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New Age Masonic Flat Earthers, Technology Phobia, and what God’s Word and Facts really say 

Renette Vermeulen




flat earth 1.jpg      flat earth 3.jpg

[Acknowledgement to those who published these images; night line in particular] 


Above from left:  The totally unscriptural “two little, loose or non-orbital lights,” the sun and the moon, circling the edges of the stationary disk under an atmospheric dome against a ‘dark universe,’ (Gen. 1:16.) 

Next:  The North Pole in the centre of the disk, with the continent of Antarctica or the South Pole changed into “ice walls that keep in the oceans” 


 Subjects in this study

· How flat earthers take Bible verses out of context to conform God’s Word to the ‘unbiblical literalism’ of their “Flat Earth bible

· The Flat Earth Agenda: The Masonic New Age ‘Mother Earth’ and ‘The Golden Age

· Daniel chapters 7,8,9,10,11; 12:4, “Seal [these prophesies until the time of the end… when knowledge shall increase…” 

· Knowledge has never increased like we witnessed since the turn of the nineteenth century, (1899-1902

· A terrible example of the dangers of fixating on things beyond our control; science and technology phobia, and fear mongers 


· The dire consequences of New Age pantheism or the worship of nature according to the Truth of God’s Word 



We find God’s opinion on the flat-earth debate in Romans 1:18-21, which state, “The wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who suppress the truth… because what may be known of God is… shown to them.  For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes are clearly seen; being understood by the [physical] things that He made, even His eternal power and Godhead, so that they are without excuse [to make up their own stories about God and His creation.]”  If there is one thing that confirms that the God of the Bible, (Who became a physical Man in the flesh of the Lord Jesus Christ,) is absolutely real, it is the observance of the material or literal work of His hands — which we can “clearly see” on earth, and from earth in the sky, (John 1:1-14.)  E.g., the ‘SuperStem2’ microscope can magnify a super-tiny atom 20 million times, emitting a 5-millimetre wide picture of an atom.  So, how can anyone argue about clearly seeing into the galaxy?  No real science or pseudoscience here, just concrete, logic observationTo illustrate the wonder of this type of magnification someone explained, “If we could magnify a man 20 million times, he would be able to hug the whole earth in his arms!” Now think of the magnitude of the Hubble and Web telescopes — and still argue that astronomers cannot clearly see into space to understand astronomy — “the physical, scientific study of the universe, especially of the motions, positions, sizes, composition, and behaviour of astronomical objects,” [Thesaurus.] 


Here follows the proof that flat earthers are shamelessly abusing the most basic interpretations of Scripture and God’s Creation Principles, which are “clearly seen and understood.”  However, thank God; the truth of everything is always in the context of His Word – and in logic and practice

1. Flat earthers start their flat “place” theory, (they say planets do not exist,) by abusing a once-off Bible verse, (Isaiah 40:22,) to justify their belief that the earth is a “round disk.”  The truth is that the context of Isaiah 40:22 does not focus on the shape of the earth.  In this verse, God compared finite humanity who dwell on the earth to Himself as the Creator of the universe!  “[From Isaiah 40:17,] THE NATIONS BEFORE HIM IS AS NOTHING…  TO WHOM THEN WILL YOU LIKEN GOD?  TO WHAT LIKENESS WILL YOU COMPARE HIM?  THE WORKMAN MOULDS AN IMAGE AND OVERSPREADS IT WITH GOLD… TO PREPARE A CARVED IMAGE... (Versus 21-22,) HAVE YOU NOT UNDERSTOOD FROM THE FOUNDATIONS OF THE EARTH [OR BEGINNING?]”  This allegorical language means it is impossible for humans to understand the details of how God made the earth and structured the universe!  Verse 22, “FOR HE WHO SITS ABOVE THE CIRCLE OF THE EARTH SEES ITS INHABITANTS [AS] GRASSHOPPERS…”  It is as clear as daylight that this passage is not about a so-called ‘flat disk place.’  It is about the Ever-present Creator God’s incomprehensible omnipotence and omniscience!  Verse 22 speaks of how high God is exalted above His earth where humans live!  But if one really needs to draw a conclusion about that “circle,” it is more likely, from what we can “clearly see and understand” in nature, that He looks down on the top of a round ring, which can just as well be a globe!  It is totally illogic to reject the visible “roundness” of the sun, moon, and planets to make earth into a ‘flat disk.’  Why would the God of order destroy His arrangement of the universe like that?   

