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The Black Pope, Ignatius of Loyola, (leader of Catholicism's fighting order, the Jesuits;) pope John Paul the second, and the Protestant Reformer, (freemason/Rosicrucian) Martin Luther; all give a hand-on-the-heart sign, pledging allegiance to their masonic god, Baphomet. 

[From ‘Ignatius of Loyola,’ Wikipedia; ‘Christian News;’ ‘Pope John Paul 11 Visits America: A Celebration in Pictures;’ exposed by Texe Marrs, ‘Codex Magica.’]


2 Cor. 11:13-14, ‘For such are false apostles, deceitful workers, transforming themselves into apostles of Christ. And no wonder!  For Satan himself transforms himself into an angel of light.  Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also transform themselves into ministers of righteousness, whose end will be according to their works.’



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Anton Bosch wrote in his article, ‘The King James Only Controversy,’  “The word [CHURCH] appears (singular and plural) 113 times in the New Testament and derives from the Greek word “ekklēsia”. Without going into much detail the word must be translated as “congregation” or “assembly”. It refers to any gathering of people whether Christian or not. The word “church” very obviously is a religious word and in the context of Romanism and Anglicanism [AND PROTESTANTISM!] means either the Roman church or the Anglican church [OR THE PROTESTANT CHURCH.]   Only twice did they translate the word correctly (Acts 19) and that because the reference was to a pagan assembly of people. 
Not only is this an imposition of their doctrinal view on all readers but it has forever tainted our understanding of what the “church” really is. Had they translated the word without preconceptions we would have understood that the assembly is not a building, a system or organization but a gathering of the Lord’s people.
Once again the translators purposely sought to obscure the Word rather than make it plain.”



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During the years that followed the Flood, the descendants of Noah became many nations, (Gen. 10:32.)  Still completely corrupted by their sinful nature, which they inherited from Adam and Eve, they quickly reverted to their pre-flood ways.  This time, they constructed the immensely wealthy and powerful dynasty of ancient Babylon. 

Gen. 11:1-4, “The whole earth was of one language and of one accent and mode of expression…  And they said one to another, ‘Come, let us build us a city, [a temple] and a tower, [Christianized by Catholic-Protestant masons as church steeples,) that reaches into the sky, and let us make a name for ourselves, lest we be scattered over the whole earth.’”    


The Babylonian temple (Gen. 11) was the ‘house of god’ 

As reported in the study of masonic orders, Babylon’s Nimrod, Semiramus, their son Tammuz – (the cosmic christ, who was supposed to have been the dead Nimrod ‘re-incarnated’ - the origin of the St. Valentine’s Day feast,) and their priesthood, constituted the first post-flood, Masonic Brotherhood of sun worship on earth.  Through them, and the ‘anti-creational’ atrocities they committed, (such as ritual temple sex with demons,) Satan introduced a ‘second’ post-flood breed or species of ‘Nephilim’ (giants) to the earth.  Gen. 6:4, “[After fallen angels married women,] there were giants on the earth..  And also afterward…  [After Noah’s flood.]”  

These post-flood giants were the spiritual descendants of the pre-flood giants, [Gen. 6:1: “nephîyl/nephil nephiyl (Strong's H5303). Giants, the Nephilim. Noun masculine.”] In the time after Noah left the ark, those Nephilim also became, (like their predecessors in Gen. 6:1-4,) a strange, spiritually, emotionally and physically perverted race of ‘NEPHîYCîYM;’ a hierarchy of “temple guardians and  servants,” who served the idolatrous temple itself as ‘the house of god.’  In ancient Judaism, these guardians and servants were known as Nethinim (Nathinites or Nathineans) (Hebrewהַנְּתִינִים‎‎, "the given ones.")” 

