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The Black Pope, Ignatius of Loyola, (leader of Catholicism's masonic fighting order, the Jesuits;) pope John Paul the second, and the Protestant Reformer, masonic Martin Luther; all give a hand-on-the-heart sign, pledging allegiance to their god, Baphomet. 

[From ‘Ignatius of Loyola,’ Wikipedia; ‘Christian News;’ ‘Pope John Paul 11 Visits America: A Celebration in Pictures;’ exposed by Texe Marrs, ‘Codex Magica.’]




2 Cor. 11:13-14, ‘For such are false apostles, deceitful workers, transforming themselves into apostles of Christ. And no wonder!  For Satan himself transforms himself into an angel of light.  Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also transform themselves into ministers of righteousness, whose end will be according to their works.’



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It is reported that the word  “church replaces [either the “body of Christ” or] the “assembling together of believers” 115 times in the New Testament. (I did not count it myself.)   Every time we read “church” in the Bible, it is a falsification of what should have been written there.  The word “church” actually means “fairy or circus ring.”

Neither the word “church” nor the notion of “church” as a religious institution and a system of religious entertainment, (as clearly seen in church gatherings,) exist in the real context of Bible truth. 

Where we see the word “church” in the Bible, it is actually the Greek word “ekklēsia,” which should have been translated as “congregation” or “the assembly of believers.” 

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The Babylonian temple (Gen. 11) was the ‘house of god’ 

God declared in Gen. 6:4, “[After fallen angels married women,] there were giants on the earth...  And also afterward…  [After Noah’s flood as seen in many references in the Old Testament.]”  Babylon’s ‘divine’ king Nimrod, Semiramis, their cosmic christ or sky god Tammuz, and their temple priesthood constituted the first post-flood, Masonic Brotherhood of astrologers and sun/earth worshipers on the earth.  Through them, and the anti-creational atrocities they committed and commanded, Satan introduced another species of ‘Nephilim’ or ‘fallen angels’ to the earth, which again resulted in real, human giants.  Old Israel’s many encounters with these mighty giants are well-documented in the Old Testament, (Num. 13:32; Deut. 2:11, 20; 3:11-13; Jos. 12:4,;15:8; 17:15: 18:16.)  

These post-flood giants were similar to the pre-flood giants, “the mighty men of old; men of renown,” (Gen. 6:4.)  Spiritually, they also resembled the Babylonian pre-flood giants.   [Gen. 6:1: “nephîyl/nephil nephiyl (Strong's H5303). Giants, the Nephilim. Noun masculine.”] 

During the time after Noah left the ark, this new generation of Nephilim also became, (like their predecessors in Gen. 6:1-4,) a strange, spiritually, emotionally, and physically perverted race of ‘Nephîycîym;’ a formidable hierarchy of “temple guardians and servants,” who served the idolatrous temple itself as ‘the house  [or dwelling place] of their god.’ In ancient Judaism, these guardians and servants were known as Nethinim (Nathinites or Nathineans) (Hebrewהַנְּתִינִים‎‎, "the given ones.") - [Wikipedia.] 


Nephîycîym; spiritual Babylonian church servant giants 

God destroyed the old world of Noah with water because of the demonic, fornicating filth that flooded the earth, (Gen. 6 & 7; 2 Pt. 2:4-5.)  And because this incredible evil was resurrected after the flood, God broke the universal language of sun-and-earth worshipping humanity into pieces at the Tower of Babel to disperse them all over the world, (Gen. 11.)  God incinerated the anti-creational homosexuals, lesbians, transgenders, and other fornicators of Sodom and Gomorrah with fire and brimstone, (Rom. 1:26-32.)  In various forms, Babylonian religion was practiced through the ages.  But now, as seen in every aspect of secular life and particularly in Christian churches, it is skyrocketing towards it’s ultimate climax of demonic evil and deception.  Jesus solemnly warned against this great wickedness, prophesying that the end of the end-times just before His return will “be like Noah and Lot,” (Mt. chapter 24.)  This time, at His return, God will judge all these wicked ones and totally destroy the proliferation of all this most inconceivable evil by cremating the whole earth, (2 Pt. 3:10-14.) 

It was always very desirable to have these mighty, godlike giants as kings, priests, law enforcement officers, and guardians, despite the fact that phallic worship and the awful political and religious practices that accompany it, was extremely revolting to God.  Did anything about this pagan temple religion change when Jesus’ first disciples exchanged “The Way” for a physical temple/church and a physical hierarchy of spiritual Nephîycîym or physical temple servants to lord over them?  No, everything just  became worse over time, as evil always begets greater and greater evil, (Acts 9:2; 19:23; 22:4; 24:14; Acts 11:26.)