2. Their flat, round disk allegedly have literal foundations, (Job Chapter 38.)  However, the context of God’s extensive argument with Job is not a description of how He created the earth.  That too, centers on God’s omnipresence, omnipotence, and omniscience compared to the finite strength and understanding of humanity!  In arguing subjectively about the literal formation of the foundations of the earth, they actually defy the Creator God Who stated that no human being can ever tell how He created the earth!  Hence, this Flat Earth argument is just as worthless as the “big bang” theory!”  God actually said in Job 38:4-13, “[YOU THINK YOU ARE SO CLEVER,] NOW DECLARE IF YOU UNDERSTAND: WHERE WERE YOU WHEN I LAID THE FOUNDATIONS OF, [OR BEGAN TO CREATE] THE EARTH?  Of course, everything that was made has a foundation, cornerstone, (a first primary foundation stone,) a beginning, or a framework.  Nothing, (either physically, emotionally, or allegorically,) can be constructed without a beginning.  But to abuse the Scriptures to fit them into the formation of a co-called ‘flat disk earth,’ is simply satanic.  God actually said to Job, “I LAID OUT THE [METICULOUS CONSTRUCTION BY] MEASUREMENTS Of THE EARTH.  [BUT TELL ME IF YOU KNOW:] TO WHAT WERE ITS FOUNDATIONS FASTENED?” GOD ACTUALLY SAID, ‘HOW IS EARTH SECURED TO IT’S FOUNDATION OR FRAMEWORK?  NO HUMAN BEING KNOWS!’ 

3. Their flat disk allegedly also literally “stands on four pillars.”  They try to use the first chapter of the Book of Genesis to confirm this statement as literalism, but here, the Real Bible, (not the ‘flat earth bible,) does not mention “pillars of the earth” at all!  Additionally, in the Book of Job and elsewhere, God clearly speaks allegorically about humanly incomprehensible things, as proven above.  E.g., “PILLARS THAT TREMBLE WHEN GOD SHAKES THE EARTH” logically refers to earthquakes, not physical pillars!  To justify their wild notion that the ‘flat disk literally stands on “FOUR,” pillars,’ (“four pillars” does not exist in true Scripture,) they are busy with things no human can know, as seen above where God admonished Job in Chapter 38:4-13!  Seeing that they are into literalism that excludes clear “observation” and “understanding” as Paul explained in Romans 1:18-20, no clear thinking person can accept the illogic belief that a “round, flat disk” literally has “four corners” and literally “stands on four pillars,” while at the same time, it has “nothing underneath but literally moves continually up into empty space that literally does not exist.”  Why would their flat disk need “pillars to stand on” while it constantly speeds upwards into “nothingness?”  How can earth “literally stand” on “nothingness?”  Answer: they are simply playing New Age mind games by turning allegories into illogic literalism and vise versa, to confuse and control gullible people who do not search the Scriptures or think for themselves.

4.  Ancient Babylonians thought the earth was a squashed globe (a disk) with hollowness underneath, floating in the ocean.  With the flat earthers’ thoroughly iced over ‘north pole’ in the middle of their flat earth disk on their equator, their model of earth is really just the Babylonian squashed globe.  So, they do not  have ‘south’ on their map, as there is “nothing” underneath their North Pole.  The entire continent or land mass of Antarctica was allegedly changed and spread out in a so-called “ice wall” around the edges of the flat disk, to supposedly keep in all the mighty oceans!  But in Genesis 1:9-10, GOD SAID, “LET THE WATERS UNDER THE HEAVENS, [on the surface of the earth,] BE GATHERED TOGETHER IN ONE PLACE, AND LET THE DRY LAND APPEAR;” AND IT WAS SO.  AND HE CALLED THE DRY LAND ‘EARTH,’ AND THE WATERS THE CALLED ‘SEAS.’”  No “walls of ice” here to “dam up” the oceans! In this context, God asked Old Job, “[...IF YOU ARE SO CLEVER, TELL ME,] WHERE WERE YOU WHEN I FIXED MY LIMIT FOR THE SEA AND KEPT IT BEHIND BOLTED GATES... AND BARS AND DOORS?”  (Job 38:10.)  How can anyone take God’s argument with Job literally?  When the sea “bursts it’s boundaries,” earth experiences the awesome might of tsunamis!  It has nothing to do with “surrounding walls of ice” or literal bars and doors!  “Bursting banks” is a natural phenomenon of the sea, rivers, and other water sources.  God spoke figuratively, (like the Man Jesus also did in the parables,) to illustrate His marvelous creation in human terms for Job to form a picture of how well-planned and meticulous He created the earth.  However, ignoring facts and True Scripture, flat earthers say no one has ever been to the ice wall or seen it, because “NASA  guards it!”  Now I wonder, why didn’t people fall or sail off the disk before NASA existed?  And what about the expeditions that go to Antarctica or the South Pole all the time? 

