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Defending God’s Truth in Church Doctrine and Political History – Renette Vermeulen

Secret Societies Control the Rise and Fall of Empires

Renette Vermeulen






Doomsday is no longer a so-called “scary Bible hypothesis.”  Doomsday is a spiritual, scientific, and political reality.  Because God does not desire to crush our God-given free will, He will allow unrepentant, sinful humanity to destroy themselves – and according to Bible prophecy, to destroy even the earth itself, (2 Pt. 3:10-14.)  The God of the Bible will always remain in control of every person and everything in the universe.  However, history and scientific progress prove that His Scriptural warnings concerning His judgment on sinful humanity, (or actually, by allowing them to willfully self-destruct without Christ, Jam. 1:13-17,) are being fulfilled at an astonishing rate. 


 we all bleed red 2.jpg  Picture3.png               [Acknowledgement to those who compiled the photos and images in this study]




· Stalin, Hitler, America, and Germany were all in cahoots





· The Japanese Experiment

· “Now I am become death, the destroyer of worlds!”





The Kingdom-Now, Dutch Reformed theologian/politicians of the old South Africa, that Calvinist bastion of masons, the Afrikaner Broederbond regime, was an evil fortress, operating in South Africa.  As all masonic brotherhoods worldwide, they were part of the International Masonic Brotherhood (the Illuminati) from the very beginning of the birth of the Afrikaner nation.  No matter how many wars they supposedly plan and wage ‘against one another,’ the Brotherhoods of different countries are never divided in origin and aim!  Sometimes it seems as if these clandestine societies oppose one another, (as in capitalism and Marxism; east and west, Muslim and Judaism, Christian and Buddhism,) they remain committed to a common cause: the implementation of a despotic one-world socialist government.

While the Afrikaner Broederbond was supposedly working at political ‘salvation’ for white South Africans, General Jan Smuts and other members of the International Brotherhood were executing their own hidden agenda, which involved their eventual communist possession of the entire world.  (All masonic orders are racists, communists and evolutionists; working towards the globalization and complete control of the socialist One World Order.) 

Echoing Skelm (Sly) Smuts’ public declaration that the Afrikaner nation “has to be baptized in fire and blood [once more] before it can take its place among the [united] nations of the world,” mason Judge Farmer said after World War 1, “Again the world moves forward under a New Order…

[President Zuma and other politicians in South Africa also continually say they are “moving South Africa forward...” into communist destruction, undoubtedly.]  Only after a time of worldwide suffering from [constant communist] war could many nations be brought to detach their minds from local interests and seriously unite… to attempt some Great [Global] Reform…  The eternal principle of god’s fatherhood and man’s brotherhood… must be made the rock foundation of the New civilization, [made from post-communist destruction.  This is their creed “Ordö AB Chao,” or ‘communist order from communist chaos.’]  To this end all Masonic activity must be brought together…”

Apparently, the immense suffering of World War 1 did not completely fulfill the goal of establishing their one-world government through ‘fire and blood.’ 

Consequently, British (Illuminati) Winston Churchill declared war on Germany in 1939. 

The Second World War had begun

In alliance with the other masonic members of the United Nations, Churchill once again pushed the entire world into an era of unparalleled misery, death, chaos, and near-global destruction. 

It is interesting to note that all the key-players of the Second World War - through membership of the Illuminati and other masonic societies, were linked to the Universal Brotherhood of Death, America’s infamous Skull & Bones.  (We still see the skull-and-crossbones token of this fraternity on pirate flags, etc., to warn of their lethal influence on the world.) 

Anthony J. Holder and Jordan Cook wrote in ‘Millennium 2000,’ [available from AMC, Box 1122, Malibu, CA 90265,] “The Cabalist core of Skull & Bones wanted the Illuminati at the core of the Evil-elitists to maintain Albert Pike’s Masonic ‘purity of the Lucifarian doctrine,’ [which is the Illuminati/Masonic creed, fatherhood of god and [the masonic/communist] brotherhood of man.]  Bonesmen Alfonso Taft and William Russell established the German branch of the Brotherhood of Death.  The goal, as [Bonesman] President George Bush put it… was to bring about ‘a Thousand Points of Light… under a New World Order.’ 

“The millennium Bush was talking about, began on 1 Jan. 2001, the 1st day of the third millennium.”  This book also confirms that “Harriman, Thyssen, and Prescott Bush were Bonesmen supporting  of the [German] Fuhrer [“Leader”] Adolph Hitler.  Harriman, director of Union Banking Corporation of New York, was the major money source in underwriting Hitler’s holocaust.” 

And we all naively believed America and Germany were enemies during World War 2!   