It is not today’s physical giants we must be wary of.  We must watch out for the spiritual ‘giants,’ who became the spiritual offspring of the vile union between God’s truth and Satan’s deceptive demon worship as seen in the worldwide church system.  Because of the Roman  Catholic Church and all her harlot daughters’ union with demonic entities to empower themselves, they too, “have become giants on the earth like the mighty men of old; the men of renown.”  Through their bloody Christian crusades and most inhumane inquisitions, and the persistent spreading of their false church doctrines and pagan temple forms and norms, the Christian church conquered great portions of the earth in the name of their false king and god

So, Jesus was not condemning extremely tall people as seen on the previous page, as “He so loved the whole world that He gave [Himself as eternal sacrifice in the place of every person, who would personally choose to be saved through faith in Him,]” (Jn. 3:16.)  Jesus was referring to the specialized demon worship that personifies the gigantic evil of Satanism, which combines physical political rule and temple religion in Christianity, as well as in all other politics and religions.  This type of evil is called the Kingdom-Now theology, and it is the complete opposite of Jesus’ Spiritual Kingdom in the hearts of personally, Scripturally born again believers in this world, (Jn. 18:36; 1 Cor. 6:15-20.)


A New Babylonian, one-world, unifying language

Through Satan’s corruption of nearly everything that God had created so very good, we are now witnessing the same type of Babylonian union worldwide before God, at the Tower of Babel, confused humanity’s oneness in evil by breaking their one-world language, which powered their one-world order, into many different languages.  As a result, He dispersed them all over the earth, (Gen. 11.) 

This time, we are facing a union between all the many nations worldwide that came into existence after the Babylonian dispersion, and the way political and religious giants are herding them all into a “Global Village” under the tyrannical control of a “new” One World Government and One World Religion

Currently, the whole world is being unified through the English language - “the mouth like that of a lion,” (Gen. 11; Rev. 13:2.)  Not coincidentally at all, the lion is Britain, and in fact,  Europe or the entire West’s coat of arms. There is no doubt that English is the unifying language of the resurrected Babylonian world of sun-and-earth worship.  No matter where you live in the world, all of humanity is being tutored in the English language. 

We are also witnessing this worldwide union through the mighty surge in political/religious masonic orders, which are disseminating Babylonian sun/earth worship on a global scale, to place every single person in the whole world under the control of their One-World government, (Rev. 13:8.) 



In Rev. 18:9-20, John prophesied ultimate doom over this religious harlot in the form of the gigantic religion of Babylonian Christianity, which is ‘riding’ the gigantic political system of the entire world.  He declared in Rev. 18:2-5, “Babylon the great is fallen…”  Verse 9-20, “The kings… will weep and lament for her…  And the merchants of the earth will weep and mourn over her, for no one buys their merchandise anymore…  gold and silver, precious stones and pearls, fine linen and silk… every kind of object …  and bodies and the souls of men…”  This means, Christian religion, politics, and the economy of the West will fall to be replaced by the Islamic religion, politics, and another type of economy from the East, as we are witnessing worldwide in our day

Note that all these atrocities mentioned in Rev. 18 were and are sustained by religion.  The “love” of money is the embodiment of the spirit of self-worship, self-sufficiency, and idolatry, which is one of the primary roots of all evil, (1 Tim. 6:10.)  It is their love of money, then, that solidifies the sick relationship between politics and religion, because lots of money means lots of power. 

As a result, even early religious systems such as Judaism could ‘ride’ or steer Pontius Pilate to crucify Jesus.  Judaism could lawfully and publicly stone Stephen; arrest the disciples of ‘The Way;’ drag them forcibly from their homes, incarcerate them, and instigate Emperor Nero to abysmally torture, behead, and crucify the innocent disciples of Jesus, (Acts 9:2; 22:4; 24:14; 19:9, 23.)  But from this prophecy of Rev. 18 and according to the money markets of our day, “money” itself will be replaced by the cashless, totalitarian ‘empowerment’ of the most terrible religious/political dragon from the East, (Rev. 13:2.) 



Fairy Godmother or Mother Mary, ‘the mother of god,’ and her church ring 

The ancient Celts and Druids, seafaring Vikings, and nomadic Germanic people were regarded as “barbarians” by the Romans.  However, all these pagans, including the ‘sophisticated’ Romans, were descendants of the post-flood temple-makers, the Babylonian Brotherhood of sun/earth worship. These  ‘Nephîycîym’ or temple-servant giants, Romans included, were sun-worshipping astrologists that also “went after strange flesh” through temple prostitution at specific ‘holy’ places; demarcated as the ‘houses’ of their gods.  Mostly, the temples of these “barbarians” were open circles of standing stones from where they practiced astrology.  Their temples encapsulated the religion of their sun and sky-gods, (moon and stars,) and earth (nature) worship.  Sun and earth worship also structured their father-god, patriarch societies and their fairy godmother, fairy ring culture.  They too, were active Satanists, who firmly established themselves in history by their gigantic religious/political exploits in the known world.  They adhered to the Satanic creed, ‘Do what thou whilst is the whole of the law.’  These pagan ‘giants’ also embodied the violent spirit of the ‘fallen angels.’  Thus, they  were the ‘terror in the land of the living’ in a time before and after Noah’s Flood, (Gen. 6:1-5; Gen. chapter 11.)   