5. To justify their “re-creation” of earth, the oceans, the sun, moon, stars, and the rest of the cosmos, flat earthers abuse Genesis 1:3-5 TO SAY THEY DO NOT NEED THE “TWO GREAT LIGHTS;” THE SUN AND MOON, AS DESCRIBED IN GENESIS 1:14-19, BECAUSE ON THE FIRST DAY, GOD MADE LIGHT/DAY AND DARKNESS/NIGHT WITHOUT THEM.  Wow, even a little child can understand that without the physical sun, everything on earth will die and the physical moon will lose it’s light, as “clearly seen” during a sun and lunar eclipse! (Rom. 1:20.)  So, although flat earthers deny this ultimate reality, the stationary sun does give life!  In Genesis 1:14-19, ON THE FOURTH DAY, GOD CREATED THE ENTIRE VAST COSMOS WHEN HE SAID, “LET THERE BE LIGHTS IN THE FIRMAMENT OF THE HEAVENS,” the vast universe or sky.  There, He specifically “SET [or placed] THE STARS AND THE TWO GREAT LIGHTS, [which are visible, round globes, because our own eyes confirm this precisely!]  THE TWO GREAT LIGHTS DIVIDE THE DAY FROM THE NIGHT AND [the orbital movement of the planets around the sun] CAUSE SEASONS, AND DAYS AND YEARS,” or time here on earth!  Thank God for real astrophysicists!  Although they do not confess Him as the Creator, they used their brains to logically study the cosmos and physically figured out how the earth, moon, and stars orderly orbit the life-giving sun, for JESUS IS THE GOD OF ORDER NOT OF CHAOS!  (1 Cor. 14:32-33.)  So, it is true and logic that as the rotating earth orbits the sun in tandem with the moon, DAY AND NIGHT, SEASONS, AND TIME ARE CREATED, JUST AS GOD DESCRIBED IT IN GENESIS!  Yet, flat earthers magically turned the sun, moon, and stars into teeny weenie little spotlights that move independently on the sides of their flat disk.  From there, they shine their ‘little spotlights’ to the middle of the disk where their North Pole supposedly sits on the equator; and the tiny shebang is encapsulated by their little ‘atmospheric dome’ on top.  The real, incredibly vast cosmos beyond, strewn with planets, billions of glittering stars, and other matter, supposedly “do not exist,” as there is just ‘nothingness’ and ‘darkness’ outside the dome.  This sounds like a scary bedtime story! 

6. Unbelievably, their flat disk is allegedly without gravity as it has no “core.”  So they also made hell disappear, which the Bible states is “UNDER THE EARTH,” (Rev. 5:3; Isa. 14:9,15; Ezk. 31:17.)  If gravity does not exist and there is “nothing under the earth,” this also messes up the tides of the oceans, among other important things.  That is why they also annihilated the function of the moon to influence the tides through gravity. 

7. Now here comes one of their most illogical arguments.  The ancient Egyptians thought the earth was square and the real Bible speaks allegorically of its “four corners,” which flat earthers also turn into unbiblical literalism!  Ignoring God’s metaphorical descriptions, and although they erased the continent of Antarctica, they have literally four corners on their round disk.”  (What an oxymoron!)  As a result, their cardinal directions of north, south, east, and west, based on the “random movement or their little sun and moon,” as well as longitude and latitude, seasons, etcetera, were all twisted beyond human comprehension.  The context of the Bible’s “four corners of the earth” simply means “the whole earth” or “from everywhere on earth.”  Isaiah 11:12 explains the context by saying, “HE WILL SET UP A BANNER FOR THE NATIONS AND ASSEMBLE THE OUTCASTS…. FROM THE FOUR CORNERS OF THE EARTH,” or from all over the earth!  At Jesus’ omnipresent return, “HE WILL SEND OUT HIS ANGELS AND THEY WILL GATHER TOGETHER HIS ELECT FROM THE FOUR WINDS; FROM ONE END OF HEAVEN TO THE OTHER!” (Mt. 24:31.)  Revelation 7:1-2, “I SAW FOUR [GUARDING] ANGELS STANDING ON THE FOUR [allegorical] CORNERS OF THE EARTH, HOLDING THE FOUR WINDS [destructive forces] OF THE EARTH [from all directions of the earth: North, South, East, and West,]” (Rev. 7:1-2!) 

