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The Flat Earth Theory, Technology Phobia, and Fear Mongers  


Renette Vermeulen





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I was shocked to discover that “flat earthers” actually exist and are gaining numbers by making science into a lie. They take Bible verses out of context to prove that the entire “round earth theory” is an illuminati hoax. The Egyptians thought the earth was square (the Bible speaks of its four corners.) Babylonians thought it was a squashed globe (a disk) with hollowness underneath, floating in the ocean. Modern flat earthers even believe gravity and outer space do not exist. It sounds so ludicrous it is not worth writing about. Yet, in these confusing times people are overrun by heaps of information and disinformation. Some are literally going crazy for a lack of God’s True Word, mere common sense, and logic. We don’t have to agree on non-essential things, (Rom. 14,) as it will not affect our walk in Christ – unless there is a hidden agenda behind it that can lead us away from the truth of Christ. I believe this is the agenda behind the flat earth theory as well. But thank God; the truth is always there in the context of the Word – in logic, and in circumstance.

To explain the dangers of such deceptions, I give a dreadful example regarding the false and real information that is so readily available everywhere. If we do not prayerfully use our logic minds during this time, and rely on the discernment of the Holy Spirit, we will lose our minds. People are flooding the internet and everything else with dangerous deceptions. But thank God for the internet, (although it was made by and is steered by illuminists that abuse it.) Without those satellites, we could not communicate now.

A well-educated theologian, (a pastor,) went for ‘deliverance’ and came out of those satanic orgies not even knowing if God is real or how to be saved. Demons literally tore his mind to pieces after that. Step by step renewal of his mind through the truth of the Word and much prayer brought him back to Christ, (Rom. 12:1-3.) But then, the real issues that brought him so low, surfaced. Things he simply refuses to see for what they really are, and what the context of God’s Word and circumstance say about them.

This pastor has SO many issues with the devil, the illuminati, and all the things we do not have any control over in this world, he became a total hypochondriac. He immovably believes the illuminati poisons all our water, food, soap, atmosphere, (NAME IT,) through radiation, modification, poison, vaccines, (NAME IT,) and all this makes him ill. (I am not disputing facts here but we must still live on earth.) He says there are no safe food, meds, and place to live, utensils, etcetera. He is literally starving himself to death as everything makes him sick. The more he searches the internet for answers to get better, the more causes he finds to blame the illuminati, governments, and religions for murdering him. He believes he has cancer but the tests are negative because the results are faked by illuminati agents. He believes he has diabetes, lupus, heart disease, arthritis [NAME IT, if he heard of it he has it] – all because of the poisons and radiation in the atmosphere. He refuses to eat microwave food (it gives him cancer,) tinned food, (preservatives poison him,) spices (because of msg poisons,) corn and wheat (it's all poisoned,) cheese (it contains sugar,) meat, (it contains antibiotics,) etcetera. I keep on saying we have no control over these things so we must trust God to keep us safe from all the things that are true – and from the things that are lies. But he refuses to listen and influences other gullible people; also teaching them to rather drink silver than antibiotic, and to hide away instead of evangelizing the world. He literally puts his irrational fear of everything onto them. I say we cannot allow Satan to control every aspect of our lives; we must live by faith above all. But he thinks I don’t know what I’m talking about because I am a woman and not clever like him.


Then, there are the things from the spirit world. He has now let go of the belief that demons indwell real believers. But still he believes they control his mind because of ‘unknown’ things that work through drums and guitars in praise music! ( Please, read the Psalms, I say.) “You don’t know what the Illuminati does with praise music.” (Yes, I do, but don’t blame the drums and guitars – they are lifeless instruments and cannot be evil! You must watch out for who use them, and avoid those masonic people.) “‘No, you don’t know what I’m talking about.” If he LOOKS (accidentally) at a woman, the spirit of lust jumps on him. If he walks past an occult or New Age shop, demons jump on him, etc., etc.. (So, isn’t the earth the LORD’S? I ask. Since when can you not cross the street because of Satan’s abuse of everything good? I’m not saying go mess with Satanism; but don’t allow Satan to hold you hostage on God’s earth.)

Still, occult objects will let him go to hell. (He was into the ‘cleaning house’ thing to throw out not only religious and thus occult objects, but even ordinary art, TVs, and all other things ‘made by the devil…’) So, he has total emptiness in his house and life! And he thinks by literally hiding in a corner is how one serves God and stays out of Satan’s clutches.