During that pre-Christ age, (about 6 century B.C.,) the cruel rites of the Celts and Druids sent shivers down the spines of even the brutal Romans, but simultaneously, their mystic chanting and strange rituals captivated them.  As they mingled in marriage and in politics, their veneration of astrology fused them together. 

· Mac Culloch wrote in ‘Religion of the Ancient Celts and Druids,’ “The Druid word ‘circle’ means ‘a ring.’  Circle is the root word in ‘circus.’” 

A circus ring is a circular place of entertainment.  It has always been a rich breeding ground for bizarre things, magic acts, and entertaining demonic practices.  We see the same design and purpose of the circus in the circular Greek and Roman sports arenas; mimicked by ancient and modern churches.  The Greek and Roman amphitheaters were temples where crowds were entertained by ecstatically watching the slow torture and drawn out death of human and animal blood sacrifices to their gods.  This circular design was [and still is] used in Druidism and many other religions to signify a mystical ‘fairy ring’ temple in open nature, which functions as a witches coven. 

The circle is all-important in Druidic and other fairy culture, where it also portrays endless friendship, as ‘a ring is round and has no end.’  Thus the circle of friends, holding hands while dancing, chanting, or praying together, actually depicts a fairy ring, or a fairy temple, where the demonic fellowship of witches takes place.   


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Above first row from left A standing stone temple.  A circus tent.  The ruins of a Roman amphitheatre. 

Above second row  from left: A modern sports arena. A classic round church. A modern outdoor church.


Fairy Godmother, (the mother of a god, Mother Earth or Mother Nature,) is the Druidic goddess in the centre of the circus and the mystical temple of the fairy ring.  This “god mother” or “mother of god” is also queen, protector, and provider of all her subjects — the “little gods” of the fairy world; the fairies, pixies, elves, imps, goblins, and gnomes – the sprites or demonic spirits of the underworld. 

In structuring the Christianized version of the circus/fairy ring temple, the church, Godmother Mary became a clear representation of Fairy Godmother.  Mary is the temple/church mother goddess of all Christianity.  Therefore, it is a Catholic custom that every child that is sprinkled or supposedly ‘baptized’ into Roman Catholicism, must have attending ‘substitute parents:’  a ‘god father’ and ‘god mother’ that will take care of the child in case the child is orphaned.  So, the Fairy Queen or mother goddess and her “little gods,” the elves and fairies, are not fables, but actual demons, that were Christianized as the members of the Christian Church, ( 1 Jn. 5:19.)  

It is certain that the Mary of the Bible was not a ‘god mother’ or the “mother of god” in any way.  Neither is she the female giant at the center of Jesus’ assembly of true believers or in Christian Roman Catholicism.  She was the humble human being Mary, who had the immense privilege to birth the human Man Jesus.  The Divinity of her son Jesus’ never changed her into a divine person.  She too, had to believe His Gospel and personally accept Him as her Lord and Savior to be spiritually born again, and to be indwelt by His Holy-Spirit, (Heb. 7:3.) 


Fairy Godmother Mary’s hierarchy of ‘elves and fairies’ function in her circus/church ring 

The way in which the pagan fairy goddess structured her temple worship truly mimics a circus ring - and the entire Christian church system is merely a copy of that circle.  Here, in the centre of the ring, we have the perverted, spiritual giants or temple servants in the form of the high priestess and high priest, surrounded by the rest of their hierarchical priesthood.  Together, they perform their religious ceremonies in the limelight of the “inner” ring, while the great majority of mostly inconspicuous spectator-worker ‘elves and fairies’ or religious slaves in the “outer” ring, enthusiastically applaud and, under the spell of their priesthood, participate in their demonic works and orgies. 

The spectators in the outer ring of this circus fairy ring, “bewitched” by the supernatural entertainment of their ungodly priests, have virtually no other role to play than to cheer, chant, and obey these Nephîycîym temple giants, who lord over them.  Totally brainwashed to do their bidding, they slavishly offer up their ‘bodies, souls,’ (Rev. 18:13;) lives, spouses, children, possessions, money, and time to the enticing dictates of their fairy-ring system. 

These demonic meetings in the circus/fairy ring are made extremely believable by their brainwashing doctrines, captivating religious rituals, and the strong demonic charge in the atmosphere, which Christian followers ignorantly mistake for the “anointing of the Holy Spirit.”  (Continue)