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New Age Masonic Flat Earthers, Science and Technology Phobia, and what God’s True Word and Real Facts actually say 


Renette Vermeulen


DECLARATION: Some people think it is irrelevant what flat earthers teach, as it supposedly does not impact the lives of believers.  Well, the Lord Jesus Christ constantly warned we must be careful that "NO ONE deceives us," (Mt. 24:6,11,23-28,42.) FLAT EARTHS DREADFULLY ABUSE GOD'S TRUE WORD, (JESUS CHRIST IS THE WORD,) to 'sustain' their deceptions, (John 1:1-14.) They also attempt to 'recreate' God's entire universe to model their “square/flat place” as planets allegedly “do not exist."  What they do to Jesus’ blood-redeemed souls should concern every real believer!  To believe lies about God, His Word, and His creation is dangerous and must be exposed to warn people! (Ezk. 3:16-19! Eph. 5:11.)

I am not willing to base my beliefs on the conclusions of MASONIC ORDERS that steer false dogma in politics and religion, (Christianity included,) NASA, PSEUDOSCIENCE, ‘CREATION SCIENCE/ANSWERS IN GENESIS,’ (WHICH OMIT, ADD TO, AND TWIST GOD’S SCRIPTURAL TRUTH TO TEACH EVOLUTION,) THE MISINTERPRETED SCRIPTURES OF THE ‘FLAT EARTH BIBLE,’ and other ILLOGIC ABSURDITIES.  (1 Ths. 5:21-22! 1 Jn. 4:1-4!) 

This study is based on GOD’S TRUE, SCRIPTURAL, CONTEXTUAL WORD and LOGIC UNDERSTANDING, which will undoubtedly prove what is true and false about the shape and functions of the earth.  God commanded us to “clearly see and understand” Him through the work of His hands, (Rom. 1:18-20.)  So, He allowed humans to design the ‘SuperStem2’ microscope, (among other beneficial things that impact our world,) which can magnify a super-tiny atom 20 million times; emitting a 5-millimetre wide picture of an atom.  To illustrate this magnification, someone explained: “If we could magnify a man 20 million times, he would be able to hug the whole earth in his arms!”  Now think of the magnitude of the Hubble and Web telescopes — and still deny that astronomers, who use natural, ground based optical telescopes, cannot see into space, (which  is allegedly also non-existent,) to understand the universe as far as possible — which is the true, “scientific” study of the motions, positions, and sizes of sky objects.”  If we only study the universe LOGICALLY by clear observation, we do not have to resort to ‘pseudo-science’ to understand it. 


   round earth 2.jpg    flat earth circle.jpg  four corners of the earth 2.jpg  four corners of the eaarth.jpg


   Acknowledgement to everyone who compiled and published these images


ROUND” MEANS:  A “CIRCLE, globe, ball, ring, bubble, orb, orbit, sphere…” 

ABOVE ON LEFTThis image of the global earth depicts the “CIRCLE” of Isaiah 40:22 perfectly from either the bottom, top, or sides.

SECOND FROM LEFTThe first image proves, the ‘flat [micro-universe, solid-dome] earth’  is not a life-sustaining ‘circle.’  Without a core, at what thickness will one drill through the flat earth?  What about earthquakes, which would destroy its “wall of ice that dams the oceans?” 

SQUARE” MEANS:  “four-sided figure, piazza,  bourgeois, quadrangle...” 

SECOND FROM RIGHTFlat earthers also LITERALISE God’s ALLEGORICAL referral to “THE FOUR CORNERS OF THE EARTHto shape-shift their ‘DOMED DISK’ INTO A ‘SQUARE.’  Supposedly, “planets such as earth, space, and outer space do  not exist;” only the “DOMED DISK/SQUARE PLACE” that supposedly constantly “surges upwards into dark nothingness.”

 ABOVE ON RIGHT: LOGICALLY AND PRACTICALLY, A FLAT ROUND DISK IS COMPLETELY IRRECONCILABLE WITH A FLAT SQUARE, and if space does NOT exist under its “IMPENETRABLE ROUND DOME,” “THE FOUR CORNERS” outside the “dome” would disintegrate.  What’s more, the real God-created “GREAT LIGHTS,” [THE SUN AND MOON: Genesis 1:16,] would be so close without space under the ‘dome,’ the heat would make life impossible on a flat earth. 

