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Gen. 6:4, “There were giants, [were these real giants or is this merely a metaphor of some kind?] on earth in those days, and also afterward, [after Noah’s Flood as well?] when the sons of God came into the daughters of men and they bore children to them.  [How is it possible that non-physical and physical matter can produce physical offspring on the earth?  Didn’t God command that every species must “multiply after it’s own kind?”] These were the mighty men who were of old; men of renown.” [So, were these ‘mighty men;’ a hybrid species of humanoids or simply tall, very evil men?] 


Are there other Scriptural references to a species of ‘hybrid’ giants on the earth, and if so, do the apocryphal Book of Enoch and human opinion carry more weight than the contextual truth of Scripture?


Jude . 6-7, “And the angels who did not keep their proper domain, but left their own [spiritual] abode, God has reserved in everlasting chains under darkness for the judgment of the great day…”


2 Pt. 2:4-5, “For if God did not spare the angels who sinned, but cast them down to hell and delivered them into chains of darkness, to be reserved for judgment, and did not spare the ancient world, but saved Noah… [Thus, it is certain that God will not overlook the terrible impact of this crime against Him and His creation, if indeed, it can be manifested again.]”



1 Pet. 3:19-20, ‘… The spirits in prison, who formerly were disobedient, when once the Divine longsuffering waited in the DAYS OF NOAH, while the ark was being prepared…’



Deut. 20:10, “The man who commits adultery with another man’s wife, [or with another woman, Mt. 19:4-6,] the adulterer and the adulteress, will surely be put to death.” 

So, will God spare even supernatural beings if they covet and commit adultery with the wives of men?  

New Testament Scripture too, leaves no doubt that, if this anti-creation crime were indeed possible, God did not spare those ‘fallen angels’ or the ‘fallen women’ who consented to such abominable fornication.    


Mt. 19:4-6, “Have you not read that He Who made them AT THE BEGINNING made them male and female, and said, … a man will leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and the two will become one flesh?  So then, they are no longer two, but one flesh.  Therefore what God has joined together, let not man separate [through sexual perversion or by any other means.]”

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Jesus Christ is the Creator God


(The Religious “Beast From The Earth,” Rev. 13:11-18.)


Renette Vermeulen 


· Protestants inherited pre-flood and post-flood Astrology, (the worship of the sun god, Mother earth, and the sky-god Christ,) from Roman Catholicism during the Reformation

· Sun worship spread globally when God confused their Languages at the Tower of Babel 

· The very popular compass-on-top-of-the square sign always signifies sun worship

All types of fornication (such as adultery) is “going after strange flesh” and against nature.  Thus, it is Satanism

· Sacred” Roman Catholic Brothels

· The “Nephilim’ or ‘fallen angels of Genesis 6 and pre-flood and post-flood Giants on the earth 

· The post-flood Babylonian ‘Nephîycîym or Temple Servants — Spiritual Giants

The Fairy Ring or Circle and the Christian Church 

· The word and concept of “Church” was manufactured 




Continued from Part 3, Roman Catholic Assault from the midst of  Jesus’ Assemblies 

PART 1, The Kingdom Now Beast that Crucified Jesus 

PART 2,  Martyrs at the gates of Hades; Baptism with fire   

PART 5: The Way or Ecclesia Converted to Roman Catholic Christianity 




Secret societies that control all forms of religion have been with us since the beginning of religion itself.  I repeat certain aspects of the origin of these sun-worshipping, secret masonic and other satanic orders that appeared some time after the fall in Eden, because many of their pagan teachings were incorporated into Christianity, and knowledge of their dogmas is vital to our study to understand the constant demonic onslaught on Jesus’ believers.


    isis semiramis mary.jpg    

[Acknowledgement to the person who compiled and published these images] 

Above from left: The goddess Isis holding Horus;  the Babylonian goddess Semiramis holding Tammuz; and the Roman Catholic goddess or ‘the feminine holy spirit,’ ‘Mother’ Mary, holding the false Jesus. 


Before Noah’s flood of Genesis chapters 6-7, the gods of lust and power, the brother-sister-husband-wife alliance of ‘creator,’ (the sun god Pan) and ‘fertility,’ (the earth goddess Isis,) was worshipped throughout the known world, (Gen. 6:1-11.)  Pan is the original occult goat-god, worshipped as the “giver of life,” and a type of Baphomet, the goat-god of all masonic and other satanic orders.  Isis is Mother Earth or Mother Nature, and their “son” Horus is a prominent ‘sky god;’ a “cosmic christ;” one of the many “universal saviors” among the stars.  This remained the basis of astrology and the worship of nature until this day.  