Sidney Warburg also wrote in ‘Hitler’s Secret Bankers,’ “Jewish [Cabalist] bankers, who established Bolshevism, [Russian/Jewish Marxism,] assisted Hitler’s rise to power.  As Stalin was promoting National Marxism and the [Jewish] Cabalists had International Marxism in mind, they financed both Stalin and Hitler, knowing Hitler would attack Russia – giving Stalin a ‘legitimate’ reason to expand Marxism on a worldwide scale.” 

What incredible evil they had planned; placing billions of lives worldwide on the altar of their masonic, communist goat-god Baphomet! 

Dr. J. Landowsky wrote in ‘The Red Symphony,’ “Despite the ‘fall’ of the USSR, International Marxism continues, [creating the “global society” of the borderless Fourth World under the New World Order, with] Open Borders, Gay Marriage, the World Court, ‘Hate’ Laws, which suppress discussion, these are the signs.  They are all instruments of the [Socialist] World Government of the New World Order, [with its governing laws of  “humanist New Morality.”]  These are policies of the ‘New Left’ of Marxism.”

All the key players of World War 11, just as those of World War 1, were masons, illuminists, Bonesmen, or something similar — and of course, socialist communists!  On the face of it all, Hitler was in great enmity with the United Nations and freemasonry - just as his ally, Italian dictator Mussolini pretended to be.  Secretly, however, Hitler was not only financed and supported by Bonesmen, but also initiated into their Order and controlled by them as well.  Hitler’s occult Bavarian Thule Society paralleled American 33-degree freemasonry, which trained him in the deepest, darkest secrets of Skull & Bones, which was established in Germany by Taft and Russell.  Hitler even used ‘der Totenkopf,’ the skull-and-bones emblem, as the insignia of his dreaded S.S. Totenkopfverbände, the most feared overseers of his many death-camps. 

Dictator Mussolini of Italy, on the other hand, had connections with the Bavarian Illuminati and the Catholic-Masonic Italian Mafia.  Ironically, the International Syncarchist [Jewish] Cabal orchestrated Mussolini’s, as well as Hitler’s rise to power — and we may assume, their fall form power as well.  President Roosevelt of America was inaugurated into the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, Albany Consistory in 1929.

France’s President Charles de Gaulle had radical socialist-communist ties with mason Jean-Louis Dumesnil.  Recruited into French ‘Anti-Religious’ Freemasonry, De Gaulle was active in the French Resistance, which was affiliated with the masonic order ‘Rosicrucian Prieure de Sion’ (Priority of Sion.)  De Gaulle even adopted their Cross of Lorraine as the emblem of his Free French Forces.  What’s more, Charles De Gaulle, as his predecessors and successors, (such as Francois Mitterrand,) was supposedly born into the Merovingian-bloodline to become one of the clandestine ‘Merovingian kings’ of the world.  These ‘kings’ are allegedly quasi-mystical warrior-kings vested with supernatural powers.  It is said that they are the ‘physical descendants’ of Jesus and Mary Magdalene, who ‘married French and German royalty to produce the mystical Merovingian Dynasty’ – what antichrist blasphemy!  This royal, holy ‘bloodline’ allegedly produces ‘chosen,’ ‘purified,’ divine ‘god men’ – who become incarnations of the governing spiritual rulers of the world, the Hindu ‘Tibetan Masters of the Universe.’ 

Their so-called divinely “royal descendants,’ the Roman-Catholic, masonic Knights Templar, guard this ‘secret’ – which is the so-called ‘holy grail’ of Roman Catholicism.  Needless to say, this ‘holy-royal bloodline’ is closely linked to Eastern Mystics, (Hindus and Buddhists,) as well as to Hitler’s New Aryan Race, which he created from carefully selected parents in breeding camps.  These breeders had to produce perfect blue-eyed, blonde, healthy German children.  Those who were not perfect enough, were exterminated by Hitler’s henchmen as babies with ‘bad blood.’  This racial label referred to people like Jews and Gypsies, whom Hitler termed ‘undesirables’ - overlooking himself, the ‘ugly dark’ man, in the process! 

Fritz Springmeier wrote, “It may be hard to comprehend the awful power of the Masonic Forces that govern the world.  But Winston Churchill, [of Britain,] President Roosevelt [of America,] and Stalin [of the USSR/Russia,] were all freemasons.” 

John Daniel said in ‘Scarlet and The Beast, Vol. 1,’ ‘[The Jewish Russian dictator] Stalin was a Rosicrucian (Roman Catholic) mason.’  To confirm that such high-ranking evildoers belong to several overlapping societies at the same time, John Todd wrote, ‘Stalin was Illuminati.’ 