These post-flood spiritual ‘giants’ became the first ‘generations of divine conquering kings’ (Gen. 6:4) on the earth after Noah’s flood,  (Gen. 10:9-12,) who would bring about the global ‘resurrection’ of ‘the former world of the gods,’ or the pre-flood religion of Pan and Isis, with all its Satanic rites, ceremonies, and revolting rituals, which incurred the wrath of God on pre-flood humanity and all the animals on land.  They became the first religious government to build and keep an elaborate temple for their gods, merging religion and politics. 

This parliament-temple was the dwelling-place or ‘house’ of their gods, where the Nephîycîym initiated devotees into the satanic mysteries of their religion.  There, they gathered to worship, and to render legalistic, ceremonial, orgasmic, and ritualistic services to their gods. 


The Tower was the peak of perversion

The Babylonian Tower was not just a magnificent, manmade structure.  The political beast from the sea and the religious beast from the earth have always been in union, (Rev. 13.)  Thus, the Tower of Babel, as the universal icon of sun, earth, or phallic worship; (temple prostitution, sex with demons, homosexuality, and bestiality,) was humankind’s first attempt to set up a totalitarian one-world order under the rule of the ‘sun-god,’ (the false, perverted, so-called ‘creator’ god) Lucifer.

The Tower, (or masonic church steeple,) which represented, and still represents, the interbreeding of unlike species as described in Gen. 6:1-4, actually united all the different nations of the post-flood world under the banner of Lucifarian worship.  It symbolized the satanic union of everything and everyone God had separated unto Himself, (Gen. 1:22-28.)  It signified Satan’s distortion of God’s holy requirements for humankind, (Gen. 3:1.)  Thus, The Tower became the zenith of satanic perversion, featuring the upon of all humanity under Satan worship, (2 Cor. 6:14-18; 1 Cor. 10:21.)  [These towers always signify masonic worship, and the erect male phallus as the ‘giver of life.’  Masonryin all its forms is essentially a sex cult.  Their most prominent sign, the compass and square, is the symbol of the sun god in perpetual sexual intercourse with Mother Earth.]   


Sun worship spread when God confused their languages 

Babylonian politics and religion, adopting various forms of the same religion, spread on a global scale when God “confused their language and scattered them abroad from there over the face of all the earth.”  All forms of political oppression sprung from that great Babylonian civilization of Lucifarian worship.  Moreover, all religious Kingdom-Now religions, such as Buddhism, Islam, Judaism, religious Christianity, etc., flowed from that poisonous well.  That is why there are several similarities in all religions worldwide.  The so-called similarities of other religions with the Word of God, is because Satan knew a lot about what God would do in the years since the fall in Eden, (Gen. 3:15) and he is always ready to replicate everything God has done and promised to deceive people and lead them astray before God’s truth unto salvation can reach them. 

The building of temples quickly became the essence of religious-compulsive behavior after the dispersion at the Tower of Babel, resulting in the building of unbelievably expensive, highly industrious, and inconceivably idolatrous temples with accompanying high steeples.  (Just think of the Egyptian pyramids of sun worship, (2780 B.C.,) the temples in northern Burma, (AD 1044,) the vast religious complex of Angkor, (12th century AD,) the Buddhist temples of Java, (8th century AD,) the Mayan temple of Tikal, AD 700, and so on.) 

“Some noted philologists have declared that a common origin of all [peoples and] languages cannot be denied.  Max Mueller said, ‘We have examined all possible forms which language can assume… and [we can] reconcile the origin of human speech,’ as all forms of language came from Babylon.’”  – [Footnote, Amplified Bible.] 



In the years after the Genesis creation, Satan actually succeeded in twisting, corrupting, and distorting God’s original creation by introducing an interspecies of giants.  Not tall men, but actual giants.  Thus, phallic worship in all its various forms, (which represents sun worship and it’s Gen. 6:1-4 interbreeding of unlike species,) was and is, especially revolting to God. 

From here on, we will focus on the spiritual ‘giants,’ who became the spiritual offspring of the vile union between God’s truth and Satan’ deception, as Jesus prophesied in Lu 17:26-29, ‘As in the days before the Flood…  Likewise as it was also in the days of Lot… so also will be the coming of the Son of Man...’ 