8. Their flat disk allegedly has no orbit as it ‘does not move,’ yet it constantly accelerates upwards “into a dark sky” because gravity does not exist and it must keep everything on earth by pushing everything, even the oceans, down onto its surface.  They call that “Universal Acceleration” — and suddenly, space exists again; unless they mean they themselves are actually ‘the New Age universe,’ and so, they are spiritually in a “dark universe of nothingness!”  Yet, being stationary while moving randomly upwards, (another great oxymoron,) their “place” is totally alone in “nothingness,” and so, it cannot smash into planets, stars, and other bright objects that also “do not exist.”  So, why does everything else in the universe “move in order,” while only ‘the place’ accelerates chaotically into ‘nothingness’?  And where is ‘the place’ going and how infinite is the ‘nothingness?’  However, practical and Scriptural facts prove that God meticulously planned and structured or ‘mechanized’ the universe and everything in it to physically move and literally function in a specific order by harmonizing together, as we can “clearly see and understand” by looking at everything else in His physical creation!  That is why God asked Job in Chapter 38:31-33, “CAN YOU BIND [OR CONTROL] THE CLUSTER [or star constellation] OF PLEIADES… OR THE BELT OF ORION?  CAN YOU BRING OUT MAZZAROTH, [astronomical constellations such as the Zodiac star constellation,] IN ITS SEASON? ..OR THE GREAT BEAR WITH ITS CUBS?  [Ursa Major or “Great Bear” is the third largest of the 88 known star constellations in the Northern sky!]  DO YOU KNOW THE ORDINANCES OF THE HEAVENS [or outer space?]  CAN YOU SET THEIR DOMINION [orbits] OVER THE EARTH?”  What is amazing is that “STAR CONSTELLATIONS REALLY DO COME OUT IN THEIR SEASONS!”  Certain constellations or star patterns can be clearly seen during specific seasons of the year!  E.g., on summer nights Scorpios is prominent in the Southern sky.  In the Northern Hemisphere ‘Orion The Hunter’ can only be seen in winter!  Etcetera. Etcetera.  Everything was literally designed and made to physically perform exactly as God proclaimed in the Truth of His incredible Word

9. Flat earthers also say no one can explain how the atmosphere of their ‘flat earth’ can contain huge storm clouds.  That’s true.  No one would be able to test their non-existent model practically as it is totally unworkable.  However, merely with our finite understanding and observation, (Romans 1:20,) we can comprehend what GOD SAID IN JOB 38:9, “[AND WHERE WERE YOU WHEN I MADE THE CLOUDS ITS BLANKET/GARMENT [atmospheric pressure,] AND IT’S SWADDLING CLOTH, [dense fog?]”  Even real, level-headed scientists that are total unbelievers, can “clearly see,” “understand,” and very accurately predict through material science and real technology how the weather functions and manifests on a daily basis!  As all this are such sure realities in our practical world, it is the furtherest from any clear thinking mind to believe that flat-earth dogmas can be ‘literal,’ practical, or Scripturally true!  Even more horribly; if flat earthers can so callously ‘re-create’ planet earth and the whole cosmos, they are capable of teaching people any other illogic thing that enters their New Age polluted minds!     



  flat 1.png  flat 2.png  flat earth 3.jpg  flat earth 4.jpg  


[Acknowledgement to the people who published the images in this study]


ABOVE, FROM LEFT:  While gaining numbers, the “flat earth” hypothesis cannot even explain one simple question, “Where do the seas that overflow the flat-disk earth go in their ‘dark universe,’ or in ‘outer space that does not exist?’”  As we will “clearly see and understand” according to the context of Biblical Truth, their “flat disk” theory only results in unbiblical unintelligence and illogic impracticalities, (Rom. 1:20!)  They define their masonic, New Age denialism of physical reality by saying, “Planets do not exist.  Earth is not a planet it’s a place!”  Yes, and so is eternal hell for those who abuse God’s Word to lead believers astray.  Their unrealistic, unbiblical literalism is the nasty twin of the spiritualization of the entire Bible as seen in the masonic Apostolic Movement.  Flat earthers state, “The earth itself and nothing about it is reality!”  Apostles state, “The Bible is not a reality; Scripture must be spiritualized to enlighten our  natural minds!”  So, “places” like the throne of God and His footstool the earth “reside in Apostolic minds,” while flat earthers make the earth into the literal footstool of God, which, ironically, is a [spiritual] ‘place,’ (Acts 7:44-50.)  This “magic trick” turns literalism into spiritualism.  So, even a superficial look at flat-earth dogmas compel me to warn, “This might be one of the most deadliest masonic, New Age cults of the last of the end times!” 