No, I say, nothing can ‘jump’ on true believers unless we actively involve ourselves in immorality. God commanded in Ex. 20:1-5 to NOT BOW DOWN AND SERVE objects that represent OTHER GODS before Him, (those made to worship, and used in church and other worship and ritual.) God was not talking about ordinary art or utensils. Yet, every beautiful thing such as ordinary art is allegedly also “evil.” And so are koi fish, (because they were bred by monks in Japan,) and bonsai trees, (even those that were dedicated to God,) cats, dogs, and all other animals (owls especially) – because they make him spiritually unclean, etc…. (I reject all occult and symbolic meanings. But fish, animals, and trees were created by God for our pleasure. ‘Bonsai’ merely means “a tree in a pot.” They are little wonders of nature, which prove the wonderful works of the Almighty Creator. If you attach evil to God’s creation, you are sinning! One can either use nature to glorify God, or you can ABUSE nature to glorify the devil – which has no ground when those things were prayed over and dedicated to God.)

So, no demon can stay attached to anything from nature, ordinary art, (Mary and other religious statues, and other occult things excluded,) food, and other ordinary items such as cars, cell phones, microwave ovens, etc., that can be dedicated to God by thanksgiving and prayer, (1 Tim. 4:5.) Although most of the things in this world were made by occultists and steered and abused by the Illuminati, God will keep us safe in ordinary use and bless us to use them as we must still live on earth.

It is when these things are used to steer us away from God and the Truth of the Bible, that we must reject them. God is able to protect us against all the things that are intended for bad, because He is Almighty. It is only when the 666 will force us to choose between technology and God that we must refuse it.

Many hoaxes are circulating through such fear mongers. When I was a kid, it was through vaccines that small pox, polio, diphtheria, measles… which killed and maimed thousands across the planet, were controlled and eradicated! I saw that with my own eyes. It is possible that they abuse vaccines now, but if it weren’t for antibiotics, open heart surgery… [NAME IT] millions more would have suffered and died. There are harmful things, but most medicine made by the Illuminati saved millions of lives. Although they abuse their power, these are inarguable facts. So, if people reject things like modern medicine, microwave ovens, (I have been using them for nearly 30 years,) then you must also reject your car, (made by illuminists such as Henry Ford…) your TV, cell phone, internet banking, the entire internet, etcetera, etcetera….

So, while we must be vigilant against the schemes of the evil one, we cannot begin to understand how churches programmed us to see the devil behind everything and focus on him while overlooking God’s omnipotence in good things. Although technology was mostly made by evil people, fear mongers give the devil glory and power over us that he definitely does not have. (Think of your car, cell phone, TV, electricity, water and sewerage systems, medicine, and everything modern and convenient. How many born again believers did God inspire to make such things? Should we reject all these things as evil and return to “nothingness” because they were thought up by illuminists? I think not.

But this guy thinks we must do that to survive – although he still drives his car, uses his electricity, cell phone, internet… the things he chooses to see as good. And the devil already ate away his entire life from underneath his feet because of his own fear.

This is what happens when we allow people to twist the Scriptures, facts of nature and life, and SCIENCE and the usefulness of it. Daniel prophesied in Dan. 12:4 that in the END times “knowledge shall increase…” It has never been this way before the beginning of the 1900’s. To take away the reality of science is… like the example of this man I described above.

We have NO control over what the illuminati does. We have, however, the authority of God to ‘cleanse’ everything by thanksgiving and prayer, as we still have to life physically here on earth. And to allow Satan to steal the wonderful GIFTS and protection God gave to us is SIN.


I came to the following conclusions about the form of the earth. We cannot take the creation of the earth as described in Bible verses literally. E.g., the four corners of the earth and four winds are allegories which mean “the whole earth.”  However, Isaiah 40:22 states, “Have you not understood from the foundations of the earth?  It is He Who sits above the circle of the earth…”  Why should “circle” mean a disk and not a globe?  One can really make anything from certain Bible verses in the Bible if one does not study them in context.  The same goes for everything else on earth.  Jesus said in Matthew 24:27-31, He will return as suddenly and unexpectedly as a lightning strike that “comes from the east and flashes to the west…”  Jesus did not say the earth is flat and because of that, every eye will see Him all at once.  His return will be worldwide because He is the omnipresent God, that’s what it means.  He will then send His angels to collect His true believers “from the four winds, from one end of heaven to the other,” or from north, south, east, and west. 

Is it coincidence that the sun, moon, and stars continually move from east to west around the globe?  Why should it be a lie that the earth turns on it’s axis in a 24-hour period while the planets remain stationary?  If the Bible seems to refer to a square because of the ‘four corners of the earth,’ where does the idea of a flat, round disk come from?  A disk does not have corners, just as a globe does not have corners.  Without “four corners,” the flat, round disk is then just as “unbiblical” as the round  globe. 

No one really knows exactly how God made the earth. What I do know, is that everything that was ever made, globes as well, has a foundation or framework.  That is why Scripture speaks of “the foundation of the world.”  A foundation or framework is something concrete to build on or around; either allegorically or literally. But understanding this does not really depend on science; it depends from which perspective one reads the Bible. E.g., if you are Catholic, you see Mother Mary everywhere in Scripture.  If you are Calvinist, you see predestination…  If you are a Seventh Day Adventist, you see the ‘saving’ Sabbath…  If you are a flat earther, you see that God created a flat earth — either a square or a disk.  So, why couldn’t He create a globe that spins from east to west, while the sun, moon, and stars are stagnant in outer space, or maybe even visa versa? 

