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The ancient Romans, Celts, and every other political system ran their great kingdoms on the doctrine of ‘king and god’ or actually, ‘king IS god,’ with uncapped “divine imperial rights” to do as he pleases.  So, in Roman culture, the Roman Emperor was ‘dues pater’ or ‘[god the] holy father.’  This is known as the doctrine of Theosis or Patriarchy.  Because monastic power always drives politics, the high priest, priestess, and priests were also gods who ruled their many kingdoms-of-god-here-on-earth as ‘god’ in combination with their ‘divine’ monarchs, (Rev. 13 & 17,)

Another great step in the initial formation of the church, (the counterfeit of Jesus’ body of believers and their informal assembly the ‘ecclesia,’) was to Christianize the sacrilegious doctrine of Theosis to mean, “divine Christian kings and priests.” (1 Pt. 2:9-10 explains that all true believers are the spiritual kings and priests of Jesus, the Only, Eternal High Priest.) 

In direct defiance of Jesus’ commandment in Mt. 23:9, “Do not call anyone on earth your [spiritual] father; for One is your Father, He Who is in heaven,” Roman Catholic so-called ‘saint’ Augustine declared the Roman Catholic pope ‘royalty;’ (the king of the entire church system,) and then deified or officially ordained him as ‘deus pater;’ ‘holy father’ or ‘god on earth.’  Next, he expanded the doctrine of Theosis to ordain all the ordinary Catholic ‘priests’ as well, calling them ‘god fathers’ through their so-called “deification by the grace of Christ.” What the Vatican actually did, was to turn the pope into a false Jesus, the king of church,’ and father god, supposedly ‘the creator of the universe;’ simulating the pagan sun god.  Because the entire Catholic priesthood serves in this “divine priesthood,” it is the Roman Catholic custom to call their priests “Father.”  

The Roman Catholic self-styled ‘church father’ Athanasius declared, “God has made man that we might become gods.” ‘Saint’ Jerome said, ‘We are [physical] divine sons of god,’ or god in the flesh.  Sadly, this is exactly as Pentecostal Charismatics and secretly, all other Christian church clergies too, view themselves. 

To justify this satanic distortion of the humble servanthood of Christ’s ecclesia or ‘called out assembly of believers,’ ‘Augustine taught that Jesus’ first followers or disciples such as Peter and Paul were the ‘god fathers’ of all the ‘holy fathers,’ the Catholic popes.  And so, he exalted papal ‘godfathers’ to a level where they rule with absolute ‘divine authority’ over their Christian churches and the Christian countries they make in combination with ‘divine’ monarchs.  This church distortion of Scripture turned ordinary disciples such as Peter and Paul into the ‘infallible holy god-fathers’ or the first ‘infallible popes’ of the Catholic priesthood.  Consequently, Theosis exalted these ‘saints,’ [the whole ‘infallible,’ ‘divine apostle,’ ‘holy father,’ Christian Brotherhood,) high above the ‘laity’ or ‘ordinary’ church members; the other “little christs or gods.” 

In reality, there is a huge difference between these so-called ‘god-saints’ and true saints of Scripture, who are all those who personally believe in Christ, accepted Him as God and Savior, and follow Him in obedience to His Scriptural commandments such as the true water baptism of disciples and His Moral Law, (Eph. 2:19 KJV; Jn. 13:34; Rom. 1:1-7.) 



During the Reformation, the covert Mary-and-sun-god masonic worshippers Martin Luther and his associate, William Tyndale, (the translator or the Tyndale-Bible,) the translators of the King James Bible, as well as all the other Reformers such as John Calvin, accepted the idolatrous doctrine of Christian Theosis as an fundamental part of their Protestant religion.  Hence, we see generations of Catholic and Protestant Christians reverently fearing their ‘royal and divine’ clergies of all types; forgetting Who The Truth, Life, and Way really Is, (Jn. 14:6.) 

In 1604, King James, standing firmly on his ‘divine monarchical rights,’ insisted that his translators of the Bible into high English, must re-engineer specific Scriptures to firmly fit the Episcopal or hierarchical structure of church governance into the Bible.  In this way, he established his divine authority, complimented by the divine church authority of the priesthood that also ruled over the newly established Church of England.  (King Henry V111 set up this Protestant sister of the Roman Catholic Church because the Vatican would not allow him to divorce his wife to “marry” again.  He had six wives whom he divorced and executed as the pleased.)