Through Satan’s corruption of nearly everything that God had created so very good, we are witnessing the same type of Babylonian union of all people worldwide through the English language - ‘the mouth like that of a lion.’  The lion is Britain’s coat of arms, (Rev. 13:2.)   

We are also witnessing a worldwide surge in political/religious masonic orders, which disseminate Babylonian sun worship on a global scale.  The world is indeed speeding towards the most evil culmination of the ‘days of Noah… and of Lot,’ just as Jesus had warned. 



In Rev. 17:1-6, John told us about the religious harlot, ‘riding’ the political system of this world, and prophesied in Rev. 18:2-5, ‘Babylon the great is fallen...’  Verse 9-20, ‘The kings… will weep and lament for her…  And the merchants of the earth will weep and mourn over her, for no one buys their merchandise anymore…  gold and silver, precious stones and pearls, fine linen and silk… every kind of object …  and bodies and the souls of men…’ 

Note that all these atrocities are sustained by religion, and as the writers of the Bible were not concerned about other religions, these Scriptures focus on false, soul-devouring, Christian religion! 

The “love” of money is the embodiment of the spirit of self-worship, self-sufficiency, and idolatry, which is a root of all evil, (1 Tim. 6:10.)  It is their love of money, then, that solidifies the sick relationship between politics and religion, because lots of money means lots of power.  As a result, even early religious systems such as Judaism could ‘ride’ or steer Pontius Pilate to crucify Jesus.  Judaism could lawfully and publicly stone Stephen; arrest the disciples of ‘The Way,’ drag them forcibly from their homes, incarcerate them, and instigate Emperor Nero to abysmally torture, behead, and crucify the innocent disciples of Jesus. 

During the 1st century A.D., the harlot in the form of Judaism did indeed become ‘drunk with the blood of the saints (the) martyrs of Jesus,’ and bought, owned, and sold ‘the bodies and the souls of men.’ Judaist and Imperialist (or political) persecution, however, was just the beginning of the harlot’s destructive force, which she began to unleash upon ‘the called out assembly’ of Christ during the first century A.D. 



Fairy Godmother (or Mother Mary) and her fairy ring 

The ancient Celts and Druids, as all other pagans, were the spiritual descendants of the post-flood temple-makers, the Babylonian Masonic Brotherhood of sun worship.  As spiritual ‘Nephilim’ and ‘Nephîycîym;’ (giants and temple servants, akin to the physical demon/man giants of Gen. 6,) they, too, sacrificed humans and animals, and ‘went after strange flesh’ such as temple prostitution, homosexuality, and sex with demons, at specific ‘holy’ places, demarcated by the temples or ‘houses’ of their gods.  They were active Satanists without sound minds or human morals.  The Satanic creed, ‘Do what thou whilst is the whole of the law,’ applied to every aspect of their lives.  These pagan ‘giants’ truly embodied the violent spirit of the ‘fallen ones’ who were the ‘terror in the land of the living’ in a time before Noah’s Flood, (Gen. 6:1-5.)   

During a pre-Christ age, (6 century B.C.E.,) the cruel rites of the Celts and Druids struck even the brutal Roman pagans with dread.  Still, their mystic rhymes and rituals quickly captivated them.  As they mingled in marriage and in politics, their religions also fused together.  Eventually, the Romans accepted Celtic and Druidic beliefs and rituals. 

Mac Culloch wrote in ‘Religion of the Ancient Celts and Druids,’ ‘The Druid word ‘circle’ means ‘a ring.’  Circle is the root word in ‘circus,’ and it was [and is] used in Druidism to signify a ‘fairy ring.’’ 

The circle is all-important in fairy culture, where it portrays endless friendship, as a ring is round and has no end.  Thus the circle of friends, holding hands and dancing or even praying together, actually depicts a fairy ring, which is demonic fellowship. 