►► IT IS LOGIC AND UNDERSTANDABLE THAT “THE FOUR CORNERS OF THE EARTH” MEANS ‘THE WHOLE EARTH,as they are GOD’S CARDINAL DIRECTIONS: ‘East, West, North and South.  However, flat earthers moved the North pole to the middle of the flat place, and re-created the South pole into a round ‘ice ring’ wall around the ‘place’ that ‘keeps in the oceans.’   So, without gravity, North/South Pole magnetic fields, and cardinal directions, navigation on the “STATIONARY ROUND/SQUARE FLAT PLACE” would be impossible.  Yet, most, if not all of them still use the existing navigation instruments we all use on the global earth that God created for us! 



Flat earthers focus only on ONE verse in Genesis Chapter One totally uncontextually when they refer to their ‘impenetrable, dome firmament:’ Genesis 1:6However, in Genesis 1:3-5, God FIRST made light on the dark earth TO SEPARATE Day and Night, (evening and morning.)  Secondly, GOD CLEARLY DESCRIBED HOW HE MADE THE FIRMAMENT AND TOLD US EXACTLY WHAT THE FIRMAMENT IS.  Genesis 1:6-8, “He made the firmament IN THE MIDST OF THE WATERS TO DIVIDE THE WATERS [on the earth] FROM THE WATERS [above the earth, just like He DIVIDED the light from the dark.  So, there are] WATERS UNDER THE FIRMAMENT [on the earth; the oceans and ground water,]  AND ABOVE THE FIRMAMENT, [the atmosphere, weather, etcetera.] Verse 8AND GOD CALLED THE FIRMAMENT ‘HEAVEN [OR SKY,’] and it was evening and morning the second day.” 

►►►The actual firmament, “Heaven,” (the sky not His dwelling place in the spirit world,) is the boundless, literal but gaseous atmosphere that stretches from the ground and beyond the firmament to where literal but untouchable space begins.  Now on a flat earth, is it possible that there can be waters, (even oceans as some allege,) above a solid dome firmament ‘cap’ on a flat earth, while “the place,” (planets  supposedly do not exist, ) is allegedly “constantly sweeping up into utter nothingness?” 

No, “water above an “impenetrable dome” would mean there has to be another atmosphere in “nothingness,” which is impossible!  NOTHING CAN EXIST IN NOTHINGNESS!  Psalm 19:1-4 concurs, “The HEAVENS, [not an impenetrable dome,] declare God’s glory [as] the firmament [or endless sky] shows His handiwork…” through what we can see and understand of the ATMOSPHERIC SKY, (Genesis 1:8.)  THE FIRMAMENT OR SKY IS “IN THE MIDST OF THE WATERS” beneath it on the ground and above it to where it reaches non-atmospheric space! 

Genesis 1:20, “...LET BIRDS FLY ABOVE THE EARTH ACROSS THE FACE OF THE FIRMAMENT [OR THE ATMOSPHERIC HEAVENS!]”  It is impossible that birds can fly as high as a solid dome ‘firmament’ over a flat earth, which encapsulates its re-created ‘little’ sun and moon like a tub?  Well, God “MADE TWO GREAT LIGHTS and the stars and set them IN, [not on,] the firmament or the boundless sky, (Gen. 1:16-17!)  IF birds could fly even among a domed-in “little sun and moon,” they would certainly be instantly cremated. 

►►► Totally illogical assumptions such as the impenetrable domed, disk/square flat earth flourish because people do NOT simply read God’s Word for themselves.  That is why people also believe other far-fetched lies about the firmament, which MASONIC ‘scientists’ like Isaac Newton, Vial, Darwin, Baugh, and Answers in Genesis/Creation Science concocted.  ALL OF THESE THEORIES ARE GROSS SCRIPTURAL AND NATURAL DISTORTIONS, which lead people to THE EVOLUTION THEORY, while they ignore “HEAVEN” OR THE SKY; GOD’S VERY CLEAR NAME FOR THE FIRMAMENT IN GENESIS 1:8.  If only people would read these three verses for themselves to flee from the great “flat place” deception!  

