”  So, church-ran brothels were set up to “dissway men from turning to homosexuality,” and emerged all over Europe, disguised as “places for moral improvement!”  “In 1409, bishop Johann Strasbourg built himself a brothel to help men “release their sexual energy.”  [The entire priesthood in Strasbourg frequented the brothel.  Some openly, others secretly under the guise of ‘moral inspectors!’]  The church was in many ways a [supplier] of prostitution… [These prostitutes were known as “celestial whores.”]  The church [allegedly] thought that the brothels would help “to get men interested in women and to help build up the population.”  In the 14th century, a church brothel known as The Abbey existed in Avignon, France, where prostitutes spent their days praying as well as servicing Christian clients.  This was so successful, that [homosexual pope Julius 11, said to have been another syphilis suffer,] established a ‘sacred’ bordello in Rome…  He made an ordinance that decreed that their profits to [the church] would comprise of half their earnings… and [then another tax was levied] to pay or their sins to be forgiven…  And so, both parties could keep prostitution in public.  Brothels helped spawn and grow Christianity…” 

Just as the pagan temple prostitutes who were ‘married’ to their gods and goddess became sexual ‘vessels’ or ‘mediators’ of demonic ‘love,’ Christian girls and women also became ‘nuns’ by allegedly ‘marrying’ ‘Jesus christ,’ and thus, ‘surrendering their sexuality to him.’ But directly after they “marry Christ,” they are taken to “the marriage chamber,” where priests wait to sexually assault them as their ‘brides.’  This was and still is merely a Christianized version of the age-old practice of ‘sacred’ temple prostitution.  Catholic nuns do not (and in fact cannot) surrender in this abominable way to the Real, All-Holy Jesus Christ of the Bible - Who Is Righteousness, Truth, and the God of all Morality!  (Jn. 13:34.) 

While the Catholic practice of ‘marrying christ’ is said to be “become the bride of christ” and ‘complete surrender to the church,’ this Christianized pagan concept and act remain spiritual, emotional, and physical satanic temple prostitution!  The true bride of Christ is the spiritual, personally believing, born again body of Christ and the temple of the Holy Spirit — not the nuns or other members of the Roman Catholic “Mother of harlots,” or the members of her ungodly, man-worshipping, harlot daughters, (Rev. 17:4-5.)     

The bishop of Winchester in England set out an entire suburb for ‘celestial’ church prostitutes, whom they called ‘Winchester Geese.’  [This is where the saying “my goose” originated among men.]  Syphilis-infected pope Sixtus was allegedly one of the first popes who legalized taxes on church prostitutes, which helped build Saint Peter’s Cathedral, among other things.  Pope John V11, a “self-styled” prince of Rome, turned the Lateran palace into a brothel.  (The Lateran palace was an ancient Roman Empire palace turned papacy residence.)  And so the list of Roman Catholic male and female whores grew throughout church history. 

Yuck!  Who would like to be called a Christian, bearing the name and image of this pagan prostitute temple, Christianized as Roman Catholicism, which also ‘reformed’ into the Lutheran, Calvinist Papacy of Protestantism and all its many Protestant branches? 

Paul commanded in 2 Cor. 6:14-18, “Do not be unequally yoked together with unbelievers, [unrepentant believers...] What accord has Christ with Belial, [the lawless one?]  And what agreement has the temple of God, [true believers,] with idols?  For you are the temple of the living God…  Come out from among them and be separateDo not touch what is unclean, and I will receive you…  (1 Cor. 6:9, 15-20,) 

“Do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the Kingdom of God?  Do not be deceivedFlee sexual immorality… Do you not know that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit Who is in you… (1 Cor. 3:17,) If anyone defiles the temple of God, God will destroy him…” 

Let us reject the incredibly false “once saved always saved” dogma, which is so popular in churches.  We must flee all immorality by totally repenting from it and completely avoiding it to live our lives as separated from evil unto holiness in God. 

To overcome all evil, we must not “touch what is unclean,” which means we must abhor sin so much that we are totally disgusted by it not enticed by it.  We must  emotionally die to sin to live in Christ.  We must totally reject and denounce sin, and constantly prayerfully fill ourselves with the Truth of God’s Word, (Gal. 2:20; Rom. 12:1-2.)