Fairy Godmother, the Druidic goddess in the centre of the fairy ring, is also Queen of all the fairies, pixies, elves, imps, goblins, and gnomes – sprites or spirits of the underworld.  The Fairy Queen and her fairies and elves are not fables, but actual demons.  This so-called ‘mother’ is simply another manifestation of that old snake that deceives the whole world, ( 1 Jn. 5:19.)  


Fairy Godmother’s circus ring 

The hierarchical way in which this goddess structured her temple worship, truly mimics a circus ring.  Here, in the centre of the ring, you have the high priestess and high priest, surrounded by the rest of their hierarchical priesthood.  Together, they perform perverse religious ceremonies in the limelight of the “inner”  ring, while the majority of inconspicuous spectator-workers or religious slaves in the “outer” ring look on.  The pagan spectators in the outer ring have virtually no other role than to cheer, chant, obey their rulers - and slavishly offer up their ‘bodies and souls,’ (Rev. 18:13b,) lives, possessions, money, and time to the dictates of their ungodly hierarchy.  Comparing these religious meetings to a modern circus ring, one could easily mistake the performances of these hierarchical rulers as secular entertainment, were it not for their evil doctrines and rituals, and the strong demonic charge in the atmosphere. 


The body of Christ versus the Church Circle 

Jesus, however, did not structure “The Way” (Acts 9:2) in the form of a fairy or circus ring, but in the form of a human body - Jesus’ body.  In addition, every one of His members is a necessary, active part of His body, (1 Cor. 12:4-31.)  One thing is certain, Jesus’ first believers, the disciples or followers of The Way were not known as “the circle,” but as the ecclesia or ‘called out assembly’ of the Body and Bride of Christ. 


The word ‘church’ did not exist 

The Greek meaning or word for ‘circle’ or ‘circus,’ in reference to the body of Christ, was never used in the original writings.  The word and meaning of “church” is not in the Bible.  During the latter part of the 1st century A.D., however, the first church fathers of Roman Catholicism slowly began to Christianize the pattern of the circus or fairy ring, and invented a new word - the word ‘CHURCH’ - to describe their fairy-circus ring religion. 

The incredible, proven truth is that in Jesus’ day and during the early years of the original ecclesia, the word ‘church’ did not exist, just as the word “Christians” (members of Roman Catholic Christianity,) did not exist, (Acts 22:4: 24:14; 11:26.)  According to Strong’s Concordance of the original Hebrew and Greek, Jesus declared in Mt. 16:18, “On this rock I will build My body of believers [not ‘church…’]” 

‘Inthebeginning Ministries,’ hosted by Curtis Hall, confirmed in ‘Church is not in the Bible,’ ‘Our English translations have the word "church" in several places, but based on the original Greek language of the New Testament the word rendered as "church" and our English word church are not related at all…  In tracing the word "church" back to its earliest [Roman Catholic] recorded occurrence, we learn it came from a Greek word meaning "of the Lord" (Kyriako) - however, the earliest written record of Kyriako was more than two hundred years after Jesus’ twelve (apostles) died.  People used it of the building in which [third century, Roman Catholic] Christians met for corporate worship, Kyriako doma, or "house of the Lord…" 

“The first place that we find the word "church" [in the Gospels] is in Matthew 16:18 where Jesus is speaking to Peter…  The Greek word ecclesia {ek-klay-see'-ah} translated here as "church" (as it is in 115 places in the New Testament) would have been better translated as "assembly [of believers]" or "congregation…" ‘Vine's  Expository Dictionary of Biblical Words,’ an Expository Dictionary of New Testament Words with their Precise Meanings for English Readers, copyright 1985, p. 102, does not provide a Greek word for "church."  Instead, we find "assembly and congregation," because the [original] writings simply do not contain the Greek word for "church…" 

“The Greek root of our English word ‘church’ isn't used in the New Testament as "church.”  It’s not there.”