Flat earthers even allege that REALITY DOES NOT EXIST, which nullifies the existence of their domed/square/disk, as physical earth and everything literal on it cannot exist in ‘imagination and dark nothingness.’  Still, the non-existent “flat disk/square place” does not only contain God’s entire universe under its solid dome.  Even God’s spiritual heaven and the rest of the spirit world are contained under that ‘firmament-dome’ according to the flat earth mason Tyler Doka, who proudly calls himself “Jesus Christ!”  He falsely “illustrates” his lies with “hundreds of verses about the firmament” and everything else, which he randomly and totally uncontextually collects throughout the Bible. 





           flat earth 1.jpg      flat earth 3.jpg


[Acknowledgement to those who published these images; night line in particular] 


ABOVE ON RIGHT: The “GRAVITY AND NAVIGATION DEPRIVED,” “STATIONARY” YET “UPWARDS SWEEPING,” (an impossible contradiction,) universe-encapsulating, domed-in ‘place that looks round but is also square,’ with the North Pole in it’s center, and the literal continent of Antarctica or the South Pole, which was magically re-created’ into surrounding “walls of ice that keep in the oceans.”  How do the oceans and everything else stay on that flat, square/domed “place” without gravity?  Will everything not float weightlessly around while water floods the whole domed tub?  Oh, they say that “THE CONSTANT UPWARDS PROPULSION OF THE STATIONARY PLACE,” [ANOTHER IMPOSSIBLE PARADOX,] does the trick. 

ON LEFTThe stars are missing, but the TWO  SMALL, LOOSE, NON-ORBITAL LIGHTS are contained with the rest of THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE UNDER THE IMPENETRABLE DOME on a STATIONARY, UPWARDS SWOOPING ‘PLACE.”  This is the ‘re-creation’ of even God’s “LARGE SUN AND MOON,) WHICH HE PLACED “IN” [not ‘on top of’] THE  FIRMAMENT [OR THE  ENDLESS HEAVENS,] TO DIVIDE THE DAY FROM THE NIGHT, AND TO BE FOR SIGNS, SEASONS, DAYS, AND YEARS,” (Gen. 1:14-18.)   The dreadful consequences of a ‘loose, erratic, little sun and moon,’ floating without direction under a solid dome is that the “evening and the morning” or Night and Day, time, and seasons, which God created, would be nullified! 

All these true Scriptural and literal facts again confirm that the firmament is the SKY and that the flat sound/square “place” cannot exist at all!  


  flat 1.png  flat 2.png  flat earth 3.jpg    


[Acknowledgement to the people who published the images in this study]


ABOVE ON LEFT AND MIDDLE:  While gaining numbers, the “flat square/disk place” hypothesis cannot explain even a few simple questions.  If the oceans might overflow the ‘ice walled’ flat domed/square/disk, (THEY SAY THE ‘ROUND’ DISK ALSO HAS “FOUR LITERAL CORNERS as seen above,”) where will all the water, (actually “oceans,”) go in the ‘dark nothingness’ or in ‘outer space that does not exist,’ and how will the water that is lost be replaced on that ‘upwards swooping place?’  Additionally, what about “the waters under and above the real “firmament” as stated in Genesis 1:6-8, which they ‘re-created’ into a ‘solid, universe-containing dome over the place;’ making it into a tightly sealed tub?  As the firmament (or solid dome) IS IN THE MIDST OF THE WATERS,  would the waters UNDER the firmament not reach to the ‘solid dome,’ which will turn the ‘flat place’ into a massive fish bowl?” 

ABOVE, ON RIGHTTotally illogically, flat earthers placed the ‘iced over’ North Pole in the middle of their map of the squashed, domed globe; the WARMEST spot on that “place,” while the squashed South Pole ‘circles the disk as a wall of ice to keep in the oceans’ – although the South Pole is actually a well-known, well-visited, literal place on the continent of Antarctica!  I wonder what a mess these guys made of Geography at school!  Oh yes, everything they learnt throughout their whole lives was seemingly a lie!  That is why they are now manufacturing their own truth by ‘re-creating’ God’s entire universe as well as His dwelling place in heaven.  Their refusal to answer these simple questions logically and as “we can clearly see and understand” as God commanded in Romans 1:18-20, results in unbiblical unintelligence and illogic impracticalities