ABOVE, SECOND FROM RIGHT:  Flat earthers have the North Pole in the middle of their map of the squashed globe, and it ‘sits on the equator,’ while the squashed South Pole ‘circles the disk as a wall of ice to keep in the oceans’ – although the South Pole is the continent of Antarctica! 

ABOVE, FAR RIGHT, This illustration of their “tiny sun and moon” that randomly move and shine from the edges of the “dome” over their ‘disk,’ can even cast two nights and one day at the same time!  But Genesis 1:14-19 say, “ON THE FOURTH DAY, GOD MADE TWO GREAT LIGHTS TO RULE THE DAY AND NIGHT…”  However, flat earthers reason away this Scriptural and real, literal truth by stating they don’t need the “GREAT LIGHTS;” God already made Day and Night in Genesis 1:3-4!  How dare human beings think they can deny all reality to ‘re-write’ God’s Word, and ‘re-create’ the earth, sun, moon, and cosmos? 


 flat 6.jpg  flat 10 eclipse.jpg   flat 11.jpg   flat 9.jpg     


ABOVE FROM LEFT: ROMANS 1:20 STATES THAT GOD’S EXISTENCE IS “CLEARLY SEEN AND UNDERSTOOD” IN THE WORK OF HIS HANDS!  Trust your eyes and brains guys: the earth is a globe!  We can never find better and more immovable proof that the earth is a globe than the sunset, sunrise, and sun and lunar eclipses! 

ABOVE, FAR RIGHT: A cartoon of their totally illogic, flat earth, lunar eclipse.  Flat earthers do not even have one feasible explanation or depiction of their flat earth’s shadow on the moon during a lunar eclipse; never mind the sure “reality” of countless telescopic photographs, which they also irrationally “debunk!”     


flat face of the moon.jpg     flat southern cross.jpg            north star.jpg       flat star of bethlehem.jpg  


ABOVE FROM LEFTTHE MOON THAT ORBITS EARTH ALWAYS HAS IT’S FACE TOWARDS EARTH, NO MATTER FROM WHERE ON EARTH WE LOOK AT IT!  This is impossible where their loose ‘little moon and sun’ randomly fly around inside the dome of their ‘stationary’ flat–disk earth!  (Gen. 1:14-19.)  What happened to the real sun that slowly rises over the horizon in the East and sinks over the horizon in the West; except at the North and South Poles of planet earth?  No rocket science needed here; only eyes that see and a logic mind to process all the inarguable evidence that earth is a globe that rotates on it’s axis and orbits the sun! 

NEXT:  Factually, the Southern Star constellation can only be seen from the globe’s curvature in the Southern hemisphere.  The Southern Star constellation always guides everyone to the South Pole.  This is impossible on a flat disk, as ‘South’ was turned into a “ring of ice” that circle its round ‘edge!’ 

NEXT: The Polaris or North Pole Star at the top of the globe’s curvature can only be seen from the Northern hemisphere.  This is also totally impossible on a flat disk as “the place” does not have “poles” or hemispheresAmos 5:8, “GOD MADE THE PLEIADES [seven stars cluster in the North] AND THE ORION,” which is on the bulge of the Earth’s curvature, the equator.  For this reason, The Orion is visible globally! 

ON RIGHT:  Flat earthers moved and erased even God’s star constellations!  Yet, GOD GUIDED THE MAGI IN MATTHEW 2:7-9, BY “THE STAR IN THE EAST THAT WENT BEFORE THEM…”  Even ancient astronomers used the natural star constellations in space to navigate!  Still, flat earthers know better than God, His True Word, and the wonders of His creation “we can clearly see and understand!”  So, they take people back to days “before” Genesis and logic thought, which must have been while they “still lived in caves!”  And no, I do not believe in evolution!  But their ‘de-evolution’ into unscientific, illogic barbarism is so bad, it either comes from the utterly unintelligible source of evolution - or from a supernatural intelligent, deceptive source: Satan, the father of all lies