                                  Hitler and Merkel.png     Theresa-May-Angela-Merkel-688620.jpg  

Above from right to left: German politician Angela Merkel and Hitler, and Theresa May of Britain and Angela Merkel giving their masonic hand signs  


                                                                    Stalin hand sign.png  

[Acknowledgement to those who compiled the photos and images in this study]

Above second from the left: Note the brutal dictator Stalin in uniform, showing the whole world that he entered occultism and ceremonial magic through the right-hand path


In ‘The Masonic Ritual Murder of Tsar Nicholas 11,’ John Daniel described how, in 1917, the Zionist-Masonic-Communist Brotherhood slaughtered Russia’s Czar Nicholas Romanov and his whole family to take the USSR in a bloody Socialist coup d’état.  John Daniel neglected, however, to state that the Czar was also an Illuminist.  Although Czar Nicholas, and the Jews Lenin and Trotsky, worshipped at the same satanic altar, the Bolsheviks ‘did away’ with the Czar and his monarchy to set up their communist regime.  The reason?  The worldwide Communist Plan to set up an ultimate one-world government is always the bigger picture in all of these so-called political ‘mysteries.’  

The cruel Russian czar incomprehensibly oppressed his people, but by accepting the communist   teachings of revolutionists, the unsuspecting Russian people merely jumped from the imperial frying pan into the communist fire. [Another example of this bloody switch to Marxism is the French Revolution of 1799, when the brutal dictator of the Illuminati, Napoleon Bonaparte, set himself over France in a most inhumane coup d’état.]  From the Russian revolution in 1917, Bolshevism replaced nearly all the empires of Europe and their colonies because The Global Planners had decided that royal rule had to fall in favor of ‘communist paradises’ of desolation.  By extending socialism globally, they would eventually push all the countries of the world into the last and Fourth [One] World, ruled by the One World Order.  John Daniel explained, “Global communist expansion would tolerate some monarchs in symbolic position, such as the Queen of England, but not as dynastic rulers.  It was time for ‘the kings to die so that the people could rule,’ and socialism had begun to take the world by force.  Of course, ‘the people’ never rules.  Globally, communist despotism had proved itself a far greater oppressor than any other preceding type of rule.

The masonic Moscow government of later years revived Czar Nicholas’ insignia, the double-headed eagle, a symbol of the sun god, which also adorned Hitler’s swastika.  Freemasons Alexander Kerensky and Vladimir Shirinovsky also revered this insignia.  Ironically, Zhirinovsky battered Jews through his extreme anti-Semitic views, until he was exposed as a crypto Jew!  Russia’s Gorbachev, Yeltsin, and Putin, too, were freemasons.  During World War 11, [and to this day,] the Illuminati controlled Russia, Great Britain, Germany, America, and France.”

All the key-players of the United Nations, the so-called ‘Allied Forces’ of World War 11, were under command of the ‘all-seeing’ eye at the top of the Masonic pyramid, the Jewish Cabalist Sanhedrin.  Henry Makow confirmed in ‘Countdown to World War 11,’ “Hitler, Roosevelt, Stalin, and Churchill were all Illuminati.  They were all on the same side.  Humanity ignorantly slaughtering itself was on the other side.  John T. Flynn, writer of ‘The Roosevelt Myth,’ ‘While We Slept,’ and ‘The True Story of Pearl Harbor,’ attending a meeting in Washington DC in 1945, was shown a set of Micro Films and Recordings of the secret meetings at Yalta, attended by Franklin Roosevelt, Alger Hess, Harry Hopkins, Stalin, Molotov and Vinshinsky, hatching the plot to deliver the Balkans, Eastern Europe, and Berlin to Stalin.  A meeting, which Myron Fagan also attended.  Hence, Fagan wrote two plays, ‘Red Rainbow’ and ‘Thieves Paradise,’ revealing how these men plotted to create the United Nations to be the housing for a Communist One-World Government.  Fagan describes with documentary evidence how the Illuminati planned every war during the past two centuries, and how their agent to the USA, Jacob Schiff, established Marxism in America, controlling both the Democratic and Republican Parties…  The Nazis were intended to lose the war and Communists to gain control.  After the war, America’s Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, and George Bush continued that exact policy.”

The expansion of International Marxism was indeed the whole drive behind the mayhem of World War 11.  It is clear that in 1939, dreadful demonic reapers, called up by the masonic Brotherhood of Death, descended upon the war-torn earth, wielding mighty sickles of death and destruction.  The Global Planners viewed the Second World War as just another dark ‘experiment’ that would cost some 72 million human lives during a six year span of torture, starvation, dispossession, anguish, mutilation, and obliteration.

[‘The Nazi Legacy: Klaus Barbie and the International Connection,’ Magnus Linklater; ‘It’s A Conspiracy!’  Michael Litchenfield; ‘The Illuminati and the Council of Foreign Relations,’ Myron Fagan; Stalin’s Formal Marxism (Bonapartism;)  ‘The Merovingian Dynasty: Identity of the False Christ;’ ‘Secrets of the Knights Templar,’ Mystic Realms; ‘Top 13 Illuminati Bloodlines,’ Springmeier; ‘The Power of Prophecy,’ Texe Marrs.]