The unrealistic, unbiblical literalism of a flat disk/square place is the nasty opposite of the spiritualization of the entire Bible as seen in the masonic Apostolic Movement.  More than that, flat ‘placers’ state, “THE EARTH ITSELF AND NOTHING ABOUT IT IS REALITY!”  Old, New, and other Apostles state, “The Bible is not a reality; Scripture must be spiritualized to enlighten our natural minds!”  So, “places” like the throne of God and His footstool the earth “reside in enlightened Apostolic minds.” Conversely, flat earthers turn their ‘flat place’ under their solid firmament or dome, into the literal footstool of God, which, ironically, is simultaneously a so-called [spiritual] ‘place’ (something that does not physically exist,) which contains the whole [non-existent] universe, (Acts 7:44-50.)  This is allegedly so because ‘planets do not exist.’  So, earth itself must be a spirit place if it does not physically existTHIS “MAGIC TRICK’ TURNS LITERALISM INTO SPIRITUALISM AND VISE VERSA.  So, even a superficial look at flat-earth dogmas compel me to warn, “This might be one of the most deadliest masonic controlled, New Age cults of the last of all times!” 

  flat 6.jpg     flat 10 eclipse.jpg   flat 11.jpg   flat 9.jpg     

[Credit to those who produced and published these images above and down below]


ABOVE FROM LEFT: ROMANS 1:20: Trust your eyes and brains guys: the earth is a globe!  How will we see the breathtaking views of the sunset on a flat earth where a tiny sun disappears in broad daylight into the distance?  We can never find better proof that the earth is a globe than the sunset, sunrise, and sun and the clear lunar eclipses!  In the three crescent moon photos above, one can clearly see the ring of the earth on the moon.  I have watched this myself numerous times!  Just as God’s said in His Word, OUR OWN OBSERVATION OF NATURE tells us the TRUTH! 


flat face of the moon.jpg     flat southern cross.jpg            north star.jpg       flat star of bethlehem.jpg  



ABOVE FROM LEFT:  THE MOON THAT ORBITS EARTH ALWAYS HAS IT’S FACE TOWARDS EARTH, NO MATTER FROM WHERE ON EARTH WE LOOK AT IT!  This is impossible where their loose ‘little moon and sun’ randomly fly around inside the dome of their ‘stationary’ flat–disk/square-solid-dome ‘place!’  (Gen. 1:14-19.)  What happened to the real enormous sun that slowly rises over the horizon in the East, and remains the same gigantic ball that “moves” across to the West where the same huge ball “sinks” over the horizon; except at the North and South Poles of planet earth?  It doesn’t grow smaller as it disappears in the ‘distance’ on a ‘flat earth.’  No rocket science needed here; only eyes that see and a logic mind to process all the inarguable evidence that earth is a globe, which rotates on it’s axis and orbits the sun while the moon remains in tandem with the earth through gravitation that actually exists!  This is exactly what God commanded us to do, (Rom. 1:18-20.) 

NEXT:  Factually, the Southern Star constellation can only be seen from the globe’s curvature in the Southern hemisphere.  The Southern Star constellation always guides everyone to the real South Pole in Antarctica.  This is impossible on a flat disk, as ‘South’ does not exist. 

NEXT: The Polaris or North Pole Star at the top of the globe’s curvature can only be seen from the Northern hemisphere.  This is also totally impossible on a flat disk as “the place” does not have “poles” or hemispheres!  Amos 5:8, “GOD [literally] MADE THE PLEIADES [seven stars cluster in the North] AND THE ORION,” which is on the bulge of the Earth’s curvature, the equator.  For this reason, The Orion is visible globally! 