The Illuminati lies to us about some things but not about all things.  The members of all secret societies are Satanists.  The Babylonian scientists that came up with the ‘flat earth’ theory were also Satanists and they also lied to the people of their day. What experiments did they do to prove that the earth is flat?  And if they say it is a flat disk, why can it not be a globe?  They certainly did not take their hypothesis from the Bible to get to a square earth because of the ‘four corners of the earth;’ neither did flat earthers who believe the earth is a flat disk.  That is why old maps said the following about the unchartered ground of their flat earth: HICK HABITAT LEONES. There dwell lions: (do not enter.)


To test the Flat Earth theory, whatever the real agenda behind it, let us just use what we can see and what is logic.  All science excluded.

Look at a full moon. It is definitely round. As round as can be.  Look at the sun. It is round. It is a fact that the earth is round because you can see it’s round shadow on the moon during an eclipse.  And if the sun, moon, and stars just float above earth and do not move around it, how can there be a round eclipse of the moon?  What about the fact that the sun, moon, and stars apparently continually move from the east to the west?  Surely, if the earth were flat, they would reach the end of the flat earth in the west, and then they must all return from the west to get to the east again?  So, why don’t they move over the earth from side to side, so that the sun sets in the east the next day

What we actually do see, is how the huge, round sun always sinks away or sets in the west, and rises up again in the east over the horizon. It certainly does not disappear as a little speck in the distance to the west, or reappear as a little speck in the morning returning to the east


And if the ‘flat disk,  square earth,’ (or globe) does not spin on an axis, has no gravity, and there is no outer space, why don’t the sun, moon, and stars crash into it or float away into nothingness or non-existence? How can they continually move orderly from east to west on their own?  Everything tangible must be contained by something tangible.  What’s more, nobody can dispute the unseen existence of magnetismSo, if the unexplainable force of magnets is real, why can gravity not be real?  The moon’s gravitational pull on the tides of the sea proves this.  The mere so-called atmosphere on top of the flat earth can never hold those huge planets and everything on earth inside a so-called ‘bubble,’ that’s for sure.  There must be gravity just as we experience in the invisible force  of magnetism. 

Similarly, there must be an immeasurable outer space in the form of at least one incalculable galaxy or universe.  If God Jesus is truly the Creator of it all, how can we contain His entire universe in an illogic floating disk or square, that defies most of His creation principles?  (Heb. 1:1-14.) 

And if gravity and outer space do not exist, how can earth continually ‘move upwards’ into nothingness?  How can that be possible because ‘nothingness’ does not literally exist.  And even if it did, to where could earth be ascending, and where will it end up? 


What’s more, ships really disappear and appear gradually over the horizon, they don’t just fade in the distance. When we get to the horizon where the ship slowly ‘sank’ away, we do not fall off the earth; we can see father to where everything ‘sinks’ behind the roundness of the earth. 

· How logic and practical is it then to believe you can “fall off” the edge of the flat earth?  How many people and other things have literally “fallen off the earth that flat earthers know of?”  “Falling off the earth” is a metaphor for “disappearing,” that’s all. 

· How are the seas, (two-thirds of the earth is covered by water in immeasurable amounts,) be contained without gravity on top of a flat square or disk “with walls of ice on the sides?”  So, the south and north poles do not exit as ‘ice walls’ surround the whole earth?   Really, that is just ridiculous.  ‘Ice walls’ certainly do not restrain the vastness of the all the seas ‘all around the earth?’ 

· Additionally — how can a flat square or disk without gravity, which continually “floats upwards into nothingness; push everything down onto it as it rises?”  The pressure that is necessary to put this into practice, would also wear down the “walls of ice” that contain the seas.  Nothing will be able to stop the pounding of the seas from breaking through the ‘ice walls’ or flowing over the flat earth’s edges.  So, if the water flows off the sides of the earth, where does all the water go, and why isn’t the sea bone dry by now? 

· Also think logically about things such as hell that is contained ‘under’ [or inside] the earth, which the Bible so clearly states. Can this be a mere allegory?  The earth definitely becomes hotter as one descends into it’s depths.  I know, I have been down the deepest mine in the world: Kloof Mine, which is now called Mponeng Gold Mine, north-west of Johannesburg in South Africa. 


So, if you are a flat earther, you refuse to believe any scientific fact because the illuminati is in control.

I am totally with you to reject the Illuminati’s lies. But really, we cannot dispute that science, technology like satellites, gravity, and outer space are real.  Satellites orbit the earth in outer space. They really do. Constantly. For many decades already.

Flat earthers are lying to you, my friends. They are even defying clear logic and what we see before our eyes. 

They want to make us crazy. 


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