King James also insisted that his translation of the Bible must reflect the sacramental church ordination of ‘holy orders’ among the ‘bishops,’ which clearly mirror the ‘ordained’ or ‘divine’ clergies of the Roman Catholic Church.  One can only imagine how many words and phrases of the original Scriptures, which explain the form and function of the humble body of Christ, were remanufactured to Scripturally establish King James’ pagan, Christianized church governance.  E.g., where we read “bishop” in the Bible, we must know that church post originated from Roman Catholicism. Where we see “church” in the New Testament, we must remember that this word replaced the meaning and word “ecclesia;” the gathering together of Jesus’ disciples.  And where we find the word “Christian,” we must understand that this word replaced Jesus’ blood-redeemed  body of “believers” or The Followers of the Way, (Acts 9:2.)

Additionally, we now know how ‘Paul’ could schizophrenically say in one breath that “women must be saved in childbearing,” while  declaring in another breath that spiritually in Christ,there is neither male nor female.” 

Blasphemous and completely unacceptable as this demonic tampering with the Word of God is, it also proves that even those evil clergies and their demonic kings could not nullify the contextual Truth of the Holy, Everlasting Word of Jesus, (Mt. 24:35; Mark 7:13.)  It is just impossible that Jesus could lie when He promised His Words will never pass away.  For those who seek Him in the “entire truth” of His Word, the Bible will always be real, God-breathed “bread and living water” from heaven. 


The Catholic/Protestant church-Christian “elect are the only ones for whom Jesus died” 

John Calvin, the cruel ‘pope of Geneva,’ still teaches ‘from beyond the grave’ when this church clergies lie by saying that “Christ only died for the elect;” or the ‘divine’ members of his Reformed churches, (Jn. 3:16.)  As a result, the so-called “uncorrupted Texus Receptus,” the King James Version of the Bible that saw the light in 1611, (which is actually just another corrupted text as seen in the passage above,) still speaks ‘Roman Catholic’ where it states, “The Gospel According To [the deified Catholic] Saint Matthew ...Saint Mark …Saint Luke …Saint John.” 

All the church fathers and their priesthoods of both Catholicism and Protestantism disseminated the doctrine of Theosis.  Wikipedia Encyclopedia declares in ‘The Truth About Theosis,’ “Early during the Reformation, thought was given to the concept of union with Christ (unio cum Christo) as the precursor to the entire process of [church-doctrine, not Biblical] salvation, and [progressive church-ceremonial] sanctification.  This was especially so in the thought of John Calvin.  Theosis as [an unbiblical] concept is [also] used among Methodists [and other masonic based, Calvinist Reformed Churches such as the NG and NH…] Protestant Theosis implies the doctrine of entire sanctification, which teaches… “sinless [human] perfection”… as Wesley described it.” 

Truth is that at the moment of the spiritual, Scriptural rebirth through personal faith in Christ, every sincere believer’s human spirit become completely holy or ‘sanctified.’ However, the believer’s ‘mind’ or thoughts must still be transformed (or systematically reborn) through real knowledge of and obedience to the Truth of Scripture, (1 Ths. 5:23; Rom. 12:1-2.) 

Wikipedia continues, “[These churches] might not use the term “Theosis” at all, though they refer to a similar concept by [their distorted view of the ‘process’ of] sanctification.  Dietrich Bonhoeffer echoed [so-called ‘saint] Athanasius when he wrote, "He has become like a man, so that men should become like him.”  [‘The Cost of Discipleship, 301’]

These false Roman Catholic doctrines, which were accepted into Protestantism, prove that the Lutheran creed, “Sola Scriptura” is a deadly lie.  The truth of Scripture was definitely not the basis of the Protestant Reformation.  This also reminds us of modern Christian-Theosis preachers or ‘little god’ blasphemers such as Kenneth Copeland, Benny Hinn, Kenneth Hagen, John Avanzini, Herbert W. Armstrong, Morris Cerullo, and all the Pentecostal/Charismatic Promise Keepers such as South African preacher Angus Buchan

Kenneth Hagen declared, ‘Man… was created on terms of equality with God…  That’s who we are; we’re Christ!’  Copeland said, ‘Of course we’re gods... Satan conquered Jesus on the cross… and tortured Him in hell… where Jesus was an emaciated, poured out, little, wormy spirit…’ [Supplement reading: ‘Christianity in Crisis;’ Hanegraaf; ‘Augustine and Neo-Platonism,’ African Christianity; ‘Augustine of Hippo,’ Wikipedia.]