In Egyptian mythology, Pan became Osiris and partnered with Isis, who birthed the sky god Horus.  Somewhat confusingly, they first functioned in their pre-flood roles and then became gods of the underworld, life, death, and resurrection, and were replaced by Ra and Hathor, the sun god and earth goddess, who birthed the cosmic christ Horus.

It is not difficult to see where the Vatican got their concept of the deified goddess Mary, the “wife of [the sun] god,” and their son Jesus, the cosmic christ of Christianity’s universalism.  Universalism is the dogma that teaches everyone can call on his “own higher power” and be saved, redeemed, and blessed.  The real Christ Jesus of the Bible is allegedly not The Only Way, Truth, and Life, and everyone can supposedly ‘go to their own type of heaven their own way,’ (Jn. 14:6.)   

Post flood humanity quickly replicated pre-flood religion, (Gen. 6:1-6; Chapter 11.)  As those in the occult have a personal relationship with the perverted, fallen angel Lucifer, soon after the flood a mix of sun and earth worship was re-established in Babylonian worship.  And so, temple prostitution as personal dedication to Satan, carried forth all the perverted religious rubbish of Noah’s days into the new world, (Gen. 11.)  “Holy” sex with demons again called for ‘holy’ sex with their ‘holy’ priests, priestesses, and temple prostitutes, along with homosexual and lesbian acts.  In addition, the raping of animals, children, and even babies were committed in the temple, which is always the “house of their gods.”  (And yes, sex with demons is a reality in all occult circles and during temptation and attack on people, also in the form of dreams and nightmares.)  In essence, these perverted sex crimes were all sacrifices to the father sun god in constant coitus with the mother earth goddess, who then convey their ‘life’ and ‘fertility’ to their fornicating followers. 

After Noah’s flood, temple prostitution again set the standard for temple sacrifice and the systematic initiation of themselves and their children into the ‘higher’ steps or degrees of the “mysteries” of their religion, (Acts 7:48.)  This filthiest of filthy fornication constitute their most intimate union with, and empowerment by their gods and is, in itself, a powerful act of human sacrifice to the devil.  Yoked together with various types of other ritual initiations or dedications such as the Christianized sprinkling baptism of babies and teenage confirmation, temple ceremonies, and sacrifices such as human and animal blood sacrifice, cannibalism, and vampirism, they gained ultimate “fertility” or so-called ‘blessing,’ ‘protection,’ ‘exceptional power,’ etcetera, from their gods. 

Of course, the real purpose of all religious temple ceremonies, violent criminal acts such as rape, and even “casual” fornication, (such as child molestation, adultery, homosexuality, etcetera,) is always the desecration of the human body, (the human spirit, soul or mind, as well as the physical body,) which must be dedicated in totality to the Holy Spirit of the Bible as part of His living, holy, spiritual temple here on earth, (1 Ths. 5:23; 1 Cor. 6:15-20.) 

So, pre-flood Pan or post-flood Osiris and his wife Isis became Babylon’s Nimrod of the Bible and his wife Semiramis, (Gen. 11.)  When Semiramis birthed Tammuz after Nimrod died, she was worshipped as the “wife of the sun god,” “queen of heaven,” the sky goddess of “love,” and the “mother of god” holding “the son of god,” (the reincarnated god Nimrod,) in her arms.  Thus, Nimrod her ‘husband’ also became Tammuz her ‘son.’  As the three-god trinity of father, mother, and son were “one in agreement,” Semiramis had religious sexual relations with Tammuz her husband/son, which the Vatican Christianized and commemorated as the Roman Catholic “love feast” Saint Valentine’s Day

Note that the true God of the Bible, the Lord Christ Jesus, is “without father, mother, beginning of days or end of life, but made like the Son of God, [in human flesh.  Thus, He also] remains [God and] high priest eternally,” (Heb. 7:3.)  Jesus the human man had an earthly mother, but this certainly did not make the Mary of the Bible ‘divine’ in any way.  Jesus God of the Bible has no mother, that’s for certain. 