ON RIGHT:  Flat earthers moved and erased even God’s star constellations!  Yet, GOD GUIDED THE MAGI IN MATTHEW 2:7-9, BY “THE STAR IN THE EAST THAT WENT BEFORE THEM…” Even ancient astronomers used the natural star constellations in space to navigate!  Still, flat earthers know better than God, His True Word, and the wonders of His creation, which “we can clearly see and understand!” (Rom. 1:20.)  So, they take people back to days “before” Genesis and logic thought, which must have been while they “still evolved into humans and lived in caves!”  And no, I do not believe in evolution!  But their ‘de-evolution’ into unscientific, illogic barbarism is so bad, it either comes from the utterly unintelligible source of evolution - or from a supernatural intelligent, hyper deceptive source: the father of all lies


As seen from the beginning of this study, flat earthers are notorious abusers of the Truth of God’s Word.  That’s why they even wrote their own “flat earth bible!”  They take real Bible verses grossly out of context and apply them ‘literally’ to their dogmas  and also ‘spiritually’ as it pleases them, to deny the reality of astrophysics, science, technology, and even natural phenomena such as space,  outer space, sunsets, and sun and lunar eclipses. This is how they allegedly ‘prove’ that the entire “global earth theory is an Illuminati hoax, executed by NASA.”  (NASA is not the only government space agency that exists!)  Even worse, they say that the things that God says “can be clearly seen and understood,” are not authentic! (Rom. 1:20.)  What can be wrong with flat earthers?  Well, in short, they are New Agers, with roots in masonic orders and Hippie/Hillbilly cults

· That is why they reject God’s Logic and Reality in favor of illogic pseudoscience, (Rom. 1:18-20.)  Whether they are aware of it or not, they are actually into ‘spirit science’ and parapsychology.  That is the only way they can so unscrupulously conjure up all those totally illogic things that cannot exist in this realm, and then palm them off onto unsuspecting people as ‘proven science,’ although they seemingly never mention the spirit world.  They also magically turn literal matter such as the earth itself into “a place,” or “the [spiritual] universe” in New Age lingo!

· New Ageism is actually the Hindu/Buddhist doctrine of “Maya,” on which Nazism was also modeled.  Maya means, ‘This physical dimension and everything in it is only an illusion.’  This is exactly what flat earthers say.  ‘Physical Reality supposedly messes up or trap consciousness,’ and “creates bondage to the factual world, preventing the unveiling of the true, unitary self — the cosmic spirit known as Brahma, which is the concept of ‘transcendent and ultimate reality,’ [Wikipedia.]  Thus, Maya is allegedly “the power by which the universe become manifest [when everyone realize they are universal gods with a universal consciousness;] which is the appearance [or illusion] of the [New Age] world.” 

· This is why flat earthers try to turn allegorical language from the Bible into physical matter like the ‘flat earth disk’ and vise versa.   All their confusing terms and jumping between reality and fantasy constitute pure New Age thought, where the “spirit world is more real than the physical world,” and so material reality supposedly does not exist!  Now if “reality does not exist,” how can their flat disk/square be real?  That is why they say it is not a planet but ‘a ‘place.’ 

· They also say the moon does not exist, although they depict something like it in their models.  Lunar eclipses are allegedly caused by a “mysterious shadow object” and not the physical shadow of the earth, which no one can “clearly see and understand.”  Why don’t they identify their “mysterious shadow object?”  They do have telescopes, don’t they? They thought up their spooky “shadow object” because, if they could place their so-called “flat disk/square place” between the sun and the moon, they would have to confess that the earth must be a moving, rotating globe to cast a round shadow on the moon, right on queue while it orbits the stationary sun!  Is it then coincidence that the Illuminati-ruled Messianic Judaist, Israeli Timeline adherents with their falsifications of the Old and New Testaments, are some of the greatest supporters of the ‘flat earth’ theory?   



We find God’s opinion on the flat-earth debate in Romans 1:18-21, which state, “The wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who suppress the truth… [about God Himself, His creation, and His True Word,] because what may be known of God is… shown to them.  For since the [literal] creation of the world, [as described in Genesis 1:1-31,] His invisible attributes are clearly seen; being understood by the [physical] things that He made, even His eternal power and Godhead, so that they are without excuse [to make up their own stories about the Being of God and His creation.]” 

Of course, their ‘flat, round/square ‘place’ allegedly also have ‘LITERAL FOUNDATIONS,’ as also said in Job Chapter 38. The context of this passage in Job is God’s extensive argument with Job, NOT a description of how the Lord literally created the earth!  Even if one ignores the fact that this too, (just as Jesus’ parables, ) is an allegory, the context of Job Chapter 28 too, centers on God’s omnipresence, omnipotence, and omniscience compared to the limited strength and understanding of Job!

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