The Babylonian Tower was the peak of perversion 

During the years that followed the Flood, the descendants of Noah became many nations, (Gen. 10:32.)  Still completely corrupted by their sinful nature, which they inherited from Adam and Eve, they quickly reverted to their pre-flood ways.  This time, to immortalize sun-and-earth worship and to unify the whole known earth under their Kingdom-Now, religious government, they constructed the immensely wealthy and powerful dynasty of ancient Babylon with its satanic temple and extremely high tower.  Gen. 11:1-4, “The whole earth was of one language and of one accent and [thought…]  And they said one to another, ‘Come, let us build us a city, [with a temple] and a tower that reaches into the sky, [Christianized by Catholic-Protestant masons as church steeples,) and let us make a name for ourselves, lest we be scattered over the whole earth.’” 

The Babylonians did not attempt to physically dethrone God in heaven as some teachers allege. They were attempting to set up and maintain a despotic, one-world Babylonian government under control of a one-world religion, (Rev. chapter 17.)  They were using grossly distorted religious practices to demonically empower them to build such a high tower that they could “reach the sun;” their “life-giving” god, and all the other “sky gods,” the moon and stars.  This would have been a tower so tall that from everywhere in their known world, everyone could find the temple of the earth goddess and the tower of the sun god to sacrifice themselves, their children, and everything else to the governing hierarchy of priests and priestesses - their ‘divine’ Babylonian parliament. 

The tower symbolized and still symbolizes the satanic union of everything and everyone God had created and separated unto Himself, (Gen. 1:22-28.)  It signifies Satan’s distortion of all God’s holy requirements for humankind, (Gen. 3:1.)  Thus, the Tower of Babel became the zenith of satanic perversion, featuring oneness of humanity under Satanic worship, (2 Cor. 6:14-18; 1 Cor. 10:21.) 


 church steeple origin.jpg  washingon masonic lodge steeple.jpg   Ananda temple steeple.jpg  church steeple.jpg

[Acknowledgment to the people who compiled and published these images]

Above, from left: The occult tower; Washington masonic lodge; Ananda pagan temple; Christian church


God was highly offended by their idolatrous, extremely arrogant attempt at global rule.  So, He “confused their [one, unifying] language, that they may not understand one another’s speech.  So the Lord scattered them abroad from there over the face of all the earth, and they ceased [expanding] the city [their politics and religion,]”  (Gen. 11:4-9.) 

· “Some noted linguists have declared that a common origin of all [peoples and] languages [as well as religions] cannot be denied.  Max Mueller said, ‘We have examined all possible forms which language can assume… and [we can] reconcile the origin of all human speech, as all forms of language came from Babylon.’”  [Footnote, Amplified Bible.] 

From the Tower of Babel, Kingdom-Now politics and religion spread on a global scale.  Everyone took Babylonian politics and worship with them wherever they went to set up the basic forms of the same government and religion worldwide.  Hence, all types of political oppression and religious deception still flow from that great Babylonian civilization of Lucifarian worship, (Rev. 17 & 18.)   

· This is why there are several similarities in all religions worldwide. They all sprang from Babylonian temple worship.  The parallels between other religions and the Word of God is because Satan knew a lot about what God would do in the years after the fall in Eden, (Gen. 3:15.)  The evil one is always quick to replicate what God had promised to do, to deceive people and lead them astray before God’s truth and the manifestation of His promises can reach them. 

The building of temples under the hierarchical control of a temple priesthood quickly became the essence of religious-compulsive behavior after the dispersion at the Tower of Babel.  This resulted in the intricate design and building of unbelievably expensive, highly industrious, inconceivably beautiful, but extremely idolatrous temples with accompanying steeples.  Just think of the Egyptian pyramids of sun worship, (2780 B.C.)  The temples of sun worship in northern Burma, (AD 1044.)  The vast sun-worship complex of Angkor, (12th century A.D.)  The sun worship Buddhist temples of Java, (8th century A.D.)  The Mayan temple of Tikal, (AD 700.)  The multitude of Islamic mosques.  And of course, the Christian temples (or churches and cathedrals) with their high steeples, which were planted across large areas of the globe. 

· Some time after God’s intervention at the Tower of Babel, sun worship among the Old Israelites were recorded where they worshipped the Babylonian “son of god” Tammuz in the forecourts of Solomon’s temple.  They also “turned their back on the temple,” which Solomon built to the God of the Bible, to worship the Egyptian sun god Osiris who became Ra, right inside Solomon’s temple, (Ezk. 8:6-16; Acts 7:47-48.) 

When the Vatican began to piece together Roman Catholicism in late 1 A.D., they blended nearly all this paganism with the Bible to manufacture the religion of Christianity, which they also housed in temples like the pagans did; calling their Christianized temples “churches.” There, in their churches, they also “turned their back” on the God of the Bible to worship their Christian version of the sun god and his ‘wife,’ Mother Earth.  Thus, Christian sun god and Mary worship is as old as the Roman Catholic Church and her Protestant daughters themselves.  As recorded in the Book of Acts, Catholicism officially began in Antioch when the followers of The Way, Jesus’ disciples, were “first called Christians,” (Acts 11:19-26.) 

However, Mary worship can only be officially traced back to the third century.  Catholics deny that they worship Mary as part of the trinity, (the feminine holy spirit, god’s wife, and the divine ‘mother of god;’) they supposedly only ‘revere’ her.  So, they don’t ‘just’ commit blatant, pagan idolatry, they also unashamedly lie through their rotten teeth. 

This is not the One and Only Godhead of the Bible, (the inseparable Father, Son, and Holy Spirit,) but the Christianized ‘divine family’ of pagan trinitarianism.  So, just as Semiramis of ancient Babylon, the deified Mary, ‘Queen of heaven” is also presented as standing on the crescent moon with stars surrounding her head. 

· During the Reformation, Protestants kept the Christianized doctrine of the pagan trinity, (John Calvin burnt the protesting theologian Michael Servetus at the stake to base Protestantism on this pagan abomination,) and so, with little adjustments here and there, the pagan three-god trinity replaced the Biblical Godhead of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, (Col. 2:9,) and was carried through into all subsequent Christian denominations

 During the 12th century or even earlier, all Roman Catholic supported masonic orders such as the Knights Templers adopted this sun/earth worship.  They venerate Isis, Semiramis, or Mary as the goddess Sophia, (the ‘wisdom of god,’) and the Jewish Cabalist ‘feminine side of god,’ Shekinah. 

Just as in ancient Babylon, all masonic orders practice sun worship as phallic worshipThe veneration of the erect male sex-organ as the so-called ‘giver of life,’ (symbolized by the obelisk or church steeples reaching towards the sun god,) is the most prominent symbol of all masonic orders. 



Masonry’s compass-on-top-of-the-square sign always signifies the sun god in perpetual sexual union with Mother Earth.   In all its various forms, Roman Catholicism and  masonry, just as raw paganism, are sun and earth worshipping sex cults — and so are “the daughters of Mystery, Babylon the Great, the Mother of harlots; [all those societies, religions, and Protestant churches that originated from, and follow the Roman Catholic Church,]” (Rev. 17 & 18.) 

Like most Christians, the average mason that goes to lodge seemingly does not know the true meaning of these most important masonic signs: the church-temple obelisk or tower, and the triangle or compass on top of the square.  Yet, all masons, Christian masons too, are on the square,” (they even call their temples by names such as ‘Times Square Church’,) and they all frequently give the “on the square” sign, (and the many other masonic signs as well,) to identify themselves to other masons.  Sadly, the “unenlightened ones” who know nothing about sun worship and masonry, think this sign is ‘hip’ and innocent, and thus completely acceptable.   


 masonic 7.jpg             masonic 2.jpg       

[Acknowledgment to the people who compiled and published these photos and images]

Above, form left1)  The basic masonic hand sign of the compass & square, which is presented in various ways. It declares, “I am on the square.”  2a) The masonic altar, flanked by two pillars called “Boaz and Jachin,” symbolizing David and Solomon, placed at the entrance to Solomon’s temple, (1 Kings 8:27-28.) These pillars originated from earlier Phoenician temple and palace architecture, replicated by King Solomon.  Thus, they now typify masonic regalia, as masons allege that they built this temple, (Acts 7:48; 1 Kings 7:15-21.) 2b) The ‘all seeing eye’ of the Illuminati.  2c) The occult star of Baphomet the masonic goat-god.  2d) The compass on top of the square with the letter “G” that stands for “geometry under the great architect of the universe,” Lucifer or Baphomet.  2e) The masonic symbol of the lamb as ‘innocence.’  Thus, their masonic aprons are made of lamb skin to ‘protect’ their phalluses, (representations of the tower that points to the sun god,) which are supposedly